Teen arrested for beating and shooting of 91-year-old woman

Second suspect at large

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Jaquan Davis, 16

Ocala, Florida — A boy was arrested on Wednesday and charged with Attempted Felony Murder and Home Invasion Robbery for the beating and shooting of a 91-year-old woman that occurred in June.

According to the arrest affidavit, someone called in an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers after reading about the incident in the media.

The tipster provided information that placed Jaquan Davis, 16, inside the victim’s home at the time of the home invasion.

On June 20, 2015, the Ocala Police Department responded to a home in reference to a burglary in progress.

While police were en route, the victim told 911 dispatchers that she believed the intruders were still inside her house. She stated that she had been hurt and would not be able to answer the front door for police.

When officers arrived, they made entry to the home through an open window.

The suspects had already fled the scene.

According to reports, officers found the woman lying on her bed with blood coming from her head.

After EMS arrived, they determined that the 91-year-old woman had “significant trauma to her face and head.” Additionally, emergency personnel reported that there was a metal object lodged in the woman’s forehead and a hole behind her left ear.

The woman told police that two black males broke in to her house, came into her bedroom, and demanded money. She said that when she told them she didn’t have any, they beat her with a pistol and then shot her.

Later, after she was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, hospital staff notified police that they found bullet fragments in the victim’s forehead. Hospital staff stated that the woman had been shot twice — once in the forehead and once behind her left ear.

Police said that they believe the ammunition used was “rat shot.”

At the hospital, the victim told police that while she was in bed she heard a noise. She said she thought it was her daughter coming to check on her, so she yelled out, “I’m back here.” She said that is when two black men entered.

The victim told police that she was beat until she was unconscious and called police when she woke up.

On September 16 — three days after police received the anonymous tip — Davis was brought into the Ocala Police Department by his mother.

Davis admitted that he was in the house and that he demanded money from the victim, but he denied pulling the trigger. He said his accomplice was the person who shot the 91-year-old.

Davis was transported to the Marion County Jail. As of September 17, he was being held at the juvenile facility. His next court date is scheduled for September 30.

Police said that the victim has since recovered.

OPD detectives are still searching for the second suspect.

If you have any information about this case, call the Ocala Police Department at 352-369-7000, Crime Stoppers at 368-STOP, text 274637 using keyword 368-STOP, or visit www.ocalacrimestoppers.com. Anonymity is guaranteed.

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  • PhDiva

    p.o.s. gangsta—“black lives matter”—yeah, right. Kudos to the mom though who brought him in to answer for this atrocity. You know, if Obummer had a son he’d look just like Jaquan…….

    • DecembersVeryOwn

      You say one more slick ass comment about my cousin & I’m going to beat your ass left & right. He didn’t shoot her, the fuck boy he was with shot her. Read bitch read.

      • K. A.

        Guess beating people up runs in the family

        • PhDiva

          Thank you K.A.

      • urchittingme

        Here’s another comment you useless piece of chit…bring everything you got you and your family, You are a drain on society you lowlife scum! This boy should be given 30 days in the electric chair and I hope he gets what’s coming to him and his accomplice, They are both equally guilty. Anyone that can commit this type of crime should be put down immediately

        • PhDiva

          Thank you…

        • No Limit GloMan


      • PhDiva

        Can’t beat my ass son with a .40 cal slug in your head…”He didn’t shoot her” you say?? So beating her was O.K.?? I agree with K.A., beating people AND being a P.O.S. absolutely does run in your simian genes…….

        • No Limit GloMan

          Man Dhats My Cuzzin U Can Get WAcked Bruh

          • PhDiva

            Promoting violence are we?? The same applies to you as in the reply to DecembersVeryOwn… Oh, either stay in OR go back to school and pay attention…your writing proves that, numbskull…Do you know the meaning of the word “pathetic”?? If not just look in the mirror and you will see where black lives DON’T matter. Love people like you–the best part of you is still stuck to the crackhouse or motel room floor…….

      • Charlie

        what kind a person beats a 91 year old woman?

        • No Limit GloMan

          U duhh

  • nohilderbeast2016

    little scumbag…..hope he spends some serious time in jail…what a piece of crap…

    • No Limit GloMan

      Man U A ScumBAg

      • nohilderbeast2016

        do you kiss your pimp with that mouth?

  • Ms Betty

    so tell us the name of the accomplice so we can also look for him or perhaps someone reading this knows of his where abouts. 16 year old schmuck beating a 91 year old helpless woman…His mama knows who he hangs out with. Put this fool away until he’s 21!!!!

    • Charlie

      21? I would hope for longer.

      • Ms Betty

        Charlie, I would hope so also but they way the judges are handing out sentences, he’ll probably get a slap on the wrist and he’ll be back out on the streets again. His parents should be held responsible for this lady’s medical bills. If that were to happen maybe parents would be more active in their kids lives.

  • Charlie

    This guy was a really close friend who I recently spoke on Wednesday which was a half day at school. Just really hard to believe he could go through with this. He isn’t like this at all, he’s just goofy. Hard to know who you really hang out with.

  • Ocala native

    Why would Ocala Post start this article by calling this thug a boy? Boys don’t beat, rob, and shoot old women, call him what he is and don’t be scared, your not going to offend any of your readers.

    • Itsabouttime

      I don’t think thugs like being called boys either. I’m pretty sure anyway.

  • harry

    how does a 16yr old afford a gun? selling drugs you say, then why is he selling drugs? yer saying black-market, then why are drugs there instead of a open transparent market like alcohol and tobacco which are more abused then anything else in the world?

  • Charlie

    what kind of person must you be to commit such an act? No soul

  • No Limit GloMan

    Free My Cousin Outta Jam

    • PhDiva

      Living proof some black lives DON’T matter.

  • No Limit GloMan

    Aye Man If AnyOne Dont have nun nice to say bout my cuzzin dont say nun at all OBD