Marion County Noise Ordinance will now be enforced

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Marion County — Press Release — The Marion County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, June 16, adopted an ordinance that will address concerns related to noise and vibration control.

Following citizen input and workshops held on March 24, 2015, and May 19, 2015, the commission directed staff to schedule and prepare an amendment to Marion County Code Chapter 13, Noise and Vibration Control, typically referred to as the Marion County Noise Ordinance. The Board unanimously approved those changes following a public hearing during their regularly-scheduled meeting.

The amendments include adding the use of the “plainly audible” test and providing both code enforcement and law enforcement officers the ability to enforce, among others. “Plainly audible” means any sound that can be clearly heard by an officer using his normal hearing faculties without enhancement by any device, such as a microphone or hearing aid.

The County Commission said they had been receiving an increasing number of complaints from citizens in residential areas regarding noise disturbances, mostly related to loud music. Former sound measurement and enforcement procedures limited county code enforcement officers’ ability to provide relief to those.

“These are very positive changes for Code Enforcement officers, as well as law enforcement,” Marion County Growth Services Director Sam Martsolf said. “They will now have the tools needed to help citizens who are experiencing disturbances of their peace and quiet in residential areas across Marion County.”

A violation of section 13-910 shall be punished as provided in section 2-211 of the Marion County Code, as it may be amended.

A person who has been issued a citation shall be subject to a civil penalty.

Penalties are as follows:

  • For the first violation, a warning to eliminate or abate the violation within a reasonable time.
  • For the second violation, by a civil penalty of $100.00.
  • For third and subsequent violations, by a civil penalty of $500.00.

The City of Ocala has its own ordinance.

For Ocala, the penalties are as follows:

  • Punishable by a fine not exceeding $500.00 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 60 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Each day any violation of any provision of this Code or of any ordinance shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.

Ocala Police Officers have been known to write citations for noise ordinance violations.

The changes to the Marion County Noise Ordinance make it easier for Marion County Sheriff’s deputies to enforce the ordinance as well.

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  • traceydbest

    this sounds like my crazy neighbor he wont let me play my music for 5 minutes a day but he sits on his porch blasting gospel all day long bunch of hypocrites if you ask me just a bunch of no life old folks got together as the no fun police and took action like damn power rangers lmbo!

  • S’task Akaar

    More government tyranny intruding on Constitutional freedoms. If it’s too loud, you’re too old. m/

  • Tyler Kelley

    Welcome to america..where they decide how loud we can be as a people.

    • Laura

      When someone’s noise invades your home and private space, something must be done. Currently, that noise is coming from a quarter mile away. How is that person’s freedom more important than mine in my own home?

  • traceydbest

    heck I #aintloud yet lol wait til next upgrade lol

  • harry

    looks like all the local bands practicing will end up with fines. but the most disgusting thing is you can go to jail for making noise, that’s so un-American

  • A320tech

    EXCELLENT! Maybe now it simply takes the likes of an ordinance and law enforcement to get the attention of people…who were NEVER taught the likes of courtesy and common decency by their parents. Because, and referring to the string of clueless young pukes who have commented in the very post…”IT’S ALL ABOUT “ME!” Well, young pukes of America…NO IT ISN’T! Best to GRASP that concept NOW! FREE AMERICA is FED UP with the perpetual CRAPPOLA you dish out…in the name of “FREE SPEECH!”

  • Karen Coakley Bagent

    I don’t care if the neighbors play their music loud .. I know I do when I’m outside cleaning my car. But I do care when it’s midnight and I’m in bed asleep. But where I live the Sheriff doesn’t do much unless someone has a warrant.

  • freedom fighter

    And who gets to decide if something’s too loud or not? Blair and his thugs?

  • Tim Hubert

    B.s. I work full time I live in county in a 40 complex mobile home I bought my trailer out right I have got neighbours that don’t work for the last 3 years they partied till 5 in the morning and slept in all day they’re spinning out their cars thrown beer bottles and fist fighting until now there was nothing I can do about it

  • Paddle Holic

    The problem with “not while I’m trying to sleep” is People who work nights sleep during the day so when can You play music loud? But using “Free speech” as an excuse to annoy Your Neighbors is nonsense as well. If You want to be loud insulate Your house so others are not disturbed. Or move out to the country where others can’t hear it. Of course the real problem for most of the complainers is not the volume of the music but the content and the Bass that vibrates.

  • Shelly

    Especially those ugly little cars with booming mufflers and close lines on the back of their junk. They sound like air boats. Marion Country Fl law enforcement really needs to get busy!