Man says he was unaware his roommate would be arrested for domestic battery

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Ocala, Florida — An Ocala man recorded footage of Brittany Gitterman, 22, his roommate and the mother of his daughter, setting all of his belongings outside in the hallway of their Ocala apartment on October 12, 2014, at approximately 12:22 p.m.

The victim stated that Gitterman became aggressive after noticing she was being recorded. The video showed her approaching him and then striking him in the arm. Afterward, she taunted him to “do something” and to “put his hands on her.” The video then proceeded to show her grabbing at his forearms followed by her smacking the phone out of his hands, which ended the video.

Ocala Police Officer, Rossi, interviewed the two parties at their Tuscany apartment on 34th Street, Ocala, at which time the victim had scratches on his forearm along with some minor swelling and redness.

Officer Rossi noted that the couple’s daughter was present throughout the entire incident.

Their daughter can be seen on the video as her mother placed all of the victim’s belongings in the hallway. Gitterman claimed that she was acting in self-defense and that the victim was aggressively approaching her. When told that the video did not show such an act, she replied she was in an abusive relationship before and felt threatened prior to her attacking the victim.

Gitterman was placed under arrest and transported to Marion County Jail against the wishes of the victim, as he did not want to press charges. He was unaware she would be arrested for such an act when he placed the call to the police.

He advised Officer Rossi that he would be dropping the charges as soon as possible. Before being transported, Gitterman requested that their daughter remain with the victim even though he is not on her birth certificate.

Gitterman is facing charges for Domestic Battery.

By Nickolas Lubrick

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