Blessed Trinity Catholic Church usher arrested




Ocala, Florida —  A Blessed Trinity Catholic Church usher was arrested after he was caught on surveillance video stealing money from the collection plate.

On November 3, the church directly contacted the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in regards to an usher they believed was stealing money.

Investigators met with the reportee, whose identity MCSO concealed from the police report, and Father Pat to discuss the suspicious activity.

During the meeting, Father Pat told detectives that the suspect, Mario Condis, 60, had been attending more than one mass within the same day and they do not typically have parishioners who “are that Holy.”

Between the dates of October 18 and November 1, surveillance cameras were utilized to capture Condis’ actions.

On November 8, investigators utilized the same cameras and witnessed Condis stealing money from the collection plates. Deputies then confronted him.

Initially, Condis told deputies that the $349.05 found in his possession was his. He later stated that it belonged to the church and he had planned to put the money in the main collection basket at the altar.

Condis was arrested and charged with Grand Theft and Petit Theft (x3).

He was released on $3,500 bond.

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  • tomfromocala

    since when is it OK for the sheriff’s office to take calls directly and over step the OPD? Oh wait, Blair attends this church, as do I..political moves by Blair never end. Total breach of protocol.

    • Peter Petropolis

      Of course the whole world knows who “Blair” is, and is deeply concerned.

  • Jerry3701

    I am a usher at a Catholic Church,I would NEVER think to do that.

    • Peter Petropolis

      Right. You would “never” do that, of course. Well….maybe, once in a while. But that’s ok, god will forgive you, that’s his job.

  • traceydbest

    sad that he would steal from a church I mean cmon its in the ten commandments thou shalt not steal…… he better hope god forgives him for this one and start actin right

    • cindermaggi

      Poor dear mon!

      • Peter Petropolis

        …dear mon ? Do you mean mon-ey?

    • Peter Petropolis

      …to break the 10 commandments, or even two or three of them? Unthinkable! Nobody would ever do such a thing. At least I never heard of it.

  • Ms Betty

    This man should be made to wear a sign on his back that states he stole from Blessed Trinity and forced to walk along the streets for no less than 2 weeks, 6 hours a day, I think people need see that and know he is being punished/

    • Peter Petropolis

      Why only “6” hours a day? That gives him the other 18 to just goof off.

      • Ms Betty

        Peter~be realistic. 24 hours in a day. 6 hours to walk leaves 18 hours. 8 hours to sleep leaves 10 hours. job for 8 hours leaves 2 hours. Break those two hours up for transportation back and forth to job, time to eat, bathe, shave etc his day is done. I wasn’t being unreasonable or a smart ass.