Shooting at On Top of the World, two dead

[Last updated on May 12, 2016, at 4:10 p.m.]

Ocala, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a shooting that occurred at 8747 Southwest 93rd Place — a residence at On Top of The World in the Friendship Colony neighborhood.

The call came in at approximately 8:40 a.m.

The MCSO SWAT team and Air-1 were also on the scene.

Authorities said that the area was placed on lockdown while MCSO searched for the shooter.

Early reports suggested that the incident was a domestic dispute that turned violent.

When deputies arrived, they found a woman on the front lawn of a neighbor’s house. She had suffered a gunshot wound.

According to reports, June Jackson, 60, was transported to a local hospital, where she later died.

At 12:15 p.m., MCSO said that the shooter had been “contained within an area.”

Then, at approximately 2:25 p.m., Ocala Post received information which indicated that the gunman, Clifton Erhardt, 51, had barricaded himself inside the residence and taken his own life.

MCSO’s Bomb Squad’s robot made entry to the home and, by utilizing robot’s on-board cameras , deputies discovered that Erhardt was dead.

According to detectives, Jackson and Erhardt were involved romantically.

In 2002, Erhardt was arrested in Marion County as a fugitive from justice. At that time, he was wanted in Baldwin County, Alabama, on charges of fraud. Court records also show that Erhardt’s ex-wife had filed domestic violence injunctions against him.

The motive for the shooting is not known at this time.

Updates will be posted as they become available.

Anyone with information can call the Marion County Sheriff’s Office at 352-732-9111, Crime Stoppers at 352-368-STOP, text a tip to 274637 using keyword 368-STOP, or visit Anonymity is guaranteed.

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  • Donnie

    It is a shame just the news can make Cliff look like a killer. Makes me sick. If anyone truly knew the couple. That they both had problems with drugs. Also knew that June had pulled a gun on Cliff several times in the past year and that she would beat him up. Cliff has came in OP and my home with marks and cuts all over him. And see and hear him and June arguing. Everyone also knows that June was unstable. If you was around them and know them. You would know this. June always talked about her meds for bi polar and other mental issues. My God people wake up tell the truth. It just was not all Cliffs fault.
    Knowing their routine, this is my opinion, they got into a argument over drugs and June called the front and back entrance not to allow Cliff in. So he walk to her home she let him in and then they argued. And its my opinion, during the argument June pulled a gun and they struggled over the gun. And I bet anything during the struggle of the gun, June got shot and she went out side. And if Cliff killed himself, he saw June laying on the ground and could not bare the thought of June being possiblely dead and took his own life. If any one truly knew them both and their dark secrets, they know something like that is what has happened. For the news and some people say Cliff is a murderer, is just wrong. I bet anything, in my opinion, if they check Junes finger nails they will find Cliffs skin underneath also I bet if they check for gun powder and residue on June they will find it as well. And they find physical marks on cliff. This is a sad tragedy. But it makes me sick to see the news and others put a man down and they are in worst shape than they we were. Because they are liars and still hooked on drugs. Be adults and stop taking drugs and let the evidence come out before you dog a man and call him a murder!!!! Have some respect.

    • Shellie Morgeson Boyd

      I’m sorry for loss. Cliff was a nice guy.

      • CliffisPOS


    • Herman Munster

      Nice job Dick Tracey., I guess based on your trial its all on June. Amazing that you have all the details down pat. How about Cliff being a man and walking away from the relationship. You don’t put a gun to your head if your innocent!! Whether or not drugs were involved, to make your insane assumptions is just as bad as your blame on the media and “everyone” as you claim.

