Grocery store opening another location in Ocala, now hiring

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Ocala, Florida — Good news for those who shop at ALDI.

ALDI is opening a new store in Ocala. The new store will be located on State Road 200, near On Top of the World.

Dave Rinaldo, ALDI Haines City Division Vice President, said, “We anticipate that the upcoming ALDI store location in Ocala will open this winter. We’re looking forward to serving the community and will share more details regarding the Grand Opening once available.”

From time to time, ALDI hosts in-person hiring events to hire for its stores.

Scheduled hiring events:

  • August 18, 2016, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and August 18, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Location: College of Central Florida – Ewers Century Center – Klein Center A- 3001 Southwest College Road, 34471.

Job seeking readers can also visit the ALDI website – – to find out the latest hiring event information near them.

Rinaldo said that ALDI streamlines its approach to staffing, creating cost-saving efficiencies that are passed onto customers.

Customers save an average of 50 percent on their groceries.

Each store employs approximately 10 to 20 people.

“As an employer of choice, ALDI has a strong track record of paying our employees market-leading wages and offering them benefits well above minimum wage requirements. In fact, we offer our employees generous compensation that is higher than other grocery retailers in the market. Part-time staff working at least 25 hours per week also receive full health insurance benefits and dental coverage, and all ALDI employees are invited to participate in our 401(k) program,” said Rinaldo.

Available positions will vary based on the needs of the individual store, and the pay scale is based on the available position itself.

More information will be released as the Grand Opening date approaches.

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  • Karen M

    are you kidding me? another Aldi’s ? I have been in their stores and we have two within 5 miles of each other in my zip code! I have gone usually to pick up something I saw in their ad, and to this day I have not left the store with a purchase! they are always very limited on the item, and it’s usually seasonal items that catch my eye,! you would think they would purchase ‘enough’ to warrant a newspaper ad wouldn’t you? But this has happened over and over again. The inconvenience of having to be sure to carry a ‘quarter’ with you in order to gain the privilege of using their shopping carts is enough to keep me away, but we have also been disappointed when we decide to make the ‘best of the trip’ and shop the store for other ‘goods’ that they brag about the in their ad as being the “lowest prices in town” but in reality I saw mostly ‘off the wall brands’ ! If I wanted ‘mystery’ label foods, I would shop the local ‘day old’ stores! Every time we have gone we walk out empty handed, swearing we will never go again! We can’t believe Ocala is adding another store, when we can’t even get a COSTCO, or similar stores that can give SAMSCLUB a run for it’s money! competition lowers prices!

    • Ms Betty

      You have 2 stores, go on Wednesday when the sale starts and you’ll get whatever it is that you want from one store or the other. Don’t wait 3-4- days, Their prices are too good to hesitate,
      Most people usually have a quarter for the shopping cart. I think that paying to use the cart is a wonderful idea because the parking lot is not loaded with empty carts that roll and damage vehicles.
      Check out those “off the wall brands”, you just might be pleasantly surprised, I know I was.
      You know on second thought, you seem to be a very unhappy person Karen, maybe Walmart is more to your liking, by all means stay with what you are comfortable with.

      • Karen M

        actually I shop only at Publix, I assure you we like clean stores (I forgot to mention that our Aldi’s has a smell that’s hard to describe, kind of like a butcher’s shop!) but you are correct if I DO decide to make the effort (and remember to bring my quarter!) for a ‘seasonal item’ I will try to time it better! BTW I do shop at SamsClub, but Walmart makes me cringe’!

        • Jim Russell

          People who shop Aldi’s know that their brands are equal to or better than the “name brands” and cost considerably less. The “inconvenience” of carrying a quarter, as difficult as that may be for you, allows you to use the shopping cart and, when you return the cart to the rack, gives you back your quarter, which you will then have to inconveniently carry with you again until the next time. I know that will be a hardship for you but it helps keep the costs down because they don’t have to have people running through their parking lots retrieving shopping carts. At Aldi’s, you won’t find shopping carts abandoned in the middle of parking places by lazy shoppers so the chance of your car being damaged by an errant cart is zero. But hey, we don’t want to inconvenience you, so please continue shopping where you shop. You don’t really fit the mold as an Aldi shopper anyway.

  • spanky

    old news

    • Itsabouttime

      Maybe for you. I have not heard anything about it. So, glad they did a story on it.

  • Ms Betty

    YEA!!!!!!! Go Aldi……