A Marion County school bus accident left parents fuming

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File photo (not the actual bus)

[Published on November 4, 2016. Last updated on November 5, 2016, at 6:50 p.m., to include a parent’s statement.]

Marion Oaks — A Marion County school bus accident Friday left parents fuming when they were not immediately notified.

In an e-mail to Ocala Post, a resident wrote, “Parents should rightfully be pissed.”

According to the unnamed source, an accident, which only involved the school bus, that left several elementary school children with either a bloody nose, busted lip, or both. Some children also complained of a headache.

The accident allegedly occurred in the Marion Oaks area.

According to witnesses, the bus, number 3117, ran off the roadway after the driver missed a turn. The driver then “slammed on the brakes,” which propelled several of the children in a forward motion. Those children then struck the back of the seat in front of them.

Many parents said that they were not even notified of the incident. And those who were notified, allegedly were not contacted until five hours later.

“I was contacted by a school nurse five hours after the accident happened,” one parent wrote in an e-mail to Ocala Post.

Another parent wrote, “Paramedics did not even examine my child at the scene.”

Allegedly, paramedics were never notified. Instead, students were driven to school and examined by a school nurse.

Many parents told Ocala Post that they have called the transportation department, but were treated as if they were overreacting to the situation.

“I was told it was not an accident,” one parent said.

Ocala Post reached out to the Marion County Public Schools’ public relation department, as well as the MCPS Transportation department. Ocala Post is waiting on a response.

Ocala Post will continue to get answers for you.

Parents did not want to be named out of fear of retaliation against their children.

We want to hear from you. Do you think the bus driver should have remained at the scene and immediately notified first responders?

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  • Jerry3701

    YES the bus driver should have remained at the scene and immediately notified first responders .Who was the bus driver and what school ?

  • Karen Lee

    As a former school bus driver I can tell you YES! The driver should have remained at the scene and called for first responders. ANY time a child suffers injury on the bus they should be called. Reports filed, parents called asap etc. This driver apparently did not have control of his/her bus and did not care about the children. Apparently the drivers poor skills caused injury to more than one child. This IS considered an accident and needs to be treated as such. This driver should face suspension and possibly firing for attempting to cover up what could be long term injuries to the kids. If they’re suffering headaches they have whiplash. Which if not treated correctly has been known to cause further damage. These kids should be checked for concussions.They hit the seats in front of them with enough force to bleed! In what reality did the driver feel they only needed to be seen by a nurse? Wrong! Just wrong. A poorly handled bus and situation from start to finish.

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Thanks for you post.

  • J.C.A.

    Pictures were taken at the scene by some of the parents of the injured children after they were notified. There are marks on the road where the bus slid, damage to the grass where the bus slid off the pavement, and the stop sign is bent where the bus driver hit it. Somebody tell me why the Sheriffs Office was not notified!!!!! Also the public needs to know that when the children were injured in the incident, the children began screaming and crying from the injuries. At this point the bus driver who was in TRAINING and the other adult who was training that driver yelled at the children to shut up! All parent with children on this bus need to go together to the school board with the news media and demand answers and what the school board is going to do about ALL the medical bills the parents had to deal with after their child was seen by a real doctor at the E.R.!!!!!!

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Thanks for the post and thumbs up on your post.

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Morgan and Morgan said they would consult with all parents. I offered my library of examples of cover-up and destruction of evidence and school board deposition showing them laughing when a child is harmed. You need to call the Sheriff’s office and report the location and this account. I don’t have a child involved but have offered my examples of the school board laughing on an injured child in depositions and them destroying evidence. 5 hours gave ample time for a bus driver to sober up. They never reported the accident to FHP or to The Sheriff’s office it needs to be called and investigated before the evidence disappears they did the same on my child with a willful injury and never called for the emergency when my son was laying unconscious in the Osceola Gym after we had a court order to protect my son. My son has never fully recovered from heat stroke and never will. Get them.

