Man returned to residence after police report filed, attacked girlfriend

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David Denyke

Ocala, Florida — A man who was just released from jail on March 3, 2017, after being charged with Battery, was arrested for the 13th time in Marion County.

Ocala police said that on August 12, the girlfriend of David Denyke, 42, filed a police report after Denyke hit her.

Later that same day, Denyke returned to the residence, confronted the victim, and started an argument that again turned physical.

During the argument, Denyke pushed the victim to the ground.

Police stated that while the victim was on the ground Denyke kicked her in the face and lower back area.

According to the arrest affidavit, when Denkye kicked the victim he struck her in the right eye, which caused her eye to immediately swell up and bruise.

The victim also had red marks and swelling on her back.

Denyke was arrested and charged with Felony Battery. He stated that he only argued with the victim and denied striking her while she was on the ground.

State records show that Denyke has multiple convictions for Child Abuse, Domestic Battery, Child Neglect, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Violation of Probation, and Possession of Methamphetamine.

He is currently being held on a $2,000 bond.

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  • urchittingme

    This loser needs some serious jail time because he obviously can’t get with the program….2000 bond for a felony with priors of the same charges?

  • Marsha Morris Sturgill

    This POS has proven many times over that he is not going to change his ways. The laws need to be changed so that this cycle of crime, jail, release, crime, jail, release is stopped. If not changed then explain to me why we are wasting time and money on arresting him to start with. Wake up people! You can’t fix stupid.

  • Mike Rogers

    Just talking about this the other day. The women in the story below with one arrest for battery gets no bond for her arrest. This guy with 13 prior arrest, and this violent felony arrest is granted bail. For a couple hundred dollars he can bail out and go for number 15. What does that say to this victim? Who by the way hopefully has left town and is in hiding thanks to our screwed up judicial system.

  • Carol

    Who is this judge giving only a $2,000 bond. Who is the judge giving no bond ( misdemeanor)?

    • Karen M

      yes, who is this judge? he needs to explain himself to the People of our county, and to the victim! Why is she in jail in the lst. place? This is an insult to all of us, and to our safety! The man in the in-take picture obviously needs to be kept in custody NOT the victim! more information needed!

  • FlaBella

    Wow, amazing how someone caught with some weed has a $10,000 bond but a true piece of trash basically walks from jail. What a disgrace.

  • Tim Boyle

    Really? $2,000.00 BOND? WTF 13 arrest, assault on women and children not to mention Police. This shit bag needs PRISON. His Bail should be at least $50,000.00 CASH BOND