Video: Man drives around school bus, tells parents to “get a f***ing job”

[WARNING: Contains adult language. Video courtesy of Shannon Guinther]

[Last updated on August 21, 2015, at 2:40 p.m.]

Silver Springs, Florida — At approximately 10 p.m. Thursday night, following outrage from multiple parents, MCSO responded to Guinther’s home and took a written statement from him. MCSO also plans to interview other parents present during the incident.

According to residents, a deputy was stationed at the bus stop Friday morning.

MCSO has stated that it was not a deputy, but rather the communications center that told Guinther that there was nothing that could be done about the driver going around the bus.

The driver of the SUV has been positively identified as Marion County firefighter, Lieutenant Steve Maculewicz, who reportedly works for the Fort McCoy station.

MCFR told Ocala Post that they are cooperating with the MCSO investigation.

After all witness statements and facts have been gathered, the case will be turned over to the State Attorney’s Office, at which time they will decide how to proceed.

Updates will follow.


Some drivers seem to have lost all common sense when it comes to school buses and the laws that must be followed when stopping for a school bus.

On the morning of August 20, while waiting at the bus stop with his son, Shannon Guinther recorded a video of an impatient man driving around a school bus that had just boarded children at 314A North at Northeast 38th Lane Road. The bus’s stop arm was still deployed. The street is also a no passing zone.

As the man in the SUV drove by, parents began expressing their frustration toward the man.

The man, apparently referring to the school bus, replied, “If you all had a job, you wouldn’t f***ing need it.”

He then drove off as if nothing happened.

“I am a single father, I work full time, and coach football,” Guinther said. “The statement that this guy made to parents just showed his lack of class and showed that he has a sense of entitlement. Not everyone standing at a bus stop in the morning is unemployed or living off of the ‘system.'”

Guinther called the Marion County Sheriff’s Office from the scene, however, MCSO said that they could not do anything because they did not witness the incident.

Guinther asked, “How can tickets from red light cameras be enforced, but you cannot use an unedited video and witness statements for an incident like this?”

Ocala Post reached out to MCSO, but did not receive a response by the time this article was published.

“If law enforcement cannot do anything with the video I recorded, then they should not be able to use photos from red light cameras,” Guinther said.

Guinther said, “What is most upsetting about the video is that the guy clearly does not care about the safety of the children. He only cares about his personal needs.”

Guinther told Ocala Post that he takes this situation extremely personally.

“I, and many of my family members, work with kids every day; I take child safety very personally,” Guinther said.

He asked, “What if a child had decided at the last minute to hug his or her parent and ‘darted’ back across the street? These are small children we are talking about here…it could happen.”

He added, “If the driver had hit one of the children, that man would not have left that bus stop.”

Residents identified the man in the video as Marion County firefighter, Steve Maculewicz. However, Marion County Fire Rescue could not confirm that the driver in the video is actually a MCFR employee.

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  • alltoooften

    blair and MCSO are just media hogs.Had this man been smoking a joint and they saw the video, they would sent SWAT to his house. Because marijuana busts are more important than child safety. [insert sarcasm].

  • tomfromocala

    I hope it was not a firefighter. Disgraceful. are absolutely right about the media hog part. Talk about biased reporting, MCSO is the perfect example. They aren’t even trusted by other police departments. Especially since the whole Eustis fiasco.

    • Betty Davis

      He is a Firefighter. A Lt. at that!
      I know him personally. Fine piece of crap.

  • tomfromocala

    Dammit, he is a firefighter.

  • Karen Coakley Bagent

    If he is a firefighter, clearly he had no consideration for the safety of my grandkids and kids who live around us. I for one don’t feel safe putting my life or anyone that lives out here around me in his hands. Figures MCSO won’t do anything to him except pat him on the back of the hand and tell him he made a mistake by not running over a child,

    • Michael Robinson

      Karen, a law enforcement officer, as long as they have probable cause, may make arrests on felonies and certain misdemeanors (shoplifting, battery, violations of injunctions for protection, etc.) even if it doesn’t occur in their presence. However, they cannot make an arrest on most misdemeanors or traffic violations if the offense does not occur in their presence.

    • Ms Betty

      That’s MCSO for you and then they wonder why they have a bad reputation by the citizens of Marion County.

    • Joel Hickman

      A public records request to MCFR would verify it was him

  • Michael Robinson

    While what this driver did was wrong and illegal, some parents have lost common sense, as well. One thing that I find irritating as a driver is being stuck in a line of traffic behind a school bus while a parent decides to have a lengthy conversation with a bus driver through the open bus doors.

    • Daniel Snoddy

      At no time no matter what isn it ok to do this.


      I agree. I, too, recently got into an altercation because parents wanted to talk to the bus driver for what seemed like 30 minutes while I was on my way to work. Children safety is important, but people need to also be courteous to the people that have to work in the morning. Holding up traffic is also a selfish deed. In a time where risking termination or a write up for anything these companies see fit, everyone nees to try to come to a mutual agreement about holding up traffic.

