Stern warning from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to criminals


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Caleb Clayton [left] and Kadrene Clayton
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Suspects crashed into a fuel tanker after fleeing from an armed robbery Thursday

Ocala, Florida — “I will not tolerate this type of violent criminal behavior, which puts Marion County citizens at risk,” Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair said during a press meeting Thursday. “This agency will be very proactive to stop the violent criminals before they seriously hurt someone.”

This message comes after twin brothers Caleb and Kadrene Clayton, 17, were arrested earlier the same day for robbing a Family Dollar located at 2370 Northwest 45th Terrace.

The two suspects fled the scene, but crashed their vehicle into a RaceTrac fuel tanker while trying to enter an I-75 on-ramp.

This robbery was just one of 14 others that have occurred since March. Most of the robberies have taken place within the city limits.

However, on July 2, a Dollar General located at 2040 Northeast 35th Street was robbed inside the county.

Blair said, “Once the robberies extended outside the city limits, I immediately began looking at the data for all of the robberies that had taken place over the recent months.”

Blair also had a team analyze the data. Analysts factored in the time and locations of each robbery that had occurred, which provided the sheriff’s office with information on which locations to patrol.

Armed with this information, Blair said he met with MCSO Lieutenant Brian Dotten, who has been with the agency for 18 years, and came up with a plan.

On Monday, Blair told Lieutenant Dotten that he could have all the resources necessary to catch the robbers as soon as possible; essentially, he would have all hands on deck.

Utilizing multiple divisions from within the agency, Lieutenant Dotten put together a team in hopes of catching the robbers in the act.

On July 8, using the information provided by the analysts, more than 50 team members from the sheriff’s office set out to patrol areas that could have been possible robbery targets.

Everyone had one goal in mind: to catch a thief.

On the morning of July 9, more than 20 team members were deployed to patrol certain areas. And on this day, Lieutenant Dotten said the proactive undercover work paid off.

MCSO Sergeant Steve Osborne, who has been with the agency for 21 years, was in the area of the Family Dollar when it was robbed on Thursday. Sergeant Osborne said that at approximately 9:40 a.m., he saw two black males running from a Family Dollar store, one of whom was carrying a weapon.

The suspects ran to their vehicle, at which time Sergeant Osborne began pursuit.

Sergeant Osborne said the pursuit only lasted a few minutes before the suspects crashed into the fuel tanker while trying to get on the interstate.

It was at that time that one of the suspects bailed from the white 1997 Nissan Maxima on foot.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Ocala Police Department, and Florida Highway Patrol worked together to set up a perimeter to keep the suspect from eluding capture.

Caleb, the suspect who ran from the crash, was captured at the scene. His brother, Kadrene, who was trapped in the car, is in serious but stable condition at a local hospital.

While processing the crash site, Ocala police found a pump-action shotgun in the getaway vehicle.

Lieutenant Dotten said, “We are not 100 percent positive that the two teens who were apprehended today are responsible for other burglaries, but there are certainly close similarities in this case that relate to other cases.”

Lieutenant Dotten said that the suspects needed to be caught because they were getting brazen and extremely dangerous.  He said that in the Thursday morning robbery, one of the brothers pointed a gun at citizens who were standing outside of the Family Dollar and herded them into the store.

Blair said that the MCSO and the OPD have partnered up on this investigation, and that the investigation is ongoing.

“If I have to use all of the manpower available to me to keep these violent criminals from harming a citizen of this county, I will,” Blair said.

For this case, Caleb is facing two counts of Armed Robbery, two counts of Grand Theft Auto, and Aggravated Assault with a Firearm.

Some believe they should be free and have already begun to threaten with protests.

Ocala Post will publish Kadrene’s booking photo once he is released from the hospital.

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  • William Friss

    Great job MCSO. Chris Blair is correct in using the resources at hand to proactively hunt the violent offenders.

  • alltoooften

    People on Facebook sticking up for the rest of the family…got news for everyone, the apple does not fall far from the tree. The family is full of felons.

    Good job MCSO and OPD.

    • Yes the ignorance on Facebook is overwhelming. If those are the people supporting these kids…they were screwed from the start.

    • Toy Van Dyke

      yall bitches dont know nothing about him or his fucking family. im pretty sure damn dere every family has felons in them. bitch look at ur rotten ass apples before u try to throw shade.

      • Itsabouttime

        I am pretty sure every family does NOT have felons in it. Your way of thinking is why 2 out of every 3 black males have been in trouble with the law. 1 out of every 3 have been incarcerated. Statistics and numbers don’t lie. Feel free to visit the DOJ for those numbers.

      • Oh you poor sweet thing. You have displayed your ignorance with every word you just typed. I pity you and that entire family. No wonder these boys turned out like they have. Shame, shame.

      • HArry Ballzack

        You are incorrect about that assumption. Look at the facts. Hope these kids get their lives together. Everyone makes mistakes, however not all mistakes equate to felony offenses. Your choice of language is unnecessary, and is indicative of your social status.

  • criminaljustice2day

    This black “family” is also EXTREMELY racist toward whites. They might as well be part of the Black Panther Party.

    • Toy Van Dyke

      racist where? dumb asses

  • john1967

    Great job MCSO and OPD. Also, kuddos to OP for publishing these thugs pictures and names. Never back down.

  • Itsabouttime

    Too bad one of the citizens wasn’t armed and didn’t just shoot these two pieces of shit. If they are the ones that robbed the other 14 stores, they deserve to put UNDER the ail. Dirt bags. Terrorizing all of those INNOCENT people that actually have JOBS. Pisses me off. THEN, they put innocent motorists in danger. WTF. alltoooften is prob. right, statistically the family is most likely full of felons.

  • harry

    thought that was what your job is. cruising around looking for crimes. yes you did a good job, but it’s your job, looking for a pat on the back?

    • Huskyrider

      Something wrong with telling someone they’ve done a good job? I know I like it when my boss tells me I’m doing a good job. Makes me work that much harder as well.

      • bluiis923

        Exactly! Oh, you would have to have a job to understand that. js

        • Huskyrider

          Reading comprehension issues I see….read above again for a second try.

          • bluiis923

            I was agreeing with you and referring to the original poster, “Harry”……

          • Huskyrider

            Oops…so sorry. Guess I need to work on MY reading comprehension.

  • Rebecca

    It is a shame these kids did not recieve more intervention. There had to be red flags that were ignored or unnoticed. You can’t blame the family. People are free to make their own choices. Its just ashame that somebody along tne line failed these kids. They are violent but lets not forget they are children.and as far as the police comment. Funny how everyone hates them until tney need one. Nice job fellows. And my prayers are with the family of the children gone astray. Please try to not be so tactless in your comments. A WHITE citizen with a heart.let he who is free of sin cast the first stone…….hmmmmm….silence

  • Jerry3701

    Why do the MCSO wait for it to get out of hand?

  • HArry Ballzack

    Just glad they caught these kids before someone got shot. These kids were on a path to robbing the wrong store and having it all end for them both, quickly! Punk kids with no guidance, that’s why we stay armed.