Marion officials planning temporary ban on medical marijuana

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A temporary ban on medical marijuana could be possible

Marion County — On November 8, 2016, millions of Floridians exercised their right to vote to ensure that the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, or Amendment 2, passed.

Amendment 2 ballot summary

“Allows medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’ medical use of marijuana. The Department of Health shall register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes and shall issue identification cards to patients and caregivers. Applies only to Florida law. Does not immunize violations of federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana.”

This amendment passed on November 8, with a vote of 71.3% for, and 28.7% against.

Many counties in Florida had already prepared because officials knew there was a high probability the Amendment would receive more than enough votes.

Marion County, however, did not.

The day after the election, Marion County citizens contacted Ocala Post. Citizens stated that they had heard rumors, which lead them to believe Marion County would not recognize Amendment 2.

Ocala Post then questioned the Board Of County Commissioners to find out if the rumors were true.

As it turns out, on November 1, 2016, seven days before Amendment 2 was passed, the BOCC discussed a temporary ban on the Amendment.

In an e-mail to Ocala Post , Marion County Public Information Officer, Elaine DeIorio McClain, wrote,  “During a public hearing at the Nov. 1 BCC meeting, the commission discussed implementing a 180-day moratorium (ban) on new medical marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated Marion County.”

McClain said that the discussion would continue at a second BCC public hearing slated for November 15. The commission meeting will begin at 9 a.m. The public hearing will begin at 10 a.m.

“The temporary moratorium will enable the county to study zoning regulations for this new type of business,” McClain said.

Unlike other cities in Florida, Marion County officials have also refused to decriminalize marijuana.

We want to hear from you. What do you think about the “temporary ban?” Do you think commissioners should have planned in advance?

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  • harry

    passed by over 71% and 66% in marion county voted yes, so more proof they are NOT doing the will of the people

  • c21h30o2i

    Yes, of course, The County, Should have planned in advance. Any other Law passed, The County, Would have. This, is a medical, Law, and should be treated as such. To ban, this law, is to deny the right of the people. This is about Florida, Not Marion County.

    I trust, they will, get it together. As we know, They, are dragging their feet. If, the lackadaisical, commissioners, continue to ignore; this newly passed Law. I’m sure, a court, will soon, decide for them.

  • StarDustGoddess

    Yes theu should have prepared just like everyone else,that is part of there job! They live in a bubble here in ocala and probably believed it wouldn’t pass. Look how they refused to decriminalize it that shows they really have blinders on. My brother-in-law was pulled over while in a van(transporting the van to his shop,he was a mechanic) that he didn’t own. Mind you he has tattoos all over his arms. He had a many years ago charge for intent to sell I believe(he was innocent he didn’t know it was in the car while with a “friend”) an he did his time and it was in the past no problems. They found half a joint and locked him up they literally wanted to throw the book at him send him to jail for 8 years!!! He even peed for them over and over and he had nothing in his system at all cause it wasn’t his van or joint! They still put him in jail and put him on probation. Even during prob he still always peed clean! Fast forward……. he gets murdered in his house and the cops really didn’t do much. They didn’t even look for the bullet that killed him. They barely did an investigation we all know who it is but they can’t prove it so they say and I believe it’s because of being a criminal from pot they look at him and think it’s not that important. They really dropped the ball. His picture is at the Marion County Courthouse on the board of unsolved murders……. Its all BS its those damn “good Ol boys” of ocala! The officials, judges all need a good cleaning!!! Sorry for the ramble they need to just suck it up and go with the people!!! 😌 PS heard that same judge that convicted him of that half a joint was a judge that had several DUI’s SMH!

  • Jack Stackman

    For those reading the Ocala Post, please do not over react. The headline and article are misleading. The resolution ws to place an 180 day hold on issuing applications for a dispensary location. There was NO discussion of a ban.