  • Janice Merritt


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  • Morgan

    Is that even a question? Yes they should have been notified. That driver needs to be fired. Gone. Out of sight. Kids got hurt. Regardless of how severe the accident was. At the end of the day it was an accident that went unreported. I see heavy law suits in the near future.
    There are a lot of worthy amazing bus drivers who should be transporting those kids. Not some rookie who can’t even report an accident.

  • Randy fulton

    Hit the brakes abruptly is not what happened the driver ran down in the ditch hitting the hitting the other side of it and then stopped abruptly I have pictures then after our children were beat up they were told to (shut up) while they were crying (we don’t want to hear that crap) instead of checking on them fuming isn’t the word it didn’t send my child forward but in to the window hitting metal and bolts not a cushioned seat action will be taken I will devote everything I have to insure that

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Morgan and Morgan said they would consult with all parents. I offered my library of examples of cover-up and destruction of evidence and school board deposition showing them laughing when a child is harmed.

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Please call the Sheriff office as this was never reported as an accident. My child was not there. I have called I do not have the location it was not mentioned in the article.

  • dwill3423

    That is considered an accident by the DOT. It is called failing to remain in a single lane and is a reportable accident in a commercial vehicle. FHP should have been notified and the children should have been examined for whiplash at the hospital,
    which can show up much later but would be documented.

    • Carolyn Torrey

      Right on Dwill3423 Marion County Public School is playing cover up. Of course clean up the blood from the kids, don’t let them be examed by ER, 5 hours is pleanty of time to Sobber up the driver. Don’t you remember the drunk teacher …. Teacher to be fired for DUI offense – Ocala.com
      Jun 6, 2008 – By LASHONDA STINSON-CURRYSTAR-BANNER OCALA – Marion County Public Schools has recommended that a teacher who drank alcohol during the school day and was sentenced for DUI be fired. Police arrested Shannon Vianello, a remedial elementary school teacher, on March 11 after she failed …

  • Carolyn Torrey

    Isn’t there a law about reporting an accident? I was informed the person ahead of the bus transportation was related to former Superintendent James Yancey. When the accident happened and Marget Schee was killed. http://www.ocala.com/news/20080923/girl-13-killed-in-school-bus-crash-on-us-301. Frances Margay Schee, 13, a North Marion Middle student, died shortly after 4 p.m. Nine people were taken to area hospitals, including two students with critical injuries.Jim Yancey was sitting in his home office Tuesday evening, studying the agenda for that night’s School Board meeting. Then the call came and he raced north to Citra. “I was doing 70 or 80 (mph),” the school superintendent said. “I know that’s not safe, but I couldn’t get a police escort to the scene.” Yancey worked the cell phone as he drove. With every update, the news got worse. He claimed he cared. Schee family reported He never visited them nor did he attend the Funeral. The Night after the death of the child he was busy with his re-election campaign meeting at his house as one of the persons attending nearly ran into me and my daughter. A person attending sped out to get a platter from a local restaurant. My daughter was learning how to drive that is why we did not travel the busy 17th street and the smaller residential roads. Why didn’t the Superintendent not get a ticketed for driving “doing 70 or 80 miles per hour? I know that’s not safe.” The next post you will see the letter from the Schee family and then Yancey and school board laughing in depo on a child maliciously injured…..

  • Carolyn Torrey

    The letter for the mother of dead child Margay Schee She was advocating safer bus stops prior to her child being the victim. She was ridiculed in the blogs and I believe I know the person involved with the Bloggs she was a convicted Felon parent who was convicted of impersonating an MD to FDA and Whos brother is an Appellate Judge Sawaya Marion County public Schools Claimed to use this felon for Medical advice on my child and not my child licensed medical Doctor. Unfortunately, the Ocala Star-Banner refused to release the Blogger identity even under subpoena
    This is the .. Press Release

    Date: September 29, 2008
    TO: The Concerns Citizens of Marion County
    FROM: The Schee Family
    REFERENCE: Proposed School Bus Reform

    As we promised in our last press release, please find attached a series of proposals that we have formulated for consideration to present to the officials that are charged with public safety of all our school children that ride the buses in Marion County. We would like this proposal to serve as a framework that can be used to develop a more comprehensive and complete safety plan for the children.