    • History

      If you don’t want to run the risk of getting caught behind a bus or at a bus stop then leave at a different time. You know when the bus will be there to pick up kids, leave sooner. It’s just common sense.

    • Shannon Guinther

      That was no the situation here. The last 2 girls were having their wristbands checked when I crossed the road and the video began shortly after reaching the other side. Their mother looked on as they boarded the bus holding their 8 month old brother to make sure everything was fine as it was their first day. During the first week the school system uses and armband to identify the kid’s bus route so they get to and from school safely. This system takes more time and smooths out drastically after the first week and the armbands are no longer needed.

      • Betty Davis

        You are so right about them being able to use pictures of red light runners. They should be able to do something about this. I have personally known Maculewicz for many years. He is a piece of crap. My husband retired from MCFR after 25 years. We at one point sold Maculewicz a business for 30K. He in turn sold the business he did not own yet for an amount we do not know. He at that time owed us 27K. He stopped making payments and declared Chapter 13 naming us as a Payee. If you look up some of his history on the Marion County web site he has been in trouble before for bashing someones truck with a baseball bat. He needs to be punished for passing this bus! You guys have the proof. Some may say it is because I have a grudge. They may be right. But he and others like him have gotten away with so much crap and it needs to stop. If it were me that did this. I would probably be in jail. Some people can fall into the biggest pile of crap and come out smelling like roses. I come out smelling like crap! This man needs to be dealt with.

  • john1967

    I think people are really starting to see the true colors of MCSO. With all of the false reports filed by deputies, deputies fired, shooting people, how can the public OR the media for that matter trust ANYTHING that comes from MCSO. The people that cling on to the biased news reports that the sheriff’s office does, are sheep. And like Tom said, the sheriff misled the public and the media about the supposed attack on the Eustis police department. The Eustis police chief him self said, “I did not hear anything from Sheriff Blair until after the fact.” So, it was all lies from the sheriff’s office. Then MCSO gets butt hurt when the state attorney dropped the charges against those they arrested in the conjured up attack.Wake up people. He is only wanting re-election. Elect Billy Woods.

  • Thomas Wayne Fristoe

    another idiot at its finest…freak-en prick…. line up down the road with bricks for him…then say no witnesses

  • Ms Betty

    He’s got a facebook page. Just look up “Steve Maculewicz”. Someone ought to tell him that he is not anonymous anymore.

  • Joel Hickman

    Every one needs to remember that the BOCC is in control of incoming calls and is in charge of notifying MCSO. The word is that MCSO was not notified

  • Christa LaFleur Bell

    By the way, marion county doesn’t have red light cameras that issue tickets. That was voted down. The cameras atop traffic lights are merely traffic cameras that monitor traffic.

    • john1967

      Sure everyone knows that. But, some surrounding counties do.

  • Randy Morris

    About the best thing you guys in Marion County can say about your sheriff is he don’t have a long history of running a secret little boys ranch for over tweny years with dozens of child rapes cover ups like Gary Borders down in Lake County has. But maybe too that’s why Brad King and the others that covered up the Green Isle Rapes for Borders and his republican friends in high places didn’t want Blair in office to start with – in some cases it looks like “King Brad” might have made up with Blair – in other cases maybe not – like the Eustis false flag BS – I hear tell even the FBI knew that was BS form the start – but then too what do you expect they got the info from some convict in the Lake County Jail to start with – the same jail the FBI was investigating Sheriff Borders in back in November 2009 for raping one of his jail inmates – the FBI left and Borders is still sheriff- go figure that one. The Villages mouth piece says they run the FBI out of Lake County and told them to leave their homo ped lsheriff alone. The protected unregistered Green isle rapist of five little boys now works at the Centers in Ocala – beware if you know anyone with kids around that place! Everyone knows this but Rick Scott and the Florida State government protects them all.

    • john1967

      The boys Ranch in the Ocala National Forest was investigated in 2008-2009.

      • Randy Morris

        The rapes of the boys at Green Isle Ranch in Clermont (Lake) County went on for years – Jeb Bush and his string puller Mel Sembler and the Bridges of America gangsters (this mob is how Bernie DeCastro got free to start with) the present sheriff of Lake County Gary Borders run interference from law enforcement from 1989 until the last know five little boys rapes in Nov 2009 was leaked public in Feb. 2010 – the next month disgruntled Green Isle employee’s exposed pictures of Borders and Tyler Jackson smiling together in June 2009 the month the rapes started. Borders, SA Brad King and some judge faked up an arrest, conviction and sentencing of Jackson who was also cited in Citrus County for acts of violence while on house arrest – in Nov. 2014 Jackson went to work as Adm Asst at the Centers in Ocala. You can bet if the boys ranch in the forest had dark side connections they covered up those crimes as well. The FBI was in Lake County looking into Borders having h9omo sex with inmates at the time these rapes were reported in Nov 2009, Villages mouth piece Gary Lester told everyone “they” run the FBI out of town – so he probably knows of what he speakes.

