Halloween Horror Nights actors attacked, some want alcohol ban

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William Nunnally [left] and Karla Rondan-Diaz’
Orlando, Florida — Two Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights scare actors have quit and more are expected to follow, after they were attacked by guests.

According to a police report filed with the Orlando Police Department, William Nunnally, 28 was arrested on October 21, after he punched an actor, and Karla Rondan-Diaz, 32, was arrested on October 23, when she kicked a stilt walker two times which caused him to fall to the ground.

On Monday, police filed a report with the State Attorney’s Office and asked them to file battery charges against  Brandon Keaton Brown of Fort Myers. Police say he intentionally kicked an actor in the face while he was passing through the Walking Dead House this past weekend.

Universal released the following statement:

“The safety of our team members and our guests is our most important priority. We have a zero-tolerance policy that can include prosecution of anyone suspected of compromising the safety of our team members,” he said in a statement. “Our scare actors receive special safety training and we staff our event with uniformed law enforcement officers and team members whose role is to keep everyone safe.”

Universal refused to speak about specific incidents involving employees.

Some of the actors are asking that Universal stop selling alcohol. The actors say that alcohol plays a big part in the way they are treated by guests.

Police said that at least two people who were removed from the park after they assaulted actors were heavily intoxicated.

ThemeParkInsider publisher Robert Niles also thinks that Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights should stop serving alcohol. He said alcohol is already banned at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal’s Hollywood park.

Records show that compared to Universal Orlando, the Hollywood park has far less incidents that jeopardize an actor’s safety.

Many of the actors have turned to social media to express their frustration.

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We want to hear from you. Do you think Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights should ban alcohol? If they did, would you still go?


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  • Deus Ex Machina

    Not one of those complaints mentions alcohol. There are 66,000 sex offenders living in Florida. So is it the drunks who can barely stand up that are sexually assaulting these women? YOLO teens aren’t old enough to drink. So it’s gotta be someone doing it.

    • Shyanha

      Difficult to judge whether someone is drunk when it’s a drive-by grab. In the dark. With great gobs of noise and people.

      I won’t be returning to their event. I saw two girls too drunk to walk – they did manage to hold each other up by leaning against one another in a triangle formation. It was quite impressive. I saw a girl lose her lunch in some bushes. I witnessed a fight between two chicks who were slurring so badly that they were unintelligible. If either had tried to land a punch they’d have face planted due to their lack of balance. If it weren’t disgraceful it could have been entertaining. We had a couple kept yelling in our ears because they had gotten their drank on which apparently interfered with their volume control and ability to hear. This is stuff I’d expect to see at a bar, not an amusement venue.

      These people shouldn’t have been allowed to attain that level of drunkenness. I like to hit the hooch now and then myself but holy cow, there’s got to be some moderation involved. I don’t understand paying the price for those tickets just to forget the entire night. I shudder to think of how many drunk drivers are in that area on these nights.

      • Deus Ex Machina

        I’ve seen worse at a Christmas parade. But more importantly, do you think your two girls who were leaning on each other were going around fondling people? That seems to be the conclusion of too many of the other armchair quarterbacks.

        • Shyanha

          Nah, they probably would have crashed to the ground had they tried. People were more in danger of being spewed on by those two inebriates. The only thing they were harming were their livers. The sick from the hurling girl either killed or fed the bush she rained down on. The two fighting could have caused harm by throwing a punch at one another and totally missing and hitting someone else. Again, they were more likely to fall to the ground

          Alcohol is fine, but FFS, when a person gets so drunk that they can barely stand, there’s a problem. If a person presents as being obviously intoxicated, they should be cut off. In my youth I just had a flask to supplement, though. Where there’s a will . . . .

          On the flip side, at a different haunted house I was with a group of sober teenage boys who had something to prove. They were in the faces of the actors and yelling obscenities at them. I can only imagine how unbearably irritating they would have been drunk. That’s a smaller venue and I was able to maneuver my daughter and myself away from the idiots.

          Conclusion: people are asses, drunk or not, and for whatever reason events like this bring out the least socially acceptable people in droves.

  • Frank

    No, they shouldn’t ban alcohol. All of this nonsense about banning alcohol is just making excuses for the thugs who are doing the bad behavior. Alcohol doesn’t make you assault someone, no matter how much you drink. The people who do this are evil people who have no morals, and removing alcohol from all of the well-mannered people is not going to stop the criminals but will ruin the fun for regular people.

    • Huskyrider

      “Alcohol doesn’t make you assault someone, no matter how much you drink”. Are serious? LOL!!!! Okay, how old are you, 21?

      Alcohol brings out the worst in a lot of people. There is no need to risk injury to anyone…. Just so people can drink.

      • Frank

        If you think alcohol makes people assault people, you are part of the problem. Sorry but Prohibition didn’t work. Alcohol doesn’t “bring out” anything – if you know how to behave as a normal member of society you can drink until you pass out and you will never assault someone. If you don’t think that’s true then you probably shouldn’t drink, but leave the rest of us alone

        People are responsible for their own actions, whether they drink or not. Hire more security and get offenders thrown in jail until they learn how to behave but don’t punish hundreds of thousands of normal people because of a small number of thugs

        • Shyanha

          A good start would be to train the servers to cut people off when they’re to the point of belligerence, offense, lacking motor skills, slurring, etc . . . . Someone who’s had a little should Not behave in such a manner that puts others at peril. A person who’s imbibed too much becomes unpredictable. Not everyone is responsible enough to know when to stop and once they’ve become inebriated they’re even less likely to make sound judgments.

          When I went year before last there were no announcements or ground rules stating that actors were not to be touched. Common sense, previous experience and parents who would whoop my butt if I behaved like a classless act contribute to my behavior at these events; however, not everyone has those things going for them. It should be printed on the tickets, posted at the front and briefly gone over with each group before they enter the houses.

          I sure do miss the days when parents would teach their children proper behavior, or if the parents failed society would step in. Thankfully some still do but we’d have far less issues if helicopter parents would start holding their children accountable for actions, or inactions, rather than making excuses for them.

  • Scott

    As a member of the security team I believe they should ban alcohol during event nights. It would definitely cut down the number of incidents that occur.

  • Drew

    no they shouldn’t ban alcohol.

    • Huskyrider

      Yes, they should.