Mom and two sons arrested after their vehicle caught fire

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Ariana Seeder [left], Clint Seeders [middle], and Anthony Seeders
Ocala, Florida — A family was arrested after they accidentally set their Chevy truck on fire.

On Wednesday, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Walmart, located at 9570 Southwest Highway 200, after a store employee, Tim Cricketts, reported a vehicle fire.

Cricketts stated that citizens had alerted Walmart staff about the fire.

According to reports, one of the citizens opened the door to the truck and removed a white baby wipe container and shirt from the rear passenger seat that was on fire. The citizen then placed it on the ground and extinguished the fire by pouring water on it. The fire on the seat of the truck was also extinguished by the citizen.

That is when the Good Samaritans realized there were drugs in the vehicle and notified law enforcement.

After inspecting the baby wipe container, deputies discovered that the family had left synthetic marijuana burning while they were in the store.

Deputies then made contact with one of the suspects, Clint Seeders, who had been shopping in Walmart.

While searching the vehicle, deputies were also notified that two individuals that had been in the truck were watching from across the parking lot.

One of the deputies then summoned the suspects, later identified as Ariana and Anthony Seeders.

Deputies reported that they found 21 grams of synthetic marijuana inside the vehicle. Two grams of that was located in Ariana’s purse.

“One of my kids must have put that in my purse,” Ariana said.

The Seeders were arrested and charged with Felony Possession of Synthetic Marijuana.

Ariana was also charged with Introduction of Contraband into a Detention Facility (F).

Anthony and Clint were released on a $2,000 bond each, while Ariana was released on a $4,000 bond.

The actions of the Good Samaritans kept the fire from possibly spreading to other vehicles, or injuring others.

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  • nohilderbeast2016

    probably visiting Walmart to do some shoplifting….what a waste of oxygen…..

  • harry

    these synthetic substances are not good for human digestion. but there is nothing criminal about use of anything. if you do something while on it, pay the price


      Exactly. At the end of the day, you are only harming yourself. When you harm someone else or their possessions is when it’s time for incarceration.

  • Jerry3701

    Whats next

  • Tigahhhh!

    Really sad our jail and people that own any part of it. Fill there pockets with money from stupid crap like this!!! REALLY?? Isnt there a pedophile or someone with a violent crime that should be in jail in place of something like this? Fine them or put them to work in the community but jail?? Sad shit!


      I agree. There would be no such thing as synthetic marijuana if they legalized real marijuana already. Synthetic is illegal, real is illegal, but cigarettes and alcohol are perfectly fine smh.

  • urchittingme

    This family couldn’t scrape together one brain cell between them