Food stamp purchase leads troopers to felony battery / hit and run suspects

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Cody Boggs-Jennings [left], Lacyann Barnes [center], and Albert Barnes
Summerfield, Florida — The Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrested three people who had outstanding warrants, following a Florida Highway Patrol investigation.

It all started on May 11, 2015, when Trooper C. Powers was dispatched to a Hit and Run crash on Southeast 112 Court Road and Southeast 176th Place Road.

When the trooper arrived on the scene, he made contact with the crash victim, Joseph Froman, 75.

Froman stated that as he was pulling out of his subdivision, a blue minivan ran a stop sign and struck his vehicle.

As Froman exited his vehicle, three individuals, later identified as Cody E. Boggs-Jennings, 20, his wife Lacyann Barnes, 21, and her father Albert Barnes, 44, exited the minivan.

According to reports, immediately after the trio exited the van, they began verbally attacking Froman. When Froman asked for their insurance information, Albert shoved Froman twice. Froman then fell backward into his vehicle, which caused a 10×10 inch dent in the driver’s side door.

Lacyann, who is pregnant, then pulled a glass Pepsi bottle from inside the van and threw it at Froman. The glass bottle struck Froman’s foot and shattered.

A witness stated that the trio continued to batter Froman and that Lacyann was acting “chaotically and aggressive” toward Froman.

According to the witness, Cody had to pick Lacyann up and carry her back to the minivan.

They then removed the license place from the back of the van and fled the scene.

There was also a small child with them during the altercation.

Trooper Powers reported that Froman was visibly distraught and shaken up over the incident.

The trooper stated that he used surveillance video from the Summerfield Walmart and discovered that they had purchased items using a food stamp card.

According to reports, a subpoena was obtained and served to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) on May 20.

DCF was then required to provide an address to the trooper by using the last four numbers of the food stamp card.

When the trooper arrived at the residence, he reported that he had been there before in reference to another vehicle assault.

During questioning, all three suspects denied striking Froman. They also denied removing the license plate from their van.

Lacyann told the trooper that she was not throwing the Pepsi bottle at Froman. Instead, she stated she was “throwing it at the ground.”

The suspects told the trooper that Froman attacked them. However, they were unaware that the trooper had obtained witness statements.

Albert told the trooper that he had discussed the incident with a female Sumter County sheriff’s deputy, but records showed that a female deputy was not on duty in the area where Albert stated the conversation had taken place.

Cody stated that he didn’t remember anything because there was so much chaos on the day of the incident.

The trooper reported, “Based on the witnesses’ statements, the fact that the suspects fled the scene and did not report the accident, and because they tried to conceal the crime and their identities by removing the license plate from the vehicle, there was sufficient evidence to obtain warrants for an arrest.”

On June 20, Lacyann, Cody, and Albert were arrested and charged with Felony Battery on a Person Older than 65 Years of Age.

All three were released from jail on a $2,000 bond each.

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  • jenn

    Government dependent white trash and they are procreating…GREAT!

  • Heather Leigh Moore

    Yep, that’s about as white trash as it gets!

    • Lacyann barnes

      Lmao heather the only thing you think you have on me is this post and you don’t know the true story only what you read on here and secondly scared naw not one bit because I know my side of the story and you can keep trying to think your making me look lo l Ike a bad person and a bad mom but it’s only to you and you friends who don’t know shit about me or my family lmao if you think the so called family of mine you talk to know me or my life because they don’t and never will if I have so much dirty laundry go head and air it out because I’m just gonna sit back and laugh at all the lies you were told and believe because my own brothers don’t know anything about me either but you go ahead and say we hurt more people keep it coming honey because we’re just sitting here laughing at how much you think you know us hah and I think you need a dictionary on slandering honey because everything that you think you know about the law is wrong I can get yall for slandering and we sure are going to and prove to me how were the ones stalking yall when we share one car and we all three have alibis cody and my dad both work 40hrsl jobs and their bosses can prove that just like my landlord is mine because I’m a stay at home mom and my landlords my neighbor and what family did I tell to come down here and kick your ass? And why would I ask someone to do it? I think yall are the brainwashed ones and I’m not playing innocent I AM INNOCENT!

      • Jennifer

        If you all were innocent then why remove the license plate from the vehicle or a better question is why flee the scene and not make a police report like any law abiding citizen would. One thing more, this is all public information. Slander or defamation of character is generally based on something that cannot be proven.

        • Lacyann barnes

          Well if you weren’t dustin bosses wife you wouldn’t be involved with this whole situation and you are the one that sent my dad a friends request to try to get info that you don’t need and you are the one making comments about all of us and you no absolutely nothing about any of us and wanna take sides with no info and slander has been made by these other people that you make your comments to and you should check your law on slander when you make a false statement about someone whom you have never met or know anything about except rumors that another person is telling and we have plenty of things to file slander charges on several people and we have plenty of proof of who said what before it is deleted from the Internet so if you wanna get involved and folow behind everyone else that’s your choice but there are plenty of thing several people have said and done to us since October of 2014 and we are going to proceed with the slander and defamation charges because we are tired of being threatened and watched at our home

          • Heather Leigh Moore

            Like I said, your empty threats of slander charges are just that, empty because there’s a difference between slander, libel and freedom of speech. Read up!

        • Heather Leigh Moore


      • Heather Leigh Moore

        It’s not even considered slander if it’s not verbally said on TV, on the radio or in person to a large group of people for example. Statements online are considered libel, you cannot go to jail for that either lol. But you can for what you did to that old man. Also, it’s way more than your brothers that have told me things and people who aren’t your family as well. Think what you want but we know what’s up. Happy 4th of July, silly criminals!

  • Randy Morris

    My brother in law knows some folks who was unfortunate enough to live not far from this gang a few years back. According to him there was one kid being held in a cage and the neighbor’s called DCF. They said DCF had been to the home dozen’s of times on other complaints and claimed they couldn’t find the kid. The neighbor’s said the kid’s family tree didn’t fork! Then later they found out the reason DCF was looking the other way was because a deputy sheriff was playing tootsie with the baby moma too. They also said she had to search long and hard to find this idiot Cody who is apparently just as nuts as her daddy is. They won’t do anything with them, they have been doing this stuff for years and getting away with it. Good for this victim that he was lucky enough to get a good FHP Trooper that went to the trouble to solve this case and make the arrests. Lacyann is not showing up as having been arrested in the Marion Jail. The deputy that was “seeing” her was transferred to the jail and later supposedly fired for tampering with a female inmate, but she probably made other jailer friends in her dealings with him. The state attorney will probably drop these charges and they’ll keep doing this until they commit the ultimate crime, then maybe they’ll send them off to the FDOC private prison system where the taxpayers will pay CCA or The Geo Group $20 thousand a year plus medical expenses to house them – that would be a better taxpayer investment on this gang than their food stamp cards are! At least the public would be safe from this “pa Barnes gang.”

    • Jennifer


  • Lacyann barnes

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    • Heather Leigh Moore

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      • Jennifer

        Any good lawyer would also tell them not to discuss the case on a public forum. Avaliable to all,including the victims family.

        • Heather Leigh Moore

          Lol exactly!

          • Mariah Yates

            the police also monitor these

    • Jefferson Davis

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