Bail bonds business owner and his girlfriend arrested

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Robert Alexson [left], and Brandi Jugov
A bail bondsman that usually bonds criminals out of jail, found himself behind bars Thursday.

At approximately 1 p.m., Thursday, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested Robert Alexson, 55, of Bushnell.

Alexson is the owner of Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bonds, located off of Hwy 44 in Lecanto.

Detectives also arrested his girlfriend, Brandi Jugov, 23, of Dunellon. Jugov was an employee at Bob’s 24 hour Bail Bond, however, she was not a licensed bail bondsman.

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Detectives handcuff Brandi Jugov in front of Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bond

Detectives said that the couple was arrested after an investigation revealed some very disturbing details in regards to an incident that occurred on May 9.

According to reports, Alexson and Jugov met with a man in Inverness, who owed money as the result of being bonded out of jail.

According to the victim, he was contacted by Jugov who wanted to meet up with him to “sign some documents.” Jugov met with the victim while he was walking with his girlfriend’s children in front of a residence on Zephyr Street in Inverness.

When Jugov arrived, she exited her vehicle and spoke with the victim. A Short time later, Alexson arrived in a white Ford Crown Victoria. Alexson then pulled out his Taser, pointed it at the victim, and handcuffed him. Alexson then placed the victim in the back seat of the Crown Victoria.

The victim stated that Alexson told him that he must pay him the money he owed, or he would be arrested.  Alexson then drove off with the victim in the car.

Jugov also drove off in her own vehicle, and left the two children on the side of the road.

A witness watched the entire incident.  The witness got the children to safety and called their mother.

Jugov then returned to the scene and flashed a badge at the witness. According to the witness, Jugov stated, “I am a bondsman and can’t control what happened to the victim.” Jugov then took the children against the witnesses wishes, and fled the scene for a second time.

Detectives reported that Jugov then called the victim’s girlfriend and told her she and Alexson had the victim. Jugov stated, “Unless you bring us the $1800 – he is going to jail.”

The girlfriend then arranged to meet at a local gas station in Inverness.  When Alexson and the victim arrived, the girlfriend only had $300 and [they] agreed it would be enough to release the victim and the children.

Alexson then wrote out a receipt for the $300, gave it to the victim’s girlfriend, and released the victim and the children.

Detectives reached out to the Florida Department of Financial Services, which is the regulatory agency that has administrative authority over bondsman in the State of Florida.  Detective Dalton with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office worked with their agents and was able to build a case against the boyfriend Alexson and Jugov.

After weeks of collecting evidence, talking with witnesses, and meeting with the State Attorney’s Office, warrants were issued for both suspects.

Alexson was charged with: Kidnapping While Armed (Capital felony), Extortion While Armed (1st degree felony), False Imprisonment While Armed (1st degree felony), Child Abuse (3rd degree felony), Unlicensed Bail Bondsman Activity (1st degree misdemeanor), and Unlawful Bondsman Activity (3rd degree felony).

Jugov was charged with: Principal to Extortion While Armed (1st degree felony), Principal to Kidnapping While Armed (Capital felony), False Imprisonment While Armed (1st degree felony), Child Abuse (3rd degree felony), Unlicensed Bail Bondsman Activity (3rd degree felony), and Falsely Impersonating a Police Officer (3rd degree felony).

“There could be more victims that come forward regarding this suspect and his business,” Detective Dalton said.  “Here you have a man who thinks he is above the law and doesn’t think twice about his actions in order to obtain money from his customers.”

Bail bondsman work throughout the entire state. If you have any information regarding illegal activity involving Bob’s 24 Hour Bail Bond, please call Detective Dalton with the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office at 352-726-1121 or e-mail

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  • obamamustgo2012

    wow, what an idiot….good luck getting the rest of that $1800. Now it will cost you thousands and loss of your rights…

  • Randy Morris

    Not taking up for this guy, but when people are exposed to the corruption that he’s been exposed too you get that feeling that there is no law. the entire fifth circuit of Florida is lawless. Citrus County Sheriff Dawsey was involved in the cover ups of The Green isle Boys rapes right along with and for Lake Sheriff Borders. The rapes occurred over a period of months and was finally reported in Nov. 2009 after the rapist Tyler Anthony Jackson had left the Lake County facility and returned to his home in Citrus County. When news of the rapes finally leaked to the public in Feb. 2010 Sheriff Borders and Fifth Circuit SA Brad King along with Circuit Judge Michael Takac faked up an arrest, prosecution and sentencing to “community control” for the rapist. [per FDLE report] During the time Jackson was supposed to be on community control and at 2 AM in the morning his girlfriend called her parents to rescue her from his brutal actions – when they arrived he was in his vehicle and committed vehicular assault on their occupied vehicle. Two Citrus County deputies eventually got involved in his continued streak of violence. One Sgt. Casada claims in his report he spoke to Jackson regarding this violence, but he did not arrest him for violation of community control or failure to register as a sex offender. Sgt. Casada has since released a document stating Tyler Anthony Jackson fulfilled all of the DJJ requirements in 2011 and is no longer required to be registered as a sex offender! [This is after FDLE report states he pled no contest to (4) rapes and (1) Lewd & Lascivious in May 2010] In November 2014 Tyler Jackson went to work as Administrative Assistant at the Center’s a DCF vendor for Children and Families – So, if you have any dealing with the Center’s beware of the unregistered violent sex offender who works there and keep your little boys away from them! Now this bondsman knows these sheriff’s, the state attorney and this gambling judge Takac let this rapist get away with the rapes of these little boys! Reality is he destroyed at least five lives – you might just as well say the perverts and criminals that run the fifth “circus” of Florida let this rapist get away with murder. No wonder this bondsman thinks he’s above the law – everyone else he has to work around is, why should he be any different?

