Marion County Animal Center, Neuter Commuter, routine closure

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The Marion County Animal Center and the Neuter Commuter will be closing for quarterly cleaning, training, and maintenance.

They will close on April 26, and reopen on April 29. The Neuter Commuter will re-open on May 4.

While closed, anyone looking for a lost pet can view stray animals online at

Residents who wish to make animal-related complaints can call 352-671-8727, as animal control will remain open.

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    Got both my dogs from them 4+ years ago… People need to adopt from shelters and not buy from back yard breeders or stores.. Adopt is the way to go..

    • Joseline

      You can’t afford from a “back yard” breeder or a store, thats why you adopt…

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        it’s not the point what people pay for a dog…people get mixed breeds from backyard breeders who just want to make a buck and get rid of the dogs.. People get sick of them within the first year and dump them in neighborhoods.. the shelter is full of them..If people bring the dog to the shelter they get charged for dropping them off… If people can afford to buy them why can’t they afford to pay to drop them off instead of dumping them..I had three dogs over the past two years that I had Animal Control pick up because they were dumped and their owners didn’t want them,… None of them were fixed or chipped.. Plenty of scumbag breeders and owners out there… The best place to get a dog IS the shelter..

        • Joseline

          The point being anyone can get tired of an animal regardless of where they get it from, shelter, store, or backyard breeder. Your just cheap and adopt because the animal is up to date with shots, plus nueter.

  • Susan Jacobson

    If the animal is already born, what difference does it make where she came from? All animals and all people need homes.