    Begin watching the video at 100.00

    • criminaljustice2day

      Are you stupid, or just can’t read? What is the definition of moratorium? I e-mailed the BOCC, and that IS the word they used. So, go back to your political FB page and STFU.

      a temporary prohibition of an activity.
      “an indefinite moratorium on the use of drift nets”
      synonyms: embargo, ban, prohibition, suspension, postponement, stay, stoppage, halt, freeze, standstill, respite

  • Lisa Starostecki

    The people have spoken Marion county. STFU and fall in line as is YOUR JOB as elected officials. You are causing suffering to your citizens the longer you delay this. I hope you all get fired!!

  • Eric

    People who are suffering and need help asap shouldn’t have to wait longer because people don’t do their jobs. Its almost 2017 and marijuana is not the drug all these old people think it is. Its a medicine and much more get with the new way of life!!

  • criminaljustice2day

    Jack Stackman always thinking he knows it all.

    The headline is not misleading at all, and even though it is temporary, it is out of line. Most all of Florida was prepared, except Marion County.

    Definition of moratorium, which is the word the BOCC used when I personally e-mailed them.

    a temporary prohibition of an activity.
    “an indefinite moratorium on the use of drift nets”
    synonyms: embargo, ban, prohibition, suspension, postponement, stay, stoppage, halt, freeze, standstill, respite

    Therefore, the words “temporary ban” is absolutely correct. Do not listen to people who are not informed.

  • Sue

    It’s Marion County for Gods sake. Of course it’s going to take them longer to figure it out. They just aren’t as smart there. Cut them some slack, they just need time to catch up.

    • The Only One That Matters

      Catch up to what? It’s 2016, not 1916 and this is the Age of Enlightenment for a society with every answer known to mankind in the palm of your hand, knowledge is power and this county is being run by morons. I’ll be at this meeting, trust. Washington state saw a BILLION dollars in revenue for legalization last year. Instead of funding jails and BS crimes against the consumption of Gods own creation, it could fund an education and recreation for the children who have to grow up in this ungodly place.

  • alicia gonzalez

    who can I talk to or write to about this issue I’m a epileptic and I’m a on going to chemo patient as well that suffers on the daily bases people like me need this to live I have a 4 year old at home that is scared everyday that one seizure can be my last please let me know who I can write or talk to

    • Nancy Turner

      Ypu need to be at that hearing and speak out! This ammendment was passed for you! Let your voice be heard!

      • Tigahhhh!

        And THIS is exactly why it infuriates me that Marion County has decide to yet again drag their asses and do what THEY want… Forget what THE PEOPLE want and VOTE FOR!!! Absolute JOKE!!

    • JustDosIt

      From my understanding this temporary ban is only in regards to centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes. If you have a prescription or are seeking a prescription you should have no problem in Marion County, but may need to have the prescription filled in another county. Any criminal charge brought against you for possession in the state of Florida once you have been properly prescribed would be null and void and unenforceable under the present law.

  • Batman

    If it was an ammendant to reinstate slavery that would’ve been law today.

    • Jodi

      That’s just racist crap.



  • Tillman King

    The law has been passed so get with the program it’s a lot of us that need it for our pain

  • Samantha TheModel Roundtree

    I feel the reason why Marion county does not what to recognize the 2nd amendment or decriminalize marijuana is because that’s how they keep the jail and private prisons full and profitable! They probably feel like to many African Americans will get to use this harmless drug. Yet there’s a liquor store on every corner that’s selling a drug that cause thousands of deaths and accidents but yet is legal! They’re not trying to care for the elderly or show concern for the sick when studies have proven marijuana cures and relieves pain! They want to “properly zone” in other words place no where near the hood or where the minorities reside. Yet white business owners are open for business selling marijuana and making a great deal of money and its OK. But good ohh Marion County whether send you to jail. Marion County hasn’t done anything positive to support the youth nor the county. And they wonder why crime is high. Stuff like this and like when they tried to make a law to fine sagging of the pants. Shame on you Marion County!

    • discus sucks

      yeah because everyone knows only BLACK PEOPLE go to jail for cannabis…dumb ass white people go to jail to. does everything have to be racial??? stop the crap.

      • ThDevl

        Thank you! I’m really tired of being the white person that says it.

