Doctors Say Michelle Obama Is Dead Wrong She’s Misleading The Public


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Michelle Obama Drink-Up Campaign Misleading To The Public

Michelle Obama launches a campaign to promote a healthier life by encouraging America to drink more water. The First Lady claims drinking more water has made her family healthier, given them more energy, and helps a person’s focus.

Experts say Michelle Obama has her facts dead wrong, and she should not inform the public about issues she knows nothing about.

The CDC recommends at least four cups of water per day, but say there isn’t any nutrient content in water that would increase a person’s energy. Water, unless purchased as a vitamin water does not contain any nutrients value whatsoever. In fact, city water that comes from the tap is chlorinated, therefore sterilizing the water completely.

While it is always important to stay hydrated, experts cannot believe the claims that Michelle Obama is making in regards to her “Drink-Up Campaign.”

Critics say this is clearly a political popularity move on her part, and the campaign will only stand to benefit the American Beverage Association, the company promoting the campaign.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania said “Her claims are only supporting urban myths.” He went on to say that, “drinking more water in a day will not give you more energy, make you focus better, or in general make you live a longer and healthier existence.”

Goldfarb says that most Americans are already adequately hydrated, and telling Americans to drink more water in order to gain more focus and energy, is completely misleading and overstated.

Drinking too much water can actually be harmful, there is such a thing as water intoxication. While water intoxication rarely happens, it can happen. Small children are more susceptible to water intoxication than adults, but again, it rarely happens.

If she wanted to make a real statement she could have said, “drink water instead of soda”, however that is not likely to happen due the campaign being supported by the American Beverage Association, and the companies in that group sell soda.

And so the old story goes, don’t believe everything you hear, even if it comes from the First Lady.



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