Firefighter who drove around stopped school bus will be ticketed

[Video courtesy of Shannon Guinther]

Ocala, Florida — On the morning of August 20, while waiting at the bus stop with his son, Shannon Guinther recorded a video of an impatient man driving around a school bus that had just boarded children in the 4000 block of 314A at Northeast 38th Lane Road. The bus’s stop arm was still deployed. The street is also a no passing zone.

As the man in the SUV drove by, parents began expressing their frustration toward the man.

The man, apparently referring to the school bus, replied, “If you all had a job, you wouldn’t f***ing need it.”

He then drove off as if nothing happened.

Guinther called the Marion County Sheriff’s Office from the scene, however, MCSO said that they could not do anything because they did not witness the incident.

At approximately 10 p.m., on the same day, following outrage from multiple parents, MCSO responded to Guinther’s home and took a written statement from him. MCSO also interviewed other parents present during the incident.

On August 21, MCSO stated that it was not a deputy, but rather the communications center that told Guinther that there was nothing that could be done about the driver going around the bus.

Tuesday, MCSO told Guinther that because of the video evidence, which allowed deputies to positively identify the driver as Marion County firefighter, Lieutenant Steve Maculewicz, he will be issued a moving citation.

The MCSO later confirmed that Maculewicz received a citation for Driving Around a Stopped School bus, which will cost him $271.00 and four points on his license.

Guinther will keep the original copy of the video on his cell phone in case Maculewicz attempts to fight the citation in court.

However, Maculewicz told the MCSO that he would not contest the citation in court, but he might enroll in a driver improvement course to have the points removed from his license.

From the beginning, parents have maintained that a citation would not be punishment enough, and have demanded Maculewicz be terminated from his position as a firefighter.

MCFR is still investigating.

You can read the original article here.

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  • PhDiva

    Perhaps the good lieutenant will finally digest that it is not only law enforcement who are “held to a higher standard”, but ALL “first responders”…or you have NO business being in the business. Did the good lieutenant have “absolute safety of the children” in mind?? Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT…….

  • Bill Turner

    Justice! Now it isn’t illegal for being ignorant although many think it should be but that should be enough for this fool other than now showing people that maybe he has learned to obey the law and think before opening your mouth to spew your ignorance. smile emoticon I may recommend he reads Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

  • PhDiva

    In defense of the good lieutenant, isn’t the 4000 block of CR314A located in the Ocala National Forest adjacent to an area locally known as Hog Valley, the only area in the United States where “first responders” deem themselves above the law??

    • Shannon Guinther

      Hog Valley is off of 316 near Eureka. A good 7-10 miles as the crow flies.

      • PhDiva

        Thank you Shannon for the clarification. I was making a tongue in cheek observation of The Forest in general, where local members of the “good ol’ boys club” who you a stuck with as first responders ply their trade—as you personally witnessed that morning. Thank you also for pushing this…you may just have saved some family from the tragedy of losing a child in the future. You are the truly courageous one–NOT the p.o.s. “first responder” who passed the school bus…….

      • urchittingme

        Is that really you miss potty mouth?

        • Shannon Guinther

          Miss potty mouth can be in two places at once. She placed the cellphone on a self rotating tripod while running out to confront the driver. No. If you seen my picture and everything else from Fox35 to Channel 20, you would know I’m a guy and hold no sway over space and time.

  • Dennis

    Yes he should be ticketed, and terminated, he is supposed to set an example!!!!

    • Shyanha

      Ticketed, yes. Terminated? Pah! Half of Marion County would be unemployed if employees were cut loose for being jackasses on the road. A ticket is the right amount of punishment for this situation – that’s exactly the point of traffic citations. We can’t draw and quarter folks for being jerks – though I’d like to sometimes.

      As an aside – school buses should pick up children and move along. Too often traffic is held up by parents wanting to chit chat with the bus driver or say a long drawn out farewell to their child. Load ’em up, tote ’em off!

      • Shannon Guinther

        “Guinther told deputies the bus was stopped in the southbound lane as
        children boarded. The stops were taking much longer than usual, he said,
        because the driver was checking students’ wrist bands.” It’s a practice Marion County School uses to make sure the kids are getting to and from school on the right bus and to make sure they are all accounted for. Now they do grab/drop and go.

        • Shyanha

          Where was the quote printed / published? I don’t see it in this article nor the original. Thank you for sharing.

          If he can get a citation based on this video I wonder how much money MCSO could glean from my dashboard cam . . . . I’ve got stop sign runners, no passing zone violators, failures to yield, red light runners, speeders, . . . all with the license plate being legible.

          • Shannon Guinther

            That particular quote was pulled from the original article. The link is at the bottom of this one.

  • PhDiva

    It’s been confirmed—the firefighter is A.K.A. Doc Bokak. . . . . . .