Woman who killed Belleview High School student, sentenced

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Vinisha Weir’s booking photo after she was sentenced.

Belleview, Florida — A woman who was involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash last year has been sentenced.

On May 17, 2016, Belleview High School student Zachery T. Holt, 17, was walking southbound on U.S. Highway 301, at the intersection of Southeast 125th Place, Belleview, adjacent to the roadway.

As Holt was walking, Vanisha V. Weir, then 27, who was driving a 2006 Hyundai Sonata, slammed into Holt and continued driving. Weir was on her way home from working her shift at a Burger King and had left the business at approximately 11:46 p.m.

Holt’s body was thrown onto the west grassy shoulder of the road.

According to reports, Holt’s body was discovered by Belleview police at 1:51 a.m., May 18.

During the investigation, Florida Highway Patrol investigators learned that Weir had left the scene of the accident and drove to Wildwood, where she called authorities and reported that her car had been vandalized.

At that time, Sumter County Sheriff’s Office investigators responded to her location and inspected the vehicle. Investigators stated that they immediately knew Weir was not telling the truth about the vandalism.

Later, Weir changed her story and told Troopers that she had hit an animal.

Witnesses, however, told troopers that when Weir arrived at the Waffle House, located on State Road 44, she exited her vehicle and began to wipe evidence from her vehicle.

According to reports, she had attempted to wipe away fabric that was transferred to the front of the vehicle from Holt’s clothing.

At the scene of the accident, troopers found several pieces that had broken off of Weir’s car. One of those pieces had a vehicle identification number on it. It was later matched to Weir’s Hyundai.

On December 2, 2016, Weir pleaded guilty nolo contendere to Leaving the Scene of a Crash without Rendering Aid Resulting in Death and was adjudicated guilty.

On January 17, 2017, Weir was sentenced to 10 years maximum confinement in a Florida state prison facility.

Weir is being held at the Marion County Jail pending transfer to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Holt was on his way to visit a friend when he was hit and killed.

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    max 10? it should be minimum 30 for this scumbag….she thinks it’s a joke…

  • Ms Betty

    Going to a friends house at 11:30 at night? Walking along an unlit road at that time? I think 10 years is a little much since I feel she wasn’t the only one in the wrong. True, she tried to hide the fact that she hit him but both have responsibility in this.

    • Princess Alison Berry Mcgraw

      Are you kidding me? You know nothing about zach you only know what the stupid police report says and news flash they lied so stfu. Are you really so low that you blame a 17 year old who is now dead because a driver wasent paying attention. HE WASENT WALKING G ON THE ROAD HE WAS WAY IN THE DITCH AND HE WASENT ON HIS WAY TO HIS FRIENDS HOUSE HE WAS ON HIS WAY HOME FROM WORK AS A RESPONISBLE TERNAGER SO DONT EVEN TRY TO BLAME HIM.

      • Ms Betty

        Story says, “Holt was on his way to visit a friend when he was hit and killed.”
        No one walks in a ditch that time of night, story says, “Holt’s body was thrown onto the west grassy shoulder of the road.” which sounds correct if he was walking along the road. Use common sense. If he was walking in the ditch as you say, he wouldn’t have been found on the shoulder. So “princess” you get your story straight. I’m getting my info from the story printed. If that info is incorrect go tell the editor.

        • FlaBella

          Betty Bubblehead. You are out of your diluted mind if you think this young man was at fault. As a driver it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to watch where you are going, it also your damn responsibility to pull over if you hit ANYTHING. Your f^*^*#* nuts and incredibly low and classless. Keep your callus comments to yourself. What I would give to knock your tooth down your throat and watch you choke on it.

          • Ms Betty

            If it makes you feel better to be a bully, call me names, curse and threaten me then go on. Your type of comment shows how immature you are and I won’t spend another minute on you till you act like an adult.

        • Kristine

          Well this story may say he was on the way to his friends house but even the original printed story says he was walking home from his job at dominos. So how do you believe what is written in this article when the two articles have conflicting details???

          • criminaljustice2day

            The original story says authorities thought he “might” have been on his way home from work. … But his mother later told authorities he was on his way to a friend’s house.

          • Ms Betty

            Thank You.

          • Ms Betty

            I am commenting on this story, if the stories are different then contact the editor and complain about putting false info out here.

        • keith

          This kid was walking home from his job, I remember it from the original article. You’re a moron Betty. You felt the need to make that original comment? May 17th, 2016 was a school night. This kid was going to school and working a job, and apparently no vehicle to bring him back and forth. You’re a real POS, Betty

          • Ms Betty

            Again the story above says, “Holt was on his way to visit a friend when he was hit and killed.” It’s the very last sentence, read it again.

          • keith

            Oh gee, that changes everything. Delete your account Betty

          • Ms Betty

            Oh gee???? Grow up son.

    • Dave

      Ms Betty when your kin is run down and the driver flee’s let’s see if you feel the same.

      • Ms Betty

        Dave, I didn’t say she was innocent. Far from it but I don’t believe all the weight should be on her. Yes a prison term is in order after all a boy was killed but I don’t believe it was entirely her fault.

        • RepublicansAreGreedyRacists

          You’re blind. It was 100% completely her fault. And even though it was originally an accident this smilin devil drove away leaving him to die on the side of the road. She deserves way more than 10 years. She deserves 30+

          • Ms Betty

            You’re entitled to your opinion as am I.

    • Brian

      Regardless of the time and where he was going, someone lost their life. And the only responsibility here was to do the correct thing which the driver didn’t. Ms. Betty and the driver are wrong!

      • Ms Betty

        Sorry but I feel walking that time of night on an unlit road requires some responsibility for the accident. I am sorry that he lost his life and she does need to take responsibility. I just feel all of the blame should not be on her.


      I agree. Can’t put too much faith in peoples driving to be walking on the road. My girl’s brother was just struck and killed. Walking in the grass would’ve saved his life. Rather have ants and grass on me than a 2,000 pound vehicle. Drivers have too many distractions nowadays to be walking so close to traffic. Stay in the grass.

  • urchittingme

    I suggest 30 days in general population in a men’s prison….maybe that will wipe the smile off her face