    These proposals are by no means final, nor are these plans set in stone. The proposals that we are setting forth are designed to bring people into the process and to cultivate the collective intellect of not only government officials, but to also include the citizens of Marion County and especially the parents of any child that has to ride the bus. Let me remind everyone that I still have three children that have to ride the bus to and from school everyday, so this situation means a great deal to me and my family.

    I want to thank a few local elected officials that have reached out to my family and asked for this input, because of the leadership of Belleview City Councilman, Mike Goldman and School Board Member Steve Herring concerning this issue, I will be presenting this proposal to their public safety committee in the next few days.

    I want to make one thing else CRYSTAL CLEAR, I have been attacked in a few local online blogs and I want to set the record straight for everyone to know.

    1. No one associated with me or my family has hired any “Slick P/R Firm to represent us”. These press releases are being written on my deceased daughter’s computer from her bedroom in my Mobile Home in Citra Florida.
    2. We have not even engaged any legal representation at this time.
    3. We are not experts in anything, except how to be a parent, so no to everyone who wanted to know what expertise we have, none except good old fashion North Marion County “Horse Sense.”
    4. We will have some other comments later concerning the lack of assistance that we have been shown by some Marion County Public Officials when we asked for help in releasing information to the press,
    5. The truck driver, my Christian Faith requires me to observe the concept of forgiveness, Not forgiveness for the laws of man that he may or may not have broke, but I know at some point I must forgive him on a spiritual level, please pray for me that God will grant me such strength.

    Thank you for your time and consideration and your prays for our family, let’s all work together to protect our children so no other mother has to worry about whether or not her child will come home safe to her from the school bus.

    Elissa Schee
    Proposal to Improve Public Safety on Public School Buses
    By Elissa Schee

    I know that everyone involved with this process has at their core, the belief that there is no more precise cargo that our public institutions carry then our children. So public safety of our children must come first and I know everyone agrees with me on this point. With that in mind, please find listed below a list of proposals that I would like to put forth to this committee for consideration and input in developing a comprehensive plan for improving school bus safety.

    1. A complete and comprehensive onsite review of ALL school bus stops in Marion County must be conducted. This review should be conducted by a group of concerned citizens of Marion County and a group of local politicians. The School Board or Department of Transportation should NOT have the final say so in this matter, nor should they have control of the process or the final report. Their input will be necessary, but the final report should the product of the review committee.

    2. We should seek to eliminate ALL bus stops that are on Major Highways in Marion County. In order to facilitate this change I am proposing the following solutions:

    A. Where currently bus stops are located on major 4 lane highways in Marion County. We seek to find either Public Facilities or perhaps Churches to be used as central drop off points for the children. The parents could drop off their children at these points and the buses could then come to these safe places and get off the highway and pick up the children in a safe and orderly manner. A sheriff’s deputy or Public Safety Officer could be assigned to each of these Centralized Locations to protect the children waiting to be picked up. Another added benefit of this plan is this would save the county money in lower fuel costs.

    B. Another Alternative is to build small concrete pads so the bus could pull complete off the road and load and unload the children in that manner. The bus would still deploy the safety signals and stop signs as they presently are required to do and the public would still be required to stop and observe the laws that are currently being enforced. This proposal is not intended for all bus stops, but only for those bus stops that can not be changed from major 4 lane highways.
    C. Move the bus stops to side road or small less used roads that intersect the major highways. Create the bus stop here to reduce the chances of bus/truck accident.

    3. I would like for the committee to review the number of children that are being placed on each bus. It appears that the School Board decided to reduce the number of buses and bus stops. I think this issue needs to be reviewed.