  • john1967

    Yeah, blame it on the communications center. That’s why it took a deputy 15 hours to respond to the witness’s house? It was reported to MCSo EVEN after the first call, and we all know damn well they saw it on social media. NOT TO MENTION, this article states that ocala post attempted to contact mcso but they didn’t respond. mcso, Stop with the bullshit lies already.

    • Common Senz

      Perfect word to describe those lies and kudos to ocalapost for printing it in these adult-populated forums.


    Parents also need to be courteous to the people that have to work in the morning. Holding up traffic is also a selfish deed.

  • forznoles

    He’s a firefighter. He is better than you and he has “the right”. As a brave and heroic firefighter, he earns a high-risk pension from the State through the FRS, and one day will most likely enter the DROP for the last five years of his wonderful service to our community, and retire with a six-figure payout and 90% pay for life. You and your children can just go screw yourselves.

    • dennine

      I don’t think that putting all firefighters in the same category as this man is fair. My husband leaves our kids and myself to go the work for twenty four hours and does that while paying in to his pension. It’s not nice to bash an entire profession of men and women who care for and save complete strangers over one man’s actions.

      • Karen Coakley Bagent

        I agree, the actions of one idiot should not reflect on those that do their job and protect us. I just don’t trust him to protect our community.

  • Robin Lasby Navarro

    I have been another the receiving end of that ” if we don’t see it how do we know it happened?” Rule!
    My boyfriend punched my face and busted me up, I finally go to a phone . They arrived and said ” we didn’t see him do it so there is nothing we can do!” Guess we will have to wait for this guy to hit and run. If a tree falls in the Forrest and no one is there does it make a sound…. Apparently not!

    • Common Senz

      Is he dead? Did a tree fall on Forrest Gump and kill him? Couldn’t he outrun it when he heard it coming?
      PS You can thank religion for your abuse. The tax-subsidized massive ornate prayer palaces to this day teach from their book of fairy tales that women are inferior, unclean, untrustworthy, and in need of frequent physical discipline. TAX CHURCHES NOW !

      • Robin Lasby Navarro

        Wow, so because my cell auto corrects my statement you are getting all ugly?!
        Grow up already. , it is people like you who make this country ugly. Blame religion?? Have you been drinking or smelling gas? Your comments make no cents”oops!

        • Common Senz

          Jesus, Robin, Lighten the foch up. The Forrest thing was a joke. It is people like me who make the country laugh… sometimes.
          At other times, I try to educate and change. Factually, whether YOU like it or not. Churches DO dodge taxes (shifting them to individual homeowners as increased property tax) for the infrastructure and services they inordinately consume. The misogyny inherent in tax-dodging lying paternalistic religion, religious counseling and sermon “teachings”, and religious holy books is NOT funny and neither is your denial that it exists or your failure to see the connection between it and domestic violence. How many tens of thousands of women will have to die at the hands of a husband or boy friend who later stated…STATED that their fantasy god had “given” that woman to him “for life” and when she got uppity or he even suspected she was cheating, he had the right to return her to the factory as defective?

  • Randy Morris

    Now the lame stream media exposes that this maniac is a Lieutenant with the Marion County Fire Department – they quote the “officials” as saying his actions are personal and have nothing to do with his job abilities! Then tell me why the taxpayers are spending billions of dollars nationally to supposedly do background checks and psychological evaluations on “so called” public safety employee’s? If this low life acts like a nut when he’s off duty then he is a nut just waiting to explode when his os on duty. Why doesn’t someone like him go face to face with Stan McClain and Carl Zalak which are at least TWO of the sources of his frustration? Because he is chicken[schet] and wants to take his frustrations out on the very public whom his is sworn to protect and serve! All of these people still have to sign loyalty oaths – they just ignore their contents like the “officials” ignore the fact that “public” use to be used right before “official.” Maybe Trump needs to go down to Marion County and see how many people show up that are sick and tired of the Jeb Bush-Rick Scott mob ruining Florida, lying stealing, then stealing more money to pay the fines they arrange to keep from going to jail where they all damn well belong!

    • Common Senz

      Did you mean to say
      c h i c k e n s h i t ?
      Say it! It is a wonderful language. That was the perfect word! Don’t let the tax-dodging christian fundamentalists rob it of its full range and power. Don’t overuse it, but when appropriate… as here…do.
      This is a secular and glorious Nation… and will improve as we continue debunking fantasy religions.

  • Molly Riley

    “It’s a god-damn bus you f*cking a$$hole.” Nice!

    • Shannon Guinther

      Was that as good as the man, and Lieutenant with the MCFD, saying “If you had a f*cking job you wouldn’t need it”?

      • Common Senz

        As usual “Molly” and these other tax-dodging christian fundamentalists try to impose their medæval morality and speech constraints on a progressive, educated world. Those were the PERFECT words for the occasion. It is a wonderful language. And a glorious secular Nation. Not Iran OR Vatican City.

  • urchittingme

    Lol This guy was wrong but I would like to slap that that sea hag



  • HArry Ballzack

    He was moving slow at first, why didn’t anyone just step in front of his vehicle and force him to stop? Then if he would have proceeded, he could have been snatched out of his truck for a little bit of “physical education” on the importance of patience. Take back America Trump!