    • Randy Morris

      As if it was not bad enough for the entire Fifth Circuit to conspire to protect this multi-child rapist after the FDLE concocted and released their lying report the Gov. Rick Scott had his Asst. General Counsel sent out an email rubber stamping their lies about the arrest, conviction and sentencing! While the FDLE report does not name Jackson the LCSO Case # (09 191988) names him as the only suspect in these crimes!

      • Randy Morris



        {Verbatim copy of original released report}

        February 21, 2011, the Office of the Governor, General Counsel, forwarded a
        series of email complaints from Mr. Randy Morris to the FDLE citizens intake
        desk. According to the email Morris’ complaint
        centered on a sexual abuse investigation that involved juvenile as the
        Green Isle Children’s Ranch in Lake County Florida. Morris referred to a February 2010 investigation
        whereby a juvenile at the ranch was accused of the sexual molestation of five
        other juveniles. Morris alleged that Lake County Sheriff (LCSO) Gary Borders
        halted and “covered up” the investigation because he was a founding board
        member of the school. Morris alleged that “insiders” at the LCSO have told
        people that Sheriff Borders closed the facility in March 2010 after reports of
        the investigation surfaced in the media. Morris stated that he and others have
        tried for over a year to find out what happened to the victims and to find out
        why no one was ever prosecuted for the crimes. Morris provided no new
        information or evidence regarding the investigation but did attach several
        media articles regarding the case. The complaint was a assigned to Inspector
        Rose Davis for further review.

        review of the material submitted by Morris, it appeared that his complaint was
        precipitated by a February 26, 2011, Lake County newspaper article that
        reported the arrest of a 17 year old juvenile who was charged with sexual
        battery on a child under 12 years of age.

        April 15, 2011, Inspector Davis obtained a copy of the LCSO Investigative
        report (Case # 09-191988) regarding the Green Isle Ranch sexual abuse
        investigation. According to the report, on November 21, 2009, LCSO responded to
        the Green Isle Ranch in reference to a juvenile sexual battery. Upon arrival
        the LCSO Deputy spoke with Green Isle Ranch Executive Director Stephen Zepp who
        advised that a juvenile at the ranch reported to him that he had been the
        victim of a sexual battery by a fellow student.

        review of the case file revealed that four other victims were identified and
        all alleged sexual abuse by the same subject and that the incidents occurred
        approximately five months earlier. The LCSO Detective assigned to the case, in
        conjunction with the Children’s Advocacy Center in Leesburg, concluded forensic
        interviews of all the victims. (Note: None of the victims had visible marks or
        injuries as a result of the incidents). The juvenile suspect was located and
        interviewed by the LCSO Detective. Upon conclusion of the investigation, the
        case was reviewed by the Office of the State Attorney, Fifth Judicial Circuit.

        February 9, 2010, the juvenile suspect was arrested by the LCSO and charged
        with (4) Counts of Sexual Battery by a person under 18 years of age, (1) Count
        of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation, and (1) Count of Battery, Touch or Strike.
        On May 20, 2010, the juvenile suspect pled no contest to the charges and was
        later ordered to community control, attend sex offender [Page 2] counseling,
        ordered to have no contact with the victims, submit DNA, etc.

        investigation on the part of the FDLE will be closed as the above case was
        lawfully and properly handled by the LCSO and all other above mentioned
        parties. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Sheriff Borders
        influenced or interfered with this investigation. Due to the Florida Statutes
        regarding juvenile confidentiality, the names of the victims and suspect can
        not be released to inquiring citizens or the media.
        Mr. Morris provided no contact information other than his email address-

        And has refused to provide FDLE with any
        additional identifiers.

        The LCSO case file and FDLE
        investigative findings let to the Office of the Governor will be maintained as
        Related item # 147.

        Case Number: EI-73-8512 Serial
        #: 189

        Author: Davis, Rosemary A. Office: Executive Investigations

        Activity Start Date:
        02/21/2011 Activity
        End Date: 04/16/2011

        Approved By:
        Cerione, Daniel C. – Description: Green Isle Ranch Complaint


        From: Atkinson, Drew

        To: [ Redacted]

        Mon, Aug 1, 2011 4:27 pm

        Subject: RE: Attn: Warren Davis


        you for contacting Governor Scott regarding Green Isle Ranch. Your

        was referred to the Governor’s legal office.
        The information you provided was forwarded to the Florida Department of
        Law Enforcement (FDLE) for review. After
        reviewing the matter, FDLE concluded that the investigation performed by the
        Lake County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and Office of the State Attorney was lawful
        and proper and that there is no apparent basis for further action. It should be noted that FDLE found no
        evidence to suggest that Sheriff Borders influenced or interfered with the
        investigation performed by the LCSO and prosecutor’s office.

        Office of the Governor will take no further action at this time. Again,

        you for bringing this issue to Governor Scott’s attention.


        Andrew Atkinson

        General Counsel

        Office of the Governor

        Capitol, Suite 209

        Florida 32399

  • Karen M

    These people seem to think they are sworn L.E.O.s ! Breaking the law to collect their Bond money is not acceptable ! They push people around. They carry legal weapons , but they aren’t legally allowed ( in my mind!) to threaten people with the guns, but only defend themselves if they feel like their life is in danger, like the average citizen ! this is not acceptable behavior on the part of this ‘Bail Bondsman’ He was given the license to assist people in Marion Cty. not harass them! We should prosecute this guy and put him in jail with the criminals he formerly bonded out of jail, wonder who he will get to bond him out?