        • discus sucks

          And I feel like I’m the only white person saying it… then the black cultural experts like to put in their rebuttal which is just horse shit…

          Just damn legalize it already

      • Dan

        Actually unfortunately the stats show that black people are 4 times more likely to be arrested and jailed for marijuana possession than white people even though it’s used at a similar rate by both.

        • keith

          OK, but there is a difference between using marijuana and possessing it. You don’t get caught for possession in your home.

          • Dan

            It’s not illegal to uses marijuana, it’s illegal to possess it. That’s why when people take a drug test and it’s positive for marijuana they don’t get arrested.

          • harry

            unless there on probation, except Washington state corrections don’t

        • discus sucks

          Race war baiter often? Bullshit.

          • Dan

            I’m sorry if facts make you uncomfortable.

        • JustDosIt

          Your comment is very misleading. The real statistics show the when a law enforcement officer comes in contact with an individual in possession of marijuana they all go to jail regardless of race. The reason more black individuals are being charged is because they are the one walking around with it on the streets, in the schoolyards and lining the streets corners of most major cities. There is a huge difference in possession or usage and trafficking in which your statistics fall to show. Your statistics are flawed.

      • harry

        yes whites go to jail for cannabis, but only 4x less then minorities, even know theres 5x more whites in this country

  • Terry Albrecht

    Just gotta go to the BOCC on November 15. The commission meeting will begin at 9 a.m. The public hearing will begin at 10 a.m. Make your voice heard in person.

  • Popimp

    This is an example of marion County doing what they always do, implementation of the rules they see fit despite the constitution or the Democratic process. This is simply a way to keep the bullshit legal system around here making $$$$. The marion County jail is full of pot users and it is ridiculous! Rape a child, get 3 or 4 years in prison sell some weed and holy shit your the devil, 10 years. Shit possession of weed can get u 6 months to a year. UNBELIEVABLE! !!!!##

  • ThDevl

    ​ I was arrested in 2011 for the possession of cannabis that I had AND PRESENTED my

    prescription for. Unfortunately, the prescription was from another state and not honored in
    Florida. This resulted in me being convicted of a felony and sent to prison for 18 months.
    And now, with the passing of the medical marijuana laws, I am curious as to “What happens
    with ME?”. I am a hardworking, taxpaying citizen….. Yet I have no rights because of a
    conviction I wouldn’t get NOW if I had done the same exact thing. I
    have asked everybody I can contact about what happens
    with the rights of people like me and cant get a straight answer. Can SOMEONE help me? Please?

    • JustDosIt

      I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid your conviction will stand. The passage of amendment 2 is not retroactive, what this means to you is you committed your infraction at a point time when the law of the state of Florida considered it to be the illegal. You may find that because the laws have changed it may be much easier for you to have this offense’s suspense from your record after you have completed everything the courts have sentenced you to, if all else fails or you decide to do nothing your rights will still be returned to you five years after you have completed everything the courts has sentenced you to including probation or parole.. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I hope it helps.

    • Pro-Trump

      You got 18 months for a Lil medical Marijuana? There must be more to the story?

      • ThDevl

        Yeah, of course there’s more, but this is just a comment thread. I HAD to opt for a Violation of probation because they wouldn’t let me leave the state to go back home to my job and i was going to be homeless. My choice was 18mos prison over 36mos homelessness and most likely imprisonment anyway. They’d probably violate me for being homeless…. I lost everything. Florida got me pretty good.

        • discus sucks

          Dude that’s fked. I’m sorry. I’m not thrilled with amend 2 but I voted yes. I am about 60 days from living in my van. I get being homeless. It won’t be my first time. I’m a total loss.

        • harry

          you were smart to do it that way if you were in marion county, there probation dept has only 1 goal. to violate your probation and throw in jail for 2 months until you get in front of judge to let them out. most probation depts try to help people become productive members of society.

    • discus sucks

      Call John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan in orlando. He was the funding behind the amendment 2 and is a lawyer

  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    😂😂 I forgot how racist and closed minded my hometown is!! Good thing I got out as soon as I could!!

