Two critically injured in accident on 225A

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Photo courtesy of James Lucas, MCFR

[Last updated on August 5, 2015, at 12:18 p.m.]

Ocala, Florida — A mother and a 6-year-old boy are in critical condition following a two-vehicle crash Monday morning.

The relationship between the woman and the boy is unknown at this time.

According to reports, at approximately 9:47 a.m. the Marion County Public Safety Communications Center received a 911 call in reference to an accident near 6500 Northwest Highway 225A, Ocala.

Crews from Marion County Fire Rescue Golden Ocala Station 20 were the first to arrive on the scene. MCFR Meadowood Station 12 arrived a short time later.

Upon arrival, crew members found that a Hyundai and a Chevy Suburban had collided.

According to FHP, the Hyundai Elantra, driven by Theresia “Terri” Conley, 31, was stopped on the west shoulder of County Road 225A, south of Northwest 62nd Place, preparing to make a U-Turn. 6-year-old Zachary Bode was a passenger in the vehicle.

The Chevy Suburban, driven by John Peterson, 73, was traveling southbound on County Road 225A.

Conley turned into the northbound and southbound lanes of County Road 225A, in front of Peterson.

The front of the Suburban then T-boned the left side of the Hyundai, which caused the Tahoe to veer onto the right grassy shoulder and hit a fence.

The Hyundai came to its final rest on the southeast grassy shoulder of County Road 225A

ocala news, accident on 225a, marion county news, serious crash, mcfr,
Photos courtesy of James Lucas, MCFR [Click photo to enlarge]
The woman and the boy were trapped inside the Hyundai. Firefighters from both stations worked to extricate them from the wreckage.

According to FHP, all occupants were wearing there seat belts.

Conley was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center and the boy to UF Health Shands in Gainesville.

According to FHP, as of August 5, at 12:18 p.m., the boy was listed in critical but stable condition. The woman remained in critical condition.

Peterson was not injured during the crash.

FHP said charges are pending.


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  • Cindy Conley White

    who are the charges pending against?

  • alltoooften

    Hope they did a BAC on her. She is a drunk. It is sad this happened, but facts are facts. Another fine employee of MOJOS. Only a matter of time before one of his felon employees steals a credit card number, if they haven’t already.

    • Itsabouttime

      Just one of many reasons I don’t eat there. Sad for the family though.

    • criminaljustice2day

      Although your comment is ill-timed, I would have to agree. Not only do felons work there, you wouldn’t believe how many warrants could be served on patrons at the bar.

    • Chris

      For your info she was sober

      • CC

        Was she also drug free?

    • CC

      Toxicology reports were done! She would be sitting in jail had she made it through this horrific mess!

  • Rachelle

    I’m so glad you people know her so well to talk so ill of her while she is fighting for her life and by the way she lost her baby girl she was pregnant with so since you are ignorant and rude hiding behind your computer screen running your mouth she is in a coma and all of her body except for her arms and toes are broke fracutured or punctured. I hope this never happens to someone you are close with or know because people might say and think the same of your friend as well. Think before you speak because you never know if you will be in the same psotion as well!! Prayers for Terri and her family. We love you guys and hope she pulls through soon:)

  • Dave

    You people need to go somewhere else with you negative comments. This woman and little boy could lose their life’s and all you can do is talk shit. Even if what you say is true there is a time and place for that and now is not the time or place. Life’s are on the line, look in the mirror and judge yourself and realize you are not god and stop judging and go say a prayer for them. You kind of people are what’s wrong with our country. No need to reply, you have said enough. I can see what kind of people you are


    Is it really necessary to talk so badly about a person that is fighting for their life? Really, we all have skeletons in the closet, none of us are without faults…..take a look at yourself before you go spewing bs about others…..Hopefully she can be saved, and turn her life around, can you??

    • CC

      She can’t turn her life around anymore and she can’t take back how she left a 6 year old boy either!

      • jjgamble

        At the time CC she was fighting for her life as was the child, she and he needed prayers not bashing. And yet now, you still continue to bash her……….smh

        • CC

          I never wish death on anyone, what I do wish is that a 6 year old boy was not put in this situation due to someone that was doing illegal activities prior to driving!

          • jjgamble

            I didn’t say you wished her death, but bashing a dead woman is not helping anyone, perhaps you need to pray for help for the child AND for the woman that died too. I know they both have my prayers, and do you, that you may find peace and lose the hatefulness….peace out!

          • CC

            Someone that I know is in critical condition at the hands of a woman that was supposed to be babysitting – not doing drugs! This young man’s life hadn’t even begun and this woman took away his future! All I can say is Karma, already happened here!

