Two MCSO deputies suspended after allegations of misconduct

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Deputy Edward Tillis [left] and Deputy Joseph Tussey.
[Last updated on October 22, 2015, at 12:30 p.m.]

Marion County, Florida —  The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has suspended two deputies following allegations of misconduct.

According to a MSCO press release, on Wednesday, October 21st, Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair suspended MCSO deputies Joseph Tussey and Edward Tillis with pay after learning that the two might have made false statements in a search and seizure case.

MCSO Public Information Officer Lauren Lettelier said, “[The information] was brought to the attention of one of our supervisors, who then immediately informed Sheriff Chris Blair and his command staff [Wednesday] evening.”

The information was presented to the MCSO supervisor by the State Attorney’s Office after they found that body cam video did not match the deputies written reports.

Sheriff Blair said that he has ordered an immediate internal investigation.

“Employees at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are held to the highest standard to maintain the public’s trust,” Sheriff Blair said. “Taking immediate action is crucial so the public can be assured that we are dedicated to our mission and vision: to serve with honor and protect with pride.”

MCSO said they are fully committed to being a respected and professional organization focused on serving citizens, and that the agency is comprised of outstanding individuals who continually work hard to keep our community safe.

“We appreciate the public’s support and patience as we actively move forward in this process,” Sheriff Blair said.

Deputy Tussey has worked for MCSO for 9 years and Deputy Tillis has served for 12 years.

According to personnel files, neither deputy has had any disciplinary actions taken against them other than two minor traffic accidents in Tillis’ file. Personnel records also show that both deputies have had many commendations.

Lettelier said, “The investigation is still pending active so we will not be releasing any further information at this time.”

The State Attorney’s Office had been investigating the incident prior to MCSO announcing an internal investigation on Wednesday.

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  • john1967

    Cops investigating cops. Give me a F’ing break. Elect Ocala Police Department Lieutenant Billy Woods for Sheriff and get rid of the backwoods rednecks.

  • Itsabouttime

    If they were willing to make false statements this time then chances are they have done it in the past. Every arrest they have ever made is now tainted. With election coming up Blair will try and make himself look good. Still voting for Billy Woods. Didn’t vote for Blair the first time. Instead, he stole my vote after he set up the other guy and then made sure the media just happened to find out about it.

    • Kristy Hall

      Blair, Ergle and many others were hired, trained and mentored by Moreland dating back to the 70’s… It’s the same group of corrupt thugs it’s always been. Same snake, different head. And the hilarious part is the people keep voting for them and then become disappointed at the low quality of public servants they have to deal with.

      • Noname

        Going off of what Itsabouttime said, Blair continues to cite that crime rate is down by almost 9%, citing the UCR crime rate statistics. However, the FBI, who collects national UCR rates has a disclaimer on the FBI website About the shortfalls of citing UCR because the data is incomplete and the FBI has strict policies against ranking law enforcement agencies based on these statistics. Election year and they have to look good for votes. I suggest you check out the entire section the FBI has about the pitfalls of UCR

        Kristy Hall, as far as Blair and Ergle coming from the Moreland era, Billy Woods has over 26 years in Law Enforcement and he did not come from within the ranks of MCSO. Billy Woods has worked and lived in Marion County for decades at the Ocala Police Department. MCSO needs a leader with the knowledge of law enforcement and business management from outside the agency. I got to meet Billy Woods recently and have met with him several times. He is a genuine man who believes the men and women of MCSO don’t need just a Sheriff, but a leader to serve those who serve the citizens of Marion Ciunty. Vote Billy Woods for Sheriff!

        • Kristy Hall

          You are quoting things I already know. Grew up in Marion County, and more than qualified for any position on any of the departments including FHP. I don’t know Billy Woods, but I would advise caution in rendering an endorsement simply based on a chance meeting.

  • harry

    no facts, typical msco

    • Ms Betty

      Thee are 3 more involved in this same case where they beat a man who was being compliant. These two just watched the other 3. Blair needs to sweep inside his office before he tries to clean up outside.

  • tomfromocala

    Go figure, a deputy lied on a report. Perhaps everyone has forgotten about the Eustis police chief that called out the sheriff. Here ..refresh your memory

  • Ms Betty

    Suspended with pay………… You mean you have them vacation days, some punishment.

  • traceydbest

    maybe this is why I was falsely arrested….and paid $600 to bond out and never got a dime back after they realized they screwed up…… just saying mcso is messed up big time!!!!

  • john

    Maybe they should transfer both deputies to the jail that’s blair’s answer for everything