  • Chadbrochills

    These idiots already put a moratorium on MM businesses back in 2015. Why weren’t these “zoning studies” done back then. So sick of our BoCC thinking they know what’s best for grown adults.

  • This is insane. Marion County you knew this was going to pass. Get your act together. We the People have spoken and if you don’t abide by the new Amendment YOU will lose tax dollars because many of us patients will MOVE out of Marion County!!!! I need this medicine as do many others and we will not stand for YOUR SELFISHNESS.

    • I was hit by a drunk driver in Marion County a year and a half ago. The drunk served ONE night in jail while I am suffering for the rest of my life!!! I just had a neck fusion surgery on November 9th Wednesday. And still NEED more surgeries. You want to keep a medicinal plant from us but continue to allow drunk drivers on our streets!!!! Omg I will fight you Marion County to the end on this!!!!

  • Dan

    Are we surprised? Every commissioner on the board is conservative.

  • Joe Henne

    Elaine DeIorio McClain says she’s sorry she was wrong she was high at the time.

  • Jodi

    Yeah, Marion County should have been prepard, but it’s only a moratorium on NEW dispensaries. Florida already had laws allowing medical marijuana usage for certain conditions; this just broadened them and put them in the constitution. This doesn’t affect a person’s ability to get a Rx for MM, only where they can buy it for now. So saying it is because Marion County wants to keep more people in jail is just ignorant.

  • J

    Unfortunately Marion County has to come to understand the times are changing and that now that the bill has passed it is not only for the state of Florida it is going to be for the entire United States soon so Marion County get with the times stop being slow and letting the rest of the world pass you by

  • Rich Eubanks

    I’m sure these God-fearing, right-wing, In-God-They-Trust, representatives will need a lot of time to pray on it. ‘Their’ God forbid they listen to us voters!

  • Where is this meeting for the public being held at on Tuesday morning November 15th at 9 and 10 a.m.??? The public needs to know so we can attend. Please someone contact me ASAP with the info through Facebook or by calling me at 352-470-7352.

  • Tigahhhh!

    A public meeting that none of the public knew about or even heard? The ONLY reason they didnt do their homework or try to even remotely be prepared is they KNEW they would pass this ban. For WHAT?? MONEY, that’s what! Its sickening that they are so concerned with the revenue they get from this remaining illegal they disregard what the people have voted for all while continuing to let sick dying children and anyone else that would benefit from it suffer in the process of lining their pockets. Just one more gross example of how this county has been ran for more than 50 years!! This not being accepted and remaining the same DAMN sure hasnt EVER benefited the schools, the kids or anything else other than the jail, the owners of the jail, maybe some bondsman ,and of course as usual the “GOOD OLE BOYS”!!. I’d like to know just how much of the public was at this ” public known meeting to discuss this ban” And where was it posted so people could go and be apart of what was voted in to OUR COUNTY. Anyone that is benefiting from this and is against it, knowing the benefits, has blood on their hands and it is beyond me how they can sleep at night. The children with debilitating seizures and brain tumors or dying cancer patients that lay in pain because of their greed and the 1950’s mentality is asinine!! GET WITH IT MARION COUNTY.. the PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!! This in no way benefits the “pothead” as they WILL remain potheads with or without any ones approval!! The “Officials in Marion county” have let greed dictate the absence of what is RIGHT!! Next time they decide to pass a ban on something that 71% of THE PEOPLE vote YES for….WE THE PEOPLE deserves to know and be aware of any meetings or decisions in plenty of time to go and BE HEARD! Chalk up another ridiculous move by MORAN COUNTY!! GET IT TOGETHER ALREADY!! NO more “oh well its Marion County what do you expect”. WE THE PEOPLE are sick of IT ALL!

  • Darlene Elaine Harward Marzial

    With so little information in this article Its difficult to post my comment, that being said.

    Marion County has known about this possibly becoming a state law for years. Officials have certainly had enough time to prepare.
    Why they have not done so and how they will address obvious short comings should be addressed before ANY ban.
    I find this lack of preparation embarrassing.
    Get it together Marion County!

  • Prettyeyes

    I’m sick of the race card DAMN!!!!!!!