Teen dies from gunshot wound, investigation underway

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shooting, ocala news, marion county news, shooting,
Altwan E. Crim [deceased]
Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that occurred at Greenfield’s Apartments on Monday.

At approximately 6:30 p.m., 911 operators received a call in reference to shooting at 2950 Southeast 53rd Court, Ocala.

Deputies were the first to arrive on the scene. Upon arrival, they found that Altwan E. Crim, 18, had been shot.

Marion County Fire Rescue arrived a short time later, at which time they pronounced Crim deceased.

Sources indicated that Crim had been shot in the head.  MCSO Investigators stated that the shooting is an active investigation and further details surrounding the shooting would not be released at this time.

More information will be released as it comes in.

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  • Ms Betty

    Greenfields needs to clean up the complex and hand out eviction notices to trouble families.

  • Sara Tull

    It’s not a apartment complex anymore. The units are individually owned.. People stop acting like a know it all

  • Charlie


    • Susan O’Neill Dansereau

      You are a disgusting piece of crap.

      • Charlie


      • Charlie

        What are you and yours doing to help stop black on black killings? Instead of worrying about others take care of your own first.

        • dacap…..

          Ask yourself that question idiot

    • Concerned

      Stupid people. A human being was lost that day. All lives matter. Posted comments like this online is not polite. If you have nothing to say good then do not comment. Yes we have freedom of speech but even the bible says there is a time and place for every thing. We don’t know what happened. So to say black on black is wrong. How would you feel if this was your brother, son, friend etc. This boy is gone to soon and his family and friends are suffering. So to be on here this article where they can read it is wrong to say what you guys are saying. Grow up.

      • Charlie

        nope. nothing.

      • Charlie

        if you have nothing good to say then do not comment

      • Charlie

        blackonblackwhocares was meant to see if there is anyone out there that cares about black on black crime. I see not.

  • Gesses

    Who Cares…

    • mia

      fuck u thas my cuz