Nurse shot in leg at hospital


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Law enforcement officials are currently investigating a shooting that occurred Saturday inside West Marion Community Hospital, located at 4600 SW 46th Ct, Ocala.

According to an inside source, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper brought in a man for evaluation after he called for help. Inside the hospital, the man allegedly became combative with a trooper and went for the trooper’s firearm.

The witness stated that during the struggle, the gun “went off” and a nurse was shot in the leg.

FHP Lieutenant Patrick Riordan said that there were three troopers involved in the struggle with the man.

The nurse was shot with the trooper’s gun, however it was not made clear who fired the shot. Lieutenant Riordan said the investigation is in its early stages and that, they do not know if the trooper’s gun had been discharged while in or out of the holster.

The shooter was taken into custody and transported to the Marion County Jail.

There was mention that the man was allegedly going to be baker acted, but that information has not been confirmed.

Ocala Post is waiting on FHP and the Ocala Police Department for further details in this investigation.

They did say that the nurse who was shot has non-life threatening injuries and is listed in stable condition.

Lieutenant Riordan said they will not be releasing any names at this time.

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  • Cherylann Wright

    Strange. Wonder how that happened. When Baker Acts are brought in by the police they are usually handcuffed to the bed or wheelchair and if its decided after they are brought in extra security is generally notified. Happy to hear the Nurse will be alright and no one else was hurt. It could have ended much worse.

    • Jennifer Deen

      Baker Acts are not criminals or under investigation. They do not need to be handcuffed to anything. They generally are watched by security so that they will not hurt themselves or anyone else. As it is described in the article, as vague as it is, there doesn’t appear to be a reason to have the man handcuffed. He was not listed as being combative prior to the incident. The Troopers appear to have been doing the right thing.

      • Cherylann Wright

        Guess things are different in Florida

  • Tax Watcher

    .Two incidents this week both where the criminals got the officers guns… I wonder if officers need more training. Just a thought. Banning firearms are not the answer because only outlaws would have the firearms………..
    Georgia escapees captured in TN after being held at gunpoint by homeowner…/georgia-prison-escapees-captured-in-tenn…/
    “Authorities say the two inmates overpowered and disarmed the officers on a bus”
    Nurse shot in leg at hospital
    By Ocala Post on June 17, 2017
    “The man allegedly became combative with the trooper and gained control of the trooper’s firearm. The witness stated that during the struggle, the man shot a nurse in the leg.”

  • urchittingme

    Not to make light of the situation, but if I got shot I would prefer it be inside the hospital also…Get well soon nurse person

  • Kermit

    Thank you Post for reporting on this. Tried to read it on the Star Blunder when I heard about it. I guess they feel they have a monopoly on local news and everyone should pay for it – emergent or not.

  • HilleryLostHAHAHAHA

    wow…Three troopers to get him under control.. I hope the nurse recovers quickly..