Adrian Mendez kidnapped a 14-year-old girl

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Adrian Mendez [Mugshot]

Marion County, Florida — A Marion County man is in jail after police say he kidnapped a girl in Eustis and then ran her over with his SUV.

It was around 7 p.m., Sunday, when authorities say Adrian Mendez, 21, offered a 14-year-old girl $200 to have sex with him, which the girl refused. Mendez became angry at the refusal, snatched the girl up by her hair and pulled her into his vehicle on Wall Street in Eustis.

The girl put up a fight, but Mendez choked the girl until she lost consciousness. When the girl regained consciousness she was dazed, but knew she laying on the side of the road.

According to detectives, a witness said they saw a dark SUV intentionally speed forward spinning the tires on top of the girl and, then”throw” the SUV in reverse and run over her again.

Detectives say the girl sustained injuries to her neck and it appeared that the vehicle crushed her legs and hips. She was transported via helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center with life threatening injuries.

Mendez was found at his home located at 16905 SE 249th Ter. in Marion County on Monday morning.

He was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder, one count of Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, and one count of False Imprisonment.

He is being held at the Marion County Jail without bond.

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  • redstategal1

    Good Lord, kill this man and get him out of human society.

    • おちんちん


    • Bill

      I LOVE that you started that with, “Good Lord” – as if, if He existed and cared, He’d step in after the fact instead of to prevent it. Of course, I also love that they published his address, just in case…

      • nik

        his address is already public knowledge you idiot. go take your attempt at bringing religion in to this matter and shove it up your ass.

        • geohump

          He’s not the one who brought the religion into it.

        • Bill

          1. Don’t call someone who is much smarter than you an idiot, it looks particularly pathetic. The fact that you don’t understand, well, means nothing.
          2. There is a difference between people looking up an address and being supplied it along with the reasons to hate/attack the person. Still, I wasn’t being sarcastic, it is wonderful that they took that chance at liability.
          3. I was commenting on how, and how flippantly, religion was brought into it.

          Sorry that wasn’t clear enough for your underdeveloped mind, Nik. Now, on that, can you not even spell your own name, or is that a desperate attempt to be different? Either way, it just looks dumb, but, then, your commentary does that more than adequately on its own.

          • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

            Bill, oh bearded, bald-headed one, It’s obvious that “Good Lord” is just an exclamation and not a prayer although redstategal1’s grammer IS in the form of a prayer. Should have been an exclamation point after Lord and kill beginning a new sentence.
            You’ve been a part of this society long enough to know Good Lord is an exclamation. You’re just being Mr. Nit Picky!

          • Bill

            Of course I know, I was pointing out how people use it without a thought, as I said, “on how, and how flippantly, religion was brought into it.” It’s the fact that it’s an automatic exclamation, and how that fit into place here, that was remarkable. Hence, my remark.
            Jiminy Jingleheimerschmidt…

  • おちんちん

    I hope he gets assraped really hard in jail, then commits suicide.
    Forced sexual intercourse is brutal, but this man deserves this.

    Then I hope he dies and there is a long line of ochinchin’s followers going there to urinate, defecate and have an blood orgy on his grave.

    200$ is too little for sex, that’s less than what anyone’s dead body is worth on the black market. It at least worth more than 30k. It even costs more to hire a sniper to kill someone. This is too little money, this guy is stupid and I want to personally run him over with my car when he gets out of Jail. This is disgusting.
    I wouldn’t even have sex with anybody unless they offered 40 trillion dollars.

    This is the first time I wanted to say this, I want this man dead. I want this sorry excuse for a piece of shit to die.
    You know what? I want him to be put on death row or be heavily traumatized by his time in jail. I really mean it.

    • ♥☠ シイラ ☠♥

      I know you think you’re sharing some publicly acceptable hate to a despicable person but you’re coming out as pretty damn gross.

      One, wishing rape on someone, even a rapist, is never ok. & to start discussing how much is acceptable for sex & then continue one w/ value of a human life? Please, stop talking. Just. Stop.

      • おちんちん

        that was 4 months ago, you’re late.

    • Kat Tom

      How the fudge do you know? Hmmmm.

      • おちんちん


  • Bobbi Ricci

    Shoot him. There is no way to punish people for horrific crimes but there is a way to protect the population. He needs to be gone for the publics safety.

  • Sheena

    But I thought us women should lighten up and take it as a compliment?

    • Jaime Gandarilla


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  • no

    But why is there no charge related to the attempt to pay this girl for sex? Why is that downplayed in his charges? If you’re gonna throw the book at him, throw the whole fucking book.

  • Aero Windwalker

    This is a serious issue. People generally get aggressive and insane when experiencing sexual frustration. This is universal to both men and women. It’s in fact, often true in animal kingdom as well. What is special is that biologically most heterosexual men desire sex with youthful and attractive females…which only make up a very tiny percentage of entire human population. This results at a very large percentage of sexually frustrated men. Judging from the photos of Adrian Mendez, he is likely suffering from extreme sexual frustration. I believe in the future, we need to develop a sex robots that mimic youthful and attractive human females to reduce crimes from sexually frustrated men.



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