Unarmed veteran Brian Beaird shot to death on live T.V



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Brian Beaird [DMV Photo]
Los Angeles, California — Brian Beaird, 51, of Oceanside, chose to run from Los Angeles police officers on Friday because he suffered from paranoia, schizophrenia, and possibly Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Beaird was a former Army veteran and a recruiter for the National Guard.

The call came in at 9:30 p.m., on December 13, 2013, to the LAPD as a reckless driving call. When officers responded and attempted to pull him over for possible DUI, he fled.


Experts say the flashing lights could have set him off and that the helicopters most likely added fuel to the fire.

The chase came to an end approximately an hour later when Beaird crashed his silver Corvette at an intersection, T-boning another vehicle.

After crashing, Beaird stumbled from his car unarmed and dazed, and began walking in the opposite direction of the officers. Then, for reasons unknown, LAPD officers opened fire on Beaird, shooting him in the back and killing him on the sidewalk. The LAPD stated Beaird had been transported to the hospital for treatment, however, medics that arrived pronounced him dead at the scene of the crash.

The video feed was being aired live during the chase.

The passengers from the vehicle that was hit were injured, but are expected to survive.

The LAPD officers are now being questioned about excessive use of force.

In a press conference earlier Monday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said, “It’s very different to see something from 1,200 feet from a helicopter than 15 feet in the dust and the noise, So I reserve judgment.”

The officers involved in the shooting are on paid leave at this time, however, Chief Beck says he might return them to full duty sometime this week before the investigation is even complete.

A toxicology screening will be done on Beaird to determine if he was actually driving drunk.

Ocala Post slowed the video down during playback, and it appears that at least two of the officers that were behind the passenger side door of the front patrol car continued to fire their weapons after Beaird had already fallen to the ground.

The investigation is ongoing.