    In conclusion, this is only a series of proposals that I feel need to be explored. Input from people, citizens and the political infrastructure will be needed and encouraged. No more talk from the people in charge of this process currently of Laws, Rules, and Regulations can be or will be tolerated. If the rules prevent a solution to this problem then the rules should be changed, if Laws prevent a solution to this problem, then the laws will be changed. If bureaucrats get in the way of a solution then they need to seek other employment opportunities. People involved in this situation are either part of the problem or part of the solution and everyone needs to decide which side they are on.

  • Carolyn Torrey

    “Parents did not want to be named out of fear of retaliation against their children.” Parents should not have to fear the school district when they harm children. Nor should it be a laughing matter for the School Superintendent and school board members…… Why was the accident evaluated by a school nurse with limited training rather than a hospital? Let me see they could have time to send a blast to all parents but delayed notifying the parent of the injured children. Something is really wrong here especially when the school system claims sovereign immunity as an insurance claims payout. They even claim this by Attorney Beverly Morris and the financial statements published.

    I am an advocate for child safety. Hurting my son and causing permanent injuries was a Joke to the School board and Sue Mosley as school board member. They are clueless on how much illegal funds were spent. They attacked the parent on child abuse and endangerment of a child heat stroked the child in the gym. It is a joke on how they spend public funds…… State Auditor Findings 2012…. District records did not evidence that the Board approved such litigation or that the Board had made a determination that such litigation served an educational and public purpose Recommendation: The Board should document in its official records the authorized public purpose served by the litigation described above. Absent such a determination, the Board should discontinue the expenditure of public funds in support of this litigation. To date, we have received only a portion of legal expenses and the amount to date is… $246,903 and Morris has not presented all of her invoices that she claims to have 500 pages of, nor is Mr. Herman’s invoices have been produced. We speculate the cost may reach $750,000 or more. The School district is still paying for legal fees after the Auditor General’s orders. Ms. Torrey is a parent that was sued as an act to cover-up repeated acts of child abuse of a Child in Marion County Public Schools, FL. This lawsuit occurred after the school district had received a ruling from Honorable State Law Judge TH Weatherall in a due process hearing to protect the child from further acts of abuse by the school district. Two months later again engaged in medical endangerment where the child collapsed from a heat stroke in the School Gym at school. Heat index that day was 107.7 in 2 hour period. This Prompting the Child’s doctors filing a DCF report as required under FS 39.201. As an act of retaliation, the School district funded a lawsuit by former principal George Don Raymond as a straw man for the school district in a defamation lawsuit. FS 39.203 protects reporters of child abuse from such acts. It has not been upheld in the 5th Circuit Courts. Summary from Dr. Overcash. This is a letter in regards to John Torrey, Jr’s future limitations secondary to his cardiac changes secondary to previous Heat Stroke. (redacted) will not be able to serve in the US Armed Services due to the underlying disease process of and monitoring awaiting further development. Due to age, the pacemaker is not appropriate at this time as deemed by St. Pete’s Children Hospital and even if placed, the long-term risks at this age are large and a pacemaker alone precludes his ability to join the active military or NASA expeditions. Deposition of Phillip Leppert December 6, 2011, Page 6 lines 10-12 Answer: the functions of the personnel division are for employment purposes of our employees. They’re not about students. December 9, 2011, deposition of Diana Greene page 106 lines 2-8: “Q Have you ever heard Mr. Yancey laugh at something Ms. Carolyn Torrey did? A Yes. Q What was the context of that? A I think when I said, did you get — did you get these E-mails that I got? And he laughed and said, no, I will not be getting any E-mails.” December 9, 2011 deposition of Diana Greene page 106 lines 9-17: “Q Have you heard anybody other than Mr. Yancey laugh at — laugh in the course of a conversation in which Ms. Torrey’s name was mentioned? A Yes, me.
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 15 line 16-21: “Q And how long have you known Carolyn Wright? A Only in the term of my school board reign. Q Did you express any — I’m sorry. Did you forward that e-mail to anyone? A I probably never even opened that e-mail. I rarely checked my school board e-mail.”
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page15-16 line 22-25,1-7: “Q Do you think it’s appropriate for school board employees to make fun of anybody? MR. SANDERS: Object to the form of the question. Are you giving Ms. Wright a hard time for making fun of Ms. Mosley? I’m sorry. I’m confused. You can answer the question, Sue, if you understand the question. A I don’t. It was a running joke about me and my faces and my eyes at every meeting December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 16 line 8-17: “Q But in this e-mail, Ms. Wright talks about laughing at Ms. Torrey, does she not? A No. She talks about the faces — “You should see the faces that you were making during the Torrey presentation.” But, see, I could have been making faces about anything, because I’m a little ADHD and I don’t pay attention to everything so I get distracted very easily. And that was always the motivation, I guess, behind my faces.” December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 9-10 line 25,1-2: “Q To your knowledge, has the school board ever voted on the expense of public funds for Raymond versus Torrey? A I have no recollection of that.”
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 10 line 3-8: “Q Is it common for Marion County schools to –Marion County School District to spend money that the school board does not vote to pay? MR. SANDERS: Object to the form of the question. You can answer, if you know, Sue. A No, it’s not common.”
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 10 line 9-12: “Q Did you meet with Mr. Yancey and the other school board members on or around October 21st of 2008 in an executive session where you discussed Raymond versus Torrey? A I don’t recall that.”
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page10 line 13-15: “Q Do you recall giving your consent, not in a formal vote way, to Mr. Yancey funding Raymond versus Torrey? A I don’t recall.”
    December 14, 2012; 1:13 p.m deposition Susan Mosley page 10 line 16-18: “Q You are aware that the Marion County School District or the school board of Marion County is paying for Raymond versus Torrey, are you not? A Yes.
    December 9, 2011; 8:23 a.m. deposition JAMES M. YANCEY, JR. Page 93 Lines 2 – 15 Q In 2008 did you spend more than $25,000 funding this lawsuit? A Not that I’m aware of. I don’t know. Q Given that your limit is 25,000, why haven’t you verified how much you’re spending each year? A Because in our legal fees they are ongoing. They take place all year. We do have a contract with our current attorney, but there are a multitude of attorneys that we may pay more than $25,000 in a year on a specific issue. And we don’t approve that with the Board, we just go forward with legal fees as needed. Q And is that true even though your policy requires that you get approval for expenditures over 25,000? A It is true. There is not accountability for the children in Marion County Public School…