  • Mtina Hicks

    If you are without sin or flaws may you cast the stones, however since most people are not perfect they should keep their opinions n mouths closed…n pray for the ones who are hurting and/or suffering…why do you choose to spread the hurt n hate on others, she has family, a child n people who care n love her…do you not have compassion or mercy…prayers for Terri n Josh, their familys n loved ones to get through this trial in life…that the sun will shine through this so bright n gloriousely n knock the haters on their butts…

  • Cryzstyle Kirkland

    This beautiful young woman does not deserve a debate she deserve s some support for her family for the. Loss of that unborn child and the boy whose in pains s well as her…I was in a car wreck an! Coma and even if survived Terri is go in through an experience that will change hers and her whole family’s lives forever can change it for the good or the worse depending on who she has by her side to help her pull through ..let’s all pray and apologize for even digging up excuses you all think is a good enough to blame anyone car wrecks are unplanned and unpredictable…she needs all the help she can get as well as her family ….stop try a out blame on a woman dealing with such great loss…May God send angels to watch over you and this boy..Terri and may karma strike these here posting such judgemental comments for no man is without sin ..and death is the wage of sin for us all…May God be with all of us on that note…amen

    • CC

      Karma is real and it has cast it’s shadow in this case!

      • Mom of Five

        Do you really have nothing better to do than to keep coming back to this article to argue with every person who has anything positive to say, and to continue to say horrible things about someone who is already gone? Yes, she made mistakes, but she has already paid the ultimate price for those mistakes. Yet you refuse to let it go. I hope you never make a mistake, or that if you do, people don’t keep holding it over your head as you are choosing to do now. Whether or not you think she was a good person or “deserved” what happened, she left behind an innocent child of her own, and family that may be reading your many thoughtless comments. Everyone by now, through those comments, gets the message. Troubled or not, she was still loved by her family, and your words are hurtful to them. They don’t deserve that. You obviously didn’t like her, and are angry because of what you think you know about what happened. And obviously you think you are being supportive of the little boy’s family by openly bashing Terri on a public forum, but how are you really helping anyone by tearing down others (Terri’s family, who had nothing to do with the accident)? In all honesty, you aren’t. So why don’t you do everyone a favor and let it go…

        Sending prayers for the little boy and his family for a complete recovery, and to Terri’s family for comfort and peace in their time of loss…

  • Georgia

    I swear some people need a real reality check!!!! Someone is fighting for their life, lost there baby and you feel the need to bash them on a public website….you make me sick and I suggest if you are one of these people you go take a long look in the mirror. We all make mistakes, we all have problems, we all may disagree with others choices and some may disagree with ours personally. WE ALL TAKE THE WRONG PATHS AT TIMES….GUIDANCE NOT BASHING ONE ANOTHER IF NEEDED. You are not the judge of others, when judgment comes do you really think he will look the other way at poking fun of someone fighting for their life. GROW UP…..GO READ YOUR BIBLE…..I THINK YOU NEED TO LEARN SOMETHING!!!!!

  • Angela Weldon

    As I sit and read what some people have commented it really is sad. First of all it was 9:47am or did you miss that part? Or how about the part that she was pregnant and sadly lost her unborn baby. So to question if they took her BAC is purely ignorant. Yes people make mistakes but they also choose to turn their life around. Terri is a great person and willing to help whenever needed. People need to be saying prayers for this family instead of being so damn negative. Lastly, as for Mojos, it amazes me how you want to talk down about the restaurant when I can truly say that they go out of their way for this community. Mojos is a second chance place of employment and gives actually gives people the benefit of the doubt. Something obviously the negative talking people don’t know how to do. But be in a bad position or have a tragedy strike your family and I bet you or someone you know will attempt to contact the owner and ask for help.

    • CC

      Maybe you all should be worried about the 6 year old boy that is fighting to stay alive and the mother that doesn’t know if her child will ever wake up, walk or talk again at the hands of this amazing person!

  • Tammie Mathis

    Aww Terri we are praying for you an lil man Get well soon we love you

  • Jesy Fairchild

    I’ve Met Terri. So what if she is a felon, we all have skeletons and she is a sweet woman. She lost her baby and you insensitive jerks have to bash her. Can someone update me on her please.

  • Cindy Conley White

    Unfortunately, my niece was unable to survive her injuries and passed into Gods loving arms this morning.

    • Debee & Glenn

      My husband and I are so sad to hear of Terrie’s accident and subsequent passing. She was our favorite waitress at Mojo’s and we were so happy when she showed us her sonogram picture a few months back…May she rest in paradise <3

  • Katy Sweeney

    Terry and I were very close in middle school, I have some wonderful memories that I will cherish. I am so saddened by this. God bless and comfort all involved.

  • CC

    My prayers are actually for little Zachary Bode age 6 years old. Maybe you all should seek the truth about WHY this happened!

  • Stacy

    WOW is all I can say.

    I guess it’s easier for each of you to defend a woman who ultimately decided to do drugs while being pregnant and drive with someone else’s child in the car than to admit she had serious drug and alcohol problems and not a single one of you helped her!!!