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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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    A federal appeals court Wednesday ruled that felons cannot be kept from voting simply because they failed to pay fines, fees, and restitution resulting from their cases. This ruling has angered Republican sheriff's across Florida, as felons typically vote Democrat. Julie...
    California Gov. Gavin Newsom, in a communist and politically motivated move, violated his oath of office and signed an unconstitutional law (Senate Bill 27) to prevent President Donald Trump's name from appearing on the 2020 ballot. Secretary of State Alex...
    The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, headed by Desmond Meade, a registered Democrat, has started the "Amendment 4 Fines and Fees Fund." The group has launched a program that will give felons...READ MORE.
    // Eleven more top laws for October 1, 2014. Some of the laws cover juvenile justice, concealed weapons, elected officers, and many other need to know topics. Some of these might affect you, your children, or help...