Woman beaten and strangled

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Philip Pettey

Ocala, Florida — On Tuesday, Ocala Police Officer Janette Cabrera responded to a 911 call in reference to a domestic disturbance.

When the officer arrived, she immediately saw a female, later identified as the victim, crying.

The victim yelled out, “He just beat the s**t out of me.” Officer Cabrera reported that the victim could barely walk and that she immediately called medics.

The suspect, Philip J. Pettey, 25, was still on the scene, and he was told by the officer to back away from the victim so the officer could evaluate the situation.

According to reports, Pettey was argumentative and verbally abusive toward the officer and the victim. Not taking any chances, Officer Cabrera called for backup.

Moments later, Ocala Police Officer Mark Crandall arrived and he and Officer Cabrera attempted to detain Pettey and place him in handcuffs.

Pettey immediately resisted the officers and pulled his arm away. Officer Crandall then pulled out his Taser and ordered Pettey to stop resisting.

Once he was handcuffed, Officer Cabrera turned her attention to the victim.

As the officer was speaking to the victim, Pettey began to tussle with Officer Crandall. He was stiffening his legs, pulling his body away from the officer, and would not walk toward Officer Crandall’s patrol car. Instead, Officer Cabrera stated that Pettey was trying to make his way back to the victim.

Both officers directed Pettey to the ground, at which time their body cameras were thrown from their uniforms. The officers then requested that their supervisor respond to the scene.

Once on the ground, Pettey stated that he would be cooperative.

While Officer Crandall held on to Pettey, Officer Cabrera walked ahead to open the door to her patrol car. That is when Pettey said, “Watch this.”

Pettey then broke away from Officer Crandall , ran toward Officer Crandall’s patrol car, jumped into the air, and landed on the hood. Pettey caused approximately $700 in damage.

Once the officers gained control of Pettey, they were able to talk with the victim.

The victim stated that when she attempted to pack her bags to leave her apartment, Pettey began to repeatedly punch her in the face.

She said that he threw her on the bed, placed his body on hers, placed his hands around her throat, and tried to strangle her. The victim told police that she could not breathe, but was able to fight and break away.

According to reports, the victim suffered multiple bruises to her ears (inside and out), right arm, right eye, and had scratches and swelling about her body.

Once inside the ambulance, paramedics had to remove a toe ring from the victim due to the swelling of her legs.

Pettey was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest (x3), Felony Domestic Battery with Strangulation, and Criminal Mischief-Damage to Property.

He is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.

The victim is still recovering from her injuries.

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  • HArry Ballzack

    Boy, this douche is a real tuff guy. Wish they would just let female cage fighters exact revenge on these wimps.

    • Kermit

      Don’t worry I’m sure he’s gonna get his butt hole beaten up in prison.

      • Shyanha

        Nah, the justice system will let him do it a few more times before deciding he has a real problem. I hope this gal has brothers and a father, or even a few rowdy pals, who will take care of the issue.

        • Everett Rossi

          I know the dude I’ve actually known him for a long time and this isn’t like him at all he’s never even been to jail until now…well the whole jumping on the hood of a cop car that’s him for sure but not the abuse

          • Sadly, you don’t know him as well as you think you do. He has a criminal background and someone even mentioned that above. And whether it is “like him” or not, he beat that poor woman, and deserves to rot in jail.

          • Shyanha

            The saying, “you never know,” could be applied here, then. A onetime friend of mine in high school molested a little girl he was babysitting. We had No idea he was capable of that. He seemed as normal as normal could be.

          • unknown

            Obviously u don’t know him at all.

          • Philip Pettey

            You are a true friend Everett thanks for always having my back. By the way call you stupid f****** that thank you know me all the charges were dropped she was lying her ass off and she fled and left the f****** County. I caught that lying bitch cheating on me. I was trying to build a life for us in a new place I came home from work early one day to catch her cheating on me. I flipped out and broke a lot of s*** but I didn’t hurt her.

          • Everett Rossi

            Just keeping it %100

  • urchittingme

    what a pussy

    • nohilderbeast2016

      haha, I was thinking the same thing..

  • wendi

    what a MAN! men like this have a history going back to childhood watching his dad abuse his mom I’ll bet! he needs help, but first lets help his victim!

    • cindermaggi

      He looks like a man!

    • unknown

      His dad never hit his mom. He did the same thing to me. He cant stand to lose anything… especially a girlfriend. That’s all I will say on the matter

  • Unknown

    He does have a history of abuse. She was the first one with the guts to do something about it. He was also arrested April 12th 2013 for B&E of an occupied home in Live Oak, FL.