School board employee arrested at school, faces 66 charges

"I am going to lose my job. I smoke weed and I have it in my purse right now."

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Sleepy Hill Middle School Cafeteria Manager, Carolyn Jackson, arrested.

Lakeland, Florida — Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Sleepy Hill Middle School cafeteria manager for drug possession on Tuesday.

PCSO deputies responded to Sleepy Hill Middle School in Lakeland to investigate an anonymous tip in reference to Polk County School Board employee, Carolyn Jackson, 41, of Lakeland, who is employed as the cafeteria manager, being in possession of illegal narcotics.

When deputies made contact with Jackson and informed her of why they needed to speak with her, she started crying.

Jackson stated, “I am going to lose my job. I smoke weed and I have it in my purse right now.”

When asked if the deputy could search her purse, Jackson said, “No you can’t. I usually keep my weed in the safe at my house and I didn’t take it out of my purse.”

Due to the fact that Jackson denied deputies access to her purse, a K-9 was brought in and the dog immediately alerted on Jackson’s purse.

Jackson was then read her Miranda rights and detained.

A search of her purse turned up a digital scale, glass pipe with Methamphetamine residue, multiple lighters, individual clear baggies, three and a half Xanax pills, marijuana, and a plastic bag with Methamphetamine residue in it.

She was arrested and charged with one count each Possession of Marijuana Less than 20 Grams, Possession of Prescription Drug Without a Prescription, Possession of Paraphernalia/Smoking Device, and Possession of Methamphetamine, and 62 counts of Possession of Paraphernalia/Container for the baggies (for a total of 66 charges).

She is being held in the Polk County Jail on $1000 bond for Possession of Meth; $250 bond for Possession of Prescription Drug Without a Prescription; and $500 bond per each of the remaining 64 charges.

At this time, there is no indication that Jackson was selling or providing illegal narcotics to anyone at the school. Jackson’s home was subsequently searched, but no illegal contraband was found.

The PCSO will continue to investigate. If it is later determined that Jackson was distributing narcotics, she will face those charges as well.

Jackson has one prior arrest for Aggravated Battery Domestic Violence. She was not convicted because the charges were later dropped.

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  • harry

    watch, the ‘drug war’ will do more damage to this American citizen then the drugs did. she did nothing wrong outside of using drugs, she may need help, but the criminal justice system will do more damage to her then the drugs. her live will be soo much harder now with a record. was she paying her bills? now the ‘system’ will take her money, her freedom, for what? putting a substance in ‘her’ body.
    this is why we need to change to a ‘harm reduction’ approach, not a get tough approach.

  • newbroom

    Anonymous tip. That’s what precipitated the inquisition. Who are the victims?

  • Oona Metalnight

    Wow. Does this sound like a setup to anyone else? Taking pot to a school is just a stupid move all around. But that’s all I think she was guilty of. If she was a meth user she’d have a hard time keeping up with the demands and schedule of a school cafeteria manager (and have such clear skin). If she was selling I highly doubt she would have 62 daily users during one shift at a middle school (without someone giving her up before now for one too many seeds). And if she was using or selling or both then she would more than likely have SOMETHING at her house. I’d be awfully suspicious of the person who gets ahead because of this woman’s arrest. Of course, she could just be so used to having laced weed that she didn’t even think about it because she’s a stoner. She could be passing out nickel bags with lunch. She could have the scale and unused baggies on her because she thought it would be a lesser charge to have all of the product in one bag during transport. There could be nothing at her house because it’s not actually were she lives. Maybe she spends most of her time at her partners house and all the paraphernalia is there. I can definitely see a jealous coworker dropping some extra stuff in her bag then calling in a tip. I don’t think the kids would rat her out, she’s their pipeline. Unless someone got cut off for some reason…. Regardless of whether it was a setup or not this arrest will stay with her even if all the charges are magically dropped. Were there cameras in the cafeteria where her purse was? Did she admit that everything was hers or stick with just admitting to the pot? I’m so interested now.

    • Oona Metalnight

      I just looked her up on fb and and leaning more toward it being a setup. Poor lady.

  • Shyanha

    Folks seem to be overlooking the fact that she had these drugs at an Elementary school. It’s not like she was out and about or at her house. She has No business having that junk around children. I’d say it’s likely a co-worker reported her and I’d agree with their decision to do so.

    For it to be a set up, someone would have had to plant it on her or asked her to bring it for them and then report her. From the article she’s not denying it was hers and she’s not denying she was in the wrong. A little weed in her off time, fine, whatever, but having it during school hours with meth to boot? Unacceptable.

  • Carolyn Torrey

    I hope they don’t sue the parent for reporting child abuse by staff like they did in Marion County It is in the transcripts.