      • Someone who knew

        June been trying to break this relationship up for several months. If she was such a threat to him, why did he keep going to her house. And why did he break into her home. The neighbors saw what happened, she didn’t even get into her house when she was shot and killed. Thanks for sticking up for June Herman

    • Someone who knows

      Well I think your so called friend Cliff had you fooled, he wasn’t such a nice guy. June been trying to get him out of her life for 9 months, and he keeps bothering her. I saw him first hand with June and it wasn’t nice, he would verbal abuse her and mentally abuse her. He made up great stories about June that wasn’t true. I know June personally and very very well. There will not be any gun residue on her as she didn’t have any gun in hand nor any skin of Cliff’s under her nails. She was coming back from breakfast when she got out of her car at her house he surprised her before she even came into her home and shot her. She kept telling him to leave her alone and he wouldn’t. There was no struggle at all. Get your story and facts straight before you post.

    • CliffisPOS

      All who knew them was clear cliff was a piece of shit…of course none of us are perfect but when ur dealing with a guy who is crazy druggie scumbag it would make any woman crazy…just look at his family…dirty ugly trailer trash sister n nephew all they do is rob n steal from people…cliff was psycho murderer why couldn’t he just have killed himself n did us all a favor

  • The truth.

    Donnie pretty much has it all right, and his personal friends know it. Obviously y’all don’t. We were around them ALL the time and know their dynamic. If she was trying to get away from him for 9 months she wouldn’t of been up here all the time at the bar with him, especially TWO DAYS before this happened. He loved her more than anything.

    • someone who knows

      And he shouldn’t have been at her house at all, especially if you all said she was hurting him, and pointing a gun at him, why would you keep going back to her house if she was the threat. As far as him loving her, he sure in the hell didn’t show it at all to me. The first day I met him I though he was not good for her at all, and how he treated her.

      • Truth

        No one can explain that, many people stay in abusive relationships. He did whatever she wanted, brought her coffee every morning, drugs etc. They both did them. And towards the end she was just using him to get her the drugs then she’d kick him out, but then would invite him back or be at the bar with was games. He’s told me many times he wanted them both off the shit and to just be happy together. Not long ago I talked to her and she told me they were moving to like st Pete or something to start over. He wanted to be with her because he had a love for her you can’t explain. They should not have been together obviously, but he did not go there and kill her, something else happened in whichever way. He was a big puss and wouldn’t do that, we all know it and know something is off.
        -The truth

        • CliffisPOS

          And why would he get drugs n go to her house?? Bc his loser ass was sleeping in the van that wasn’t even his…he was a master manipulator…sad to say cliff had no friends Bc he used everybody

    • CliffisPOS

      He is a murderer…rotting in hell where he belongs

  • c21h30o2i

    Spin it how you like Cliff is a murderer she beat him? so what! She used him for drugs? so what! I’m sure he had a fair share in more than getting the drugs for her. Like showing up, with her favorite drug of choice saying ” look what I got. They both get high he wants some pussy, I see it everyday. Cliff is a dumbass kill the bitch more dope for cliff to do for himself!!! Any body live by their house? go see if they left some goods so we can get high. These morphine 100 mgs and roxys ware off to quick and my Heroin dealer is on a flight back from Miami. I have new syringes! will share get the dope. Cliff where’s the stash??? Cmon you dont need it anymore, lets get low. I just snorted another morphine and fired two roxy 30’s so I’ll be good for a few. HMU ppl if you find some good brown Heroin not mexican black tar ill take the pills over that! hahaha partying bby Opiate dosing in Marion County!!!

    • The truth.

      Ok, I don’t know wtf you’re talking about or who you are, but obviously you don’t anything nor knew them. He didn’t just “show up” with her “drug of choice” She asked for it. And Is that even English? Try again.

      • someone who knows

        Gee, how you all the story, but it’s funny that she had no drugs in her system. Cliff made her look bad and made up some really good stories that wasn’t true of her, but of him.

        • The truth.

          IF that’s true, that doesn’t mean anything. We all know she did it all the time. Not pointing fingers or saying she’s bad because of it, but it’s the truth. And cliff didn’t make her look bad, when she was “bad” we seen it. We were around them a couple times a week. We know how they both were. We all loved them both.

          • someone who knows

            it all doesn’t matter. Bottom line he shot and killed her, and himself, this did not need to happen. He murdered her.