  • Carolyn Torrey

    Thank you Ocala Post for really reporting. It is nice to have news organization that will report. It Helps in accountability of the good ole boys here.

  • Carolyn Torrey

    Isn’t leaving the Scene of an accident a crime

  • Carolyn Torrey

    If any parents have attorney’s contact me to give them evidence of cover ups and remember most local attorneys will not take cases involving the school district and if an attorney does take a case It needs to be out of the 5th DCA as there are too many conflicts have the attorney’s contact me for the evidence I have that shows destruction of records, failure to report incidents to the state, and the depositions on Employment department is about protecting the staff and teachers not the children, and the numerous of background issues that have been identified of with employees of Marion County. (Police records, employment records and court records and how to get emails in this school system.

  • Carolyn Torrey

    I have just received a return correspondence that the Governor’s office indicates this investigation on leaving the scene of an accident is under the jurisdiction of Marion County Sheriff office. The have before tried to shirk the responsibility to the FDLE. It is like playing Hot potato on whose job it is to enforce the law…. I am sure it will be found that the driver was instructed by Marion County public Schools administration simply drive back to school. I spoke with retired Major Yonce a veteran police officer and he indicated clearly this violated the law to not call the police with injuries. I am sure if we the public had left the scene we would be in jail. Whoever advised this driver should be held accountable. I have first-hand knowledge on Marion County cover-ups on children injuries and how they destroy evidence. I have depo and school attorney responses that state they destroy documents, that they laugh when children are injured, and they claim they are protected under sovereign immunity for injuries, therefore, they self-insure