Donald Trump to visit Ocala, tickets available

donald trump, ocala, donald trump coming to ocala
Donald Trump coming to Ocala

[Last updated on October 6, 2016, at 8:02 p.m.]

Ocala, Florida — Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump plans to visit Ocala.

According to Southeastern Livestock Pavilion manager, Denise Alexander, Trump is scheduled to be in Ocala on October 12.

He will address the citizens of Ocala from the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion, located at 2232 NE Jacksonville Road, Ocala.

According Trump’s website, he should be in Ocala for 12 p.m.

If you would like to attend the rally, you can reserve your free tickets here.

Stay tuned to Ocala Post for further updates.

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  • criminaljustice2day

    These thugs seem to forget that Ocala is not a gun-free zone. Legal permit holders outnumber these criminals and the police. This FB post just shows the mentality of Hillary followers.

    • Karen M

      some of those posts sound like threats, you better watch it !

  • c21h30o2i

    TRUMP PENCE 2016 Crooked Hillary LOCK her and the rapist up! Cya in Ocala TRUMP!!

    • Jeansees

      trump court ordered today to go to court for rape of 13 year old.. wake up…nov 28 5000 people want him charged with FRAUD.

  • Jeansees


    • RepyFor U

      Don’t worry Hillary will have Millions and Millions of

      Illegals moving to you town real soon

      • Jeansees

        children being injured I welcome that need help.

  • c21h30o2i

    You madam, are a lost soul!!

  • JustDosIt

    People of Florida please don’t forget to get out and vote. Remember to vote NO on amendment 1. This amendment was put forth by the power companies at a cost of millions of dollars, to protect their interest in the sales of energy. While it was crafted and worded to appear to give you the constitutional right to use solar energy on your property, what it actually does is prevent those who have invested in solar energy from selling their excess energy back to the grid. You are not subsidizing them and it will not cost you a thing it just requires the energy company to pay for the energy solar users are producing. Please do your research on this and vote wisely.