Obama: 'America back' after recession, but wage inequality 'morally wrong'


Obama: 'America back' after recession, but wage inequality 'morally wrong'
(CNN) — The great budget battle of 2013 began in earnest Wednesday with President Barack Obama using two speeches in the Midwest to push his economic fairness message in the face of Republican demands for more sharp spending cuts. Confronting …
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Obama Takes a Walk in the Clouds
“He's focused on the economy. He's not focused on pretend scandals.” — White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today on MSNBC. President Obama thinks top earners should pay more in taxes and that the proceeds should be used for domestic spending.
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NCAA champion Louisville visits Obama bearing gifts
Obama honored the national champion Cardinals men's basketball team in the East Room of the White House, and Louisville coach Rick Pitino presented the president with a personalized No. 1 basketball jersey as well as a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.
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