Woman thought noises were from an intruder

Marion County — A woman snapped pictures of a mother bear and her cubs as they played right outside her door.

Charlene D. said that she was inside her home when she heard loud noises outside.

“At first I thought it was an intruder,” Charlene said.

However, the noises were not from an intruder at all.

Charlene said, “When I looked outside, I saw a mama bear and her two cubs playing in a shed that my husband and I are having removed. So, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few pictures.”

Charlene said that she was not scared and enjoyed seeing the nature in her backyard.

“We recently moved from a congested city and purchased a home in Marion County. Our home backs up to the Ocala National Forest and I welcome the change of scenery,” Charlene said. She went on to say, “The bears were here first and this is their home. I am sure as long as I do not bother them there will not be any problems.”

She said, “The bears played for a while and then went about their business.”

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  • Ms Betty

    I hope this lady learns what else lives in the Ocala Forest that could come walking and slithering out. Being from the “city” means she has no idea about the different snakes, wild boar, bobcats and even bats to mention just a few.

  • Jerry3701

    I would have loved to been there to see it.