Man jailed, nearly strangled a mother, kids were home

"The more I struggled, the tighter [his] grip would get."

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Marion County — A Silver Springs man was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery by Strangulation after he choked a mother while her children were home.

The victim told deputies that Steven Pruchniak, 26, was in the living room of the house that they share when he began to tell her children about their biological father who is currently incarcerated.

Pruchniak was also belittling the children and apparently called them several “bad names”.

The mother stated that she told Pruchniak not to speak to her children about their father because “they did not need to know what happened”.

According to reports, Pruchniak became enraged with the mother and attempted to kick her, but she blocked it.

Pruchniak then grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands, threw her on the couch, and tried to strangle her.

The victim said that the more she struggled, the “tighter [his] grip would get”.

A witness stated that when she saw Pruchniak kick the victim she quickly moved the children to another room.

Pruchniak was removed from the victim before she lost consciousness.

Pruchniak has previous arrests for Battery, Failure to Appear, Retail Theft, Driving without a Valid License, and Possession of Marijuana.

He is being held at the Marion County Jail without bond.

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  • Karen M

    this woman made a ‘bad decision’ when she allowed this ‘stranger’ into her home with her and her children! Women cannot be careful enough (even call police to do a ‘check’ on him) Of course he was on his ‘best’ behavior until he got in a position of ‘control’ which is what he wanted obviously! She got lucky! I hope she (and other single moms) think twice before allowing ‘strangers’ into their home!

    • RepublicansAreGreedyRacists

      while you are correct. It seems she also has very bad judgement in men. It’s probably a series of “bad decisions” that she may not be learning from.

      • Karen M

        tOUCHE’ ! I worked in a county jail years ago, and sometimes worked in the ‘visitation’ area. One late night I was surprised to see a woman come through the door saying she wanted to ‘bond out’ her ‘friend’ . I could not help but notice that the woman looked like she had just been on the ‘losing end’ of a boxing match! Two black eyes swollen almost shut, her lip was split and bleeding. I said, “do you need medical attention?” She said “No, I’m ok, it will heal “! I then told her that it was too late for visitation, she said” Oh I don’t want to visit him, I want to get a Bondsman” I explained the procedure for doing this and even though it wasn’t my job to say so, I had to ask “Are you sure you want to do this?” she said “I have no choice”! I answered that we ALL have rights, and if she wanted help I would direct her to the proper agency. She answered “OH NO If I don’t bond him out, he will get out eventually, and will find me and make my face even worse, if he doesn’t kill me” We went on to discuss her options and she finally left saying ” He supports me and four kids, I am afraid that I won’t be able to feed my kids without him, so I guess I can take it for a few more years, when my kids are old enough to take care of themselves” No amount of explaining her ‘rights’,or promises of help from others could convince her, so she went out into the cold night to ‘find a way home, since the kids are alone”! She had left 4 kids alone on a freezing night to come to the jail to bail her abuser out! I talked to my supervisor about it, but since she had no chrges on her, and she had decided to leave, there was nothing we could do! I often wonder how she was and IF she survived her ‘relationship’!

        “embrace this moment. Remember, we are eternal. all this pain is an illusion”

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    now this guy and the children’s father have something in common…scumbags…

  • Ocala native

    She’ll take him back, he promised not to do it again

  • urchittingme

    What a pussy

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  • Troll Trollington

    More Trump supporters making the news.

    • Ms Betty

      You have the right name…..

      • Chris

        You should consider changing your name…Ms cocksure.

        • Ms Betty

          tsk, tsk, tsk. Another mature individual with the name calling. LOL