Street racing could be cause of fatal crash in Marion Oaks

Troopers said that speed was definitely a factor

Ocala, Florida — The Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed that at least one person is dead following a tragic street racing accident that occurred in Marion Oaks.

The driver, Ethan J. Ruiz, 19, was airlifted to Ocala Regional Medical Center, and is listed in critical condition.

The female passenger, Charisma Francisco, 17, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Marion County Fire Rescue crews had to extricate both occupants from the vehicle.

According to troopers at the scene, Ruiz was Francisco’s uncle.

The accident happened on Marion Oaks Boulevard near Southwest 145th Place Road.

A preliminary investigation suggested that two vehicles, which were allegedly street racing, were traveling south on Marion Oaks Boulevard when Ruiz lost control of his blue Honda, veered off the road, and smashed into a concrete light pole. The impact snapped the pole in half, and nearly split the car into two pieces.

According to witnesses, the second vehicle fled the scene, however FHP has not been able to confirm those statements at this time.

Troopers said that speed was definitely a factor in the crash.

Francisco was in her junior year at West Port High School.

Troopers said that it is early in the investigation and more information would be released when it becomes available.

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  • Jerry3701

    This is a very tragic lost of life.This street racing is a problem in Marion Oaks.

  • janet

    This is terrible. Terrible lose of life. And street racing. Makes even worse. Scary I hear they doing stuff like this around. My daughter and I heard the crash from the park.

  • annoyed

    great, now every person with a performance car is going to be scrutinized because everyone is going to assume they “street race”

    • letstalktruth

      Really? That’s what you’re taking away from this?! You’re “annoyed” that people will be judged by the vehicle they own? What normal, educated people take away is the senselessness of the loss of life and how what seems to be reckless disregard for others has caused. If racing was a factor, as seems to be what the investigation is showing, then the facts speak for themselves. If people want to race, IN/ON WHATEVER VEHICLE, find a legal outlet for such desires. No one will ever convince me that in a residential neighborhood, during peak hours, near stores, a park and library was an intelligent choice ON ANY LEVEL! And what of the COWARD that left the scene? Yes, he or she should be brought to justice for their role in this horrible tragedy. A family has been forever broken and this poor child’s death should serve as a lesson to all about the safety issues and LAWS we all must follow when we are given our driving PRIVILEGES. Get over your annoyed self!

      • annoyed

        These children being ignorant with their vehicles does not mean me and my vehicles should be judged solely because it is a performance vehicle. And if you took the time to READ i didnt say anything about the law, with them calling out street racers now everyone that sees a nice car is going to freak because people are stupid and will think they are all “racers”. So if you dont like what i think, go fuck yourself

        • letstalktruth

          Oh you’re so eloquent. You ASSUME that EVERYONE will judge you by your car? I think you have a serious problem of finding your importance from an external locus. I have owned classic muscle cars (not 4 cylinder hot wheels with fart cans mind you) true machines. I don’t assume anything about you. To the contrary you have proven that you cannot express yourself without cursing and being hostile. Do you live in the Oaks? Do you realize the problem of aggressive driving, and yes “racing”? Most of my friends ride Harley’s and I don’t assume they or anyone else that does is a criminal. Yes the people that drive “performance” vehicles are setting a bad example. Agreed. My point was, had you read and comprehended the POINT was A GIRL DIED! This should be a teachable moment for everyone. Maybe you should have stated that you were concerned about the issue as an owner not whined about how you will be perceived. If you are so proud, pray tell…what do you drive?

    • Knif

      I don’t know one person with a fast car that doesn’t race the streets.

      • annoyed

        That sounds like a you problem

      • annoyed

        You probably dont know anyone with an actual fast car anyways

    • Carol


      • annoyed

        No ignoramus, it is not good

    • Carol


    • Ms Betty

      As well they should be. If you don’t “street race” you should have nothing to be concerned about.

  • kristen g

    Maybe this will be a wake up call to the “racing” though I highly doubt it. We were rudely awakened at 1:30 in the morning on April 3rd as 15 or more cars were “drifting” behind our house. They have tracks for this. The streets of Marion oaks is not designated as such

    • snoglydox

      What I find annoying is people who take the so called short-cut to avoid the intersection of Marion Oaks Blvd and Marion Oaks Ln. In the short-cut, you don’t save much in distance and the speed is ten mph lower, so it comes out about the same. In most situations, whenever I see someone take the short-cut and he/she comes out ahead, I know he/she was speeding…on the residential streets…where kids play, etc.

  • janet

    May God be with there families in tragity. My prayers goes out to them. Breaks my heart to hear of there loss. Such A Sad time.

  • nydelis

    thrif u dont know the facts dont talk this article is nonsense its sad alot of people believe it