Man who was falsely accused of rape, back in jail

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Joseph Garcia

Ocala, Florida — Probation officers say a man who was on felony probation was arrested after he left Marion County without permission.

Records show that the man left Marion County for a job interview with Rita Staffing in Lakeland.

In August of 2011, when he was just 18 years old and a senior at West Port High School, Joseph M. Garcia, was arrested and charged with Sexual Battery.

At the time, a 14-year-old female, who Garcia said he believed to be 16 or 17 years old, accused him of forcing her into a car and raping her.

The female told Marion County Sheriff’s deputies that she and Garcia had met up at Liberty Park, located at 10575 Southwest 57th Terrace Road to “walk around the park for a little bit.”

She stated that while they were walking she also showed him where she lived and then they walked back to the park.

According to reports, once they were back at the park, the two of them stood in front of Garcia’s vehicle and talked.

The female stated that while they were talking, Garcia began making sexual advances toward her. However, she said she declined his advances. She told the deputies that when she told Garcia no, he punched her in the ribs and forced her into the backseat of his vehicle. She said Garcia then tore off her shorts and underwear and forcefully had sex with her. She stated that she was pinned down and could not move during the incident.

During a recorded interview, Garcia told deputies that the sex was consensual. He also told deputies that he was under the impression that the female was 16 years old. Deputies later informed Garcia that she was only 14.

Garcia also stated that he had not had sex with the female in his car. Instead, he told deputies that the female invited him to her house and that the two had sex in her bedroom.

During a second interview with the female, she admitted that she had lied and that the two did have sex in her bedroom.

Garcia, now 22, is currently being held without bond. His next court appearance is on January 13, 2016.

His original charge of Sexual Battery was later changed to Lewd Lascivious Battery on a Child Age 12-15.

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  • tomfromocala

    In my opinion, the girl knew what she was doing. She prob lied about her age too.

    • Toni Lopez

      Yeah and then probably made up this story when her parents found out what she had done….its a shame how kids wanna be so grown but cant Handel a adult situation.

      • Ocala native

        Talk about handling adult situations, you can’t even carry on an adult conversation. Let’s hear some more of your foul mouth comments so you prove my point.

        • larry1952

          foul mouth comments?

          • Ocala native

            Yes, haven’t you read Toni Lopez’s comments from previous stories?

        • Are you on drugs>

        • Fibonacci85

          You realize YOU’RE the child when you bring up completely unrelated bullshit right? Unrelated bullshit being other comments with no relation to this story. Don’t sound too mad about it.

        • Jim Farley

          stalk much?

  • Fred Knapp

    So the guy got jammed up because some easy girl lied. then he gets jammed up because he is trying to get a job. I actually feel sorry for him.

    • Hypersapien

      This kind of thing happens constantly

      • Fred Knapp

        yeah i knew a guy it happened to. girl lied about her age and he nearly got put on the registry.


    So he was still charged with a crime EVEN THOUGH she lied about her age and story? She brought him to her house? She had sex with him consensually? Yet, he’s a sexual deviant? What about the girl? Where are her charges? Filing a false police report for one. This law is getting out of hand. Nothing happens to the liar in these sort of cases. If an underage girl isn’t even being truthful to the authorities then the case should be dismissed entirely. Better yet, create a law for sexually promiscuous underage girls. You lie, you pay. Probation at least. Otherwise, they’ll just run to another state and ruin someone else’s life.

    • malangrad

      It boggles the mind … when will men rise up and say “no goddamn more?” Honestly, straight men are being turned into little more than slaves and seem not to mind at all.

      • Jim Farley


  • Feminism is a hate group at war with men.

  • Syze00

    I new it was in Florida before even reading it. Florida seems like a police state for the residents and its only purpose is for tourism, pain management, and rehab.

    • Shyanha

      Florida is very liberal with public records so many stories hit the news because there’s little protection for those involved. It’s an easy kill for reporters.

      I’m of the opinion that a large portion of Florida’s residents can’t behave so the police have to take care of business. It’s a parent state, if anything. Disciplining children who can’t follow simple rules. You know, don’t hit, don’t kill, don’t have intercourse with children . . . .

  • LordKabal26

    Our so called “criminal justice system” is fucking broken, cases like this just hammer the point home more and more.

    Also, it’s Florida; they’re almost as crazy as Texas at this point. Kinda glad I don’t live there anymore.

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  • Raindrops Falling

    I don’t get it- in America some girl might say that she’s been raped, and just basing on her words some man may go to jail, even there’s no evidence, he denies it and there’s only girls words? That’s sick.

    • malangrad

      Welcome to modern Salem, MA — it’ just the whole damn country now. And, hilariously, it’s STILL about lying little witches.

  • malangrad

    So post this lying whore’s name, pic and when we can expect the skank to be charged with filing a false report 2ith, libel and/or slander,

  • – TheFinn –

    This is why MGTOW exists….
    Guy tried to get laid – no go says the state.
    Guy tried to get a job – oh wow how stupid are you says the state..

    He’s gonna be 30 and feel 65.

    Meanwhile he’s in prison and she’s just going on her merry way..

  • dufas_duck

    Yet, A cop who raped a 11 year old a while back, gets probation, does not have to register as a sex criminal, and at the end of probation, his criminal record will be expunged…., all while remaining on the police force.

    The DA stated that there wasn’t enough evidence for prosecution even though there was the cop’s DNA inside the girls underwear…

    The point…. Cops, DAs, and many judges will turn logic inside out to mess with a citizen or drop logic altogether to protect a cop……

  • Jim Farley

    why is this tagged “sex offender”? It was established that the girl LIED.

  • He is civilly dead. He deserves the full weight of society on his back like every felon no matter what they had done.