Man was shooting heroin, overdosed on playground while child present

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Matthew Brumley

Ocala, Florida — A small child was roaming the Day’s Inn, located at 3811 Northwest Blitchton Road, while the father was passed out on the playground.

At approximately 8:45 p.m., Tuesday, a Good Samaritan called Ocala police and stated that a child was “roaming the area” and that, the father was asleep on the playground.

When police arrived, they found Matthew Brumley Sr., 27, unconscious.

Police said he was not lucid and was showing signs of an overdose.

EMS later confirmed that Brumley had overdosed on heroin.

Brumley was transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center for treatment.

According to reports, Brumley was in possession of marijuana and heroin.

Upon release from the hospital, Brumley was arrested and charged with Child Neglect, Possession of Heroin, and Possession of Marijuana.

During questioning, he stated that he remembered going to the playground, but didn’t remember anything after that.

Brumley was not a registered guest at the Day’s Inn.

The child was not injured.

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  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    what a scumbag…

  • Ms Betty

    That area with those small motels are breeding grounds for the junkies, including the mobile (RV) parks there too. I hope Childrens Services took that child away from him and his significant other cause she is most likely a junkie too.

  • JustDosIt

    Stop saving these people, they paid good money that they stole from their friends,family, business partners and anybody else they could suck in for that buzz. Stop cheating them out of it, they deserve it…….. and so do we.