Juror B29 From The Zimmerman Trial Manipulated By ABC NEWS


ABC news is being accused of manipulating juror B29. ABC edited the video from an interview with juror B29, (the only [nonwhite] juror that served on the panel) after she broke her silence for the first time. Whether intentional or not the video was cut and spliced to make juror B29’s statements more damning than what they actually were, completely taking them out of context. ABC misrepresented the video, making it appear as if juror B29 was completely against the not guilty verdict that was handed down to George Zimmerman earlier this month.

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When Maddy (juror B29) broke her silence, Al Sharpton, MSNBC, and many of their “followers” used the video as ammunition against Zimmerman. Stating that the video is proof that Zimmerman got away with murder. Completely disregarding the fact that the video was spliced together with bits and pieces of Maddy’s statements, MSNBC guests and followers have lashed out against the juror. Al Sharpton turned this trial into a circus from the beginning, this video just gives him more fuel at the expense of the juror.

Jurors are supposed to be protected, it is supposed to be an honor to be called for jury duty. You can be jailed if you fail to report for jury duty when summonsed. Al Sharpton, MSNBC, Trayvon’s parents, and their attorney need to take a step back. They need to stop making this a race issue. Death threats are being made toward jurors and Al Sharpton is just adding to the problem, not making it better.

Maddy did not focus on race, she stayed focused on the evidence in the case. She said, “I never looked at color and I still don’t look at color.” When asked if she felt this case should have gone to trial she replied, “I don’t think so, I felt like it was a publicity stunt.”


Did ABC edit the video? If so, will ABC face the consequences? ABC has yet to release the raw unedited video or transcripts of the interview.

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Watch both videos, notice how they have been cut and spliced! This bottom video is completely taken out of context. ABC was even sure to throw Obama into the mix, completely inappropriate.

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