15-year-old charged with multiple felonies

Ocala, Florida — A 15-year-old boy was arrested Monday and charged with multiple felonies after he stole a Chevy Camaro.

The victim reported the car stolen early Monday morning.

The car thief, identified as Carlos Luevano-Velasquez, has stolen the car from the victim’s driveway, but later returned it.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that they knew the car had been stolen because items in the car had been moved and that there was dirt on the floorboard.

A few days earlier, the spare keys to the vehicle had been stolen during a burglary.

Monday night, deputies set up surveillance on the house but were dispatched to another call before they could catch the thief in the act.

A short time later, the victim reported the car stolen.

Deputies located the stolen vehicle at southwest 60th Avenue and State Road 40.

When deputies made contact with Velasquez, who was in possession of the vehicle, they found that he had a loaded semi-automatic 9mm in his waistband.

Velasquez was charged with Grand Theft, Possession of a Weapon/ Ammo by a Convicted Felon, Use or Display of a Weapon during a Felony, Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle, and Two counts of Burglary of an Unoccupied Conveyance Unarmed.

The investigation revealed that Velasquez had also broken into several other vehicles.

He is being held at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Detention Center.

Velasquez has previous felony conviction(s) with seven arrests Since January.

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  • If this piece of shit is a convicted felon what is he doing on the streets? And with a gun on top of it! 15 yrs old? The justice system needs revamping!

  • and it has become his new career…

  • . “This is Luevano-Velasquez’s 7th arrest in 2017 ALONE” . Lock this little asshole up until he’s 99 years old.

  • Smh

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    scumbag….where are his parents? Nice job raising your thug….He must have learned this behavior from them…

    • jener

      Your ignorance towards him is no reflection on his parents. His parents are great people. Raised him as best as they could, just grew up in the wrong crowd.

      • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

        Isn’t it the parents responsibility to make sure he’s not hanging around with the wrong crowd? Looking the other way while your kid is going down the wrong path is not doing the best you could…

        • Hampton

          @Jener don’t even argue with the ignorant…

      • Ms Betty

        His parents are great people???? They raising a thug, a criminal. That’s the best they could do??? He’s 15, their job isn’t finished yet. Either they get control of him or put their asses in jail and forcing them to take responsibility for their creation. Stop making excuses for him, that’s part of the problem. Are you an enabler also?

        • Sage

          Hold the person that did the crime responsible not the caretaker.

          • Ms Betty

            We’re talking about a 15 yr old juvenile here. Parents are not “caretakers”. Look the word up in the dictionary Sage. The parents are responsible for this juvenile delinquent and should be held responsible. Period

          • Hampton

            Still self righteous Betty? It has nothing to do with their “parents”, unless the parents are condoning, encouraging or “taking part” in the crime, then, and ONLY then Betty, should the parents be held responsible. Period!

          • Ms Betty

            WRONG!!!!. Parents are, by law, responsible for their children until they reach legal age. This 15 yr old punk juvenile is still their responsibility for the next few years. Check the law before you speak.

          • Spalding

            Well that would explain why the juvenile is out. Guess blame the law. Times are different…

  • He hasn’t learned anything by now he’s not going to ! Put him away in prison and let him learn a few things in there !!? Scumbag !!

  • Is that an eagle nest?

  • What a waste of air space.

  • Why do they continue???? Because of lack of punishment. Kids have no fear of doing wrong

  • Richard McCrary

    21 days and he will be back on the street unless the Judge finds he is still a threat to public safety. Maybe the question with this young man should be, “Why was he still on the street after all his previous felony charges?”.


      Because he is still a minor. I say charge him as an adult before he upgrades to murder for his next offense.

  • Jed Evnull

    Is this punk an American citizen?

    • Jener

      Yes, actually. He is

      • Jed Evnull

        That’s too bad. Deportation to deepest Mexico would settle his hash! Perhaps we should do it anyway…

  • Janet Miranda

  • People have some compassion, evidently he needs help. This is a child we are talking about.

    • Like 99 years in prison would be amazing. We don’t need this on the streets.

    • Come on Lady have a heart, he’s 15. It could be anyone’s child 😰

  • Marsha Morris Sturgill

    Why waste tax payer money arresting him when all that will be done is hold him for a few weeks and then set him free??? The laws need to be changed to protect citizens from frequent offenders. This POS is not going to change his ways.

  • This kid has a history of theft that goes back to when he was in 8 th & 9 th grade that they don’t mention here. I hope he gets the help he desperately needs. He needs to be punished for the things he’s done or it will definitely get worse!

  • “Damn give him the death penalty why don’t you” haha haters

  • Mike Rogers

    Grand theft and in possession of a loaded 9mm at 15 years old. With a felony conviction and seven arrests in less than a year. Unfreakinbelievable!! These are the felons I fear the most because they have no conscience or fear of repercussions. Not to mention the extreme fallout ( especially from mommy and daddy) to the poor slob who’s involved in a fatal shooting to guys like this protecting their life or property.

  • Y’all are talking about this kid but y’all don’t know how y’all kids are… some of y’all parents have kids that probably are worst..

  • Richard McCrary

    I wonder if the community has a voice in juvenile cases or procedures? Does anyone know how many juveniles remain at home after committing similar property felonies? Is it that the safety of the community is not the top priority in these escalating situations? Could it be that we can’t predict future violent behavior based on current antisocial attitudes and behavior?
    What is the law dealing with juveniles and how does the community effectively express concerns about violence and safety?

  • Ms Betty

    I am so sick and tired of these juveniles breaking laws, abusing law biding citizens and getting slapped on the wrists for it. This is a 15 yr old punk kid who has obviously never been held accountable for his actions. It’s past time for the parents be held responsible for their juvenile thugs. For the Parents who can’t or won’t control them then put their asses in jail for 6 months. This little punk needs to be taught respect. He needs to be severely reined in and held accountable.


    Hope the next article reads : 15 year old felon convicted of multiple felonies sentenced to 15 years in prison. Reward him for his deeds.

  • Charlie

    Get em out

  • Tim Boyle

    Let me guess.. DACA kid right?

  • It looks like God couldn’t decide on what race to make this guy so he said “fuck it, he’s all of them.”

  • PhDiva

    I have forwarded this case to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. BYE-BYE CARLOS. . .

  • He’ll grow out of it some day.🙄

    • Ms Betty

      Before or after he kills someone.