Woman Arrested For Aggravated Battery With Frying Pan


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Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for a disturbance that began in the Marion Oaks Subdivision on January 16, 2014.

The victim says he picked up his live-in girlfriend and mother of his two children, Renee M Briggs, 23, at a residence inside of Marion Oaks. Once inside the vehicle she began yelling and screaming various rants at him. The yelling and screaming continued once they arrived at the victim’s home.

According to reports, while inside the residence Briggs and the victim continued to yell at each other. During the verbal argument, Briggs began slapping and punching the victim in the face and chest repeatedly, and grabbed him by his neck and tried to choke him. Reports indicate at one point Briggs lunged at the victim and latched onto his chest with her teeth, biting down hard.

The victim stated that he was able to retreat to the kitchen at which point Briggs followed, grabbed a cooking pan, and hit the victim in the head with it.

The victim told deputies he then pushed Briggs away from him and she fell to the floor.

After she fell, the victim said he left the house and called 911.

Deputy Azure noted that the victim did have fresh scratches and bruising around his neck, chest, and hands. Reports also show the victim had a bite mark on the right side of his chest.

A witness that had entered the house after she heard yelling and screaming, witnessed the victim backed into a corner and being hit in the head with a frying pan by Briggs.

Briggs fled and hitched a ride with a neighbor. The neighbor stated that Briggs did not have any marks on her but she was crying.

Briggs later called the MCSO and said that the victim had hit her repeatedly and she had witnesses to back up her story.

Upon arrival at her Marion Oaks residence, Briggs told Deputy Azure that the victim had hit her in the head with his hands repeatedly but never made mention of the frying pan. Deputy Azure interviewed the witness who stated that he did see Briggs get into the car but the victim was not hitting Briggs. Briggs said, “That’s not true, he is changing his story because he said he saw him hit me.” The witness replied, “No, I told you to get off my property, and I closed and locked my door.”

Deputy Azure then asked Briggs what happened with the frying pan, at which time Briggs changed her story and said the victim hit her with a frying pan not his hands. Reports indicate that Briggs did not have any marks on her body, neck, or hands.

Deputy Azure noted that Briggs appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic at the time she interviewed her. Deputy Azure also noted that Briggs could not sit still, had erratic behavior, and was very fidgety.

Briggs stated that she only called law enforcement after she heard that the victim had called. Briggs was arrested on January 17, 2014 and charged with Domestic Aggravated Battery(Felony). As of January 21, 2013, Briggs was still being held at the Marion County Jail.

Reports did not indicate if the children were home at the time of the incident.

Briggs was also arrested in 2012 for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

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