Marines Urinated On Terrorists – Court-Martialed

Marines urinating on bodies - Ocala Post
Marines Urinating On Bodies [screen shot]
A Sergeant of the U.S. Marine Corp. has been demoted after a video was put on YouTube of him urinating on Afghan corpses.

Sgt. Robert W. Richards of Seminole, FL pleaded guilty at a Court-Martial on Wednesday at Camp Lejeune.



This comes after a YouTube video of the Marine Corp Sniper in full combat gear of him urinating on three corpses of Taliban fighters back in July of 2011 surfaced.

Spokesperson for the Marine Corp, Col. Sean Gibson says “Richards was tried and reduced one rank down to Corporal over the incident.”

Richards faced other charges as well, including ‘dereliction of duty’, which is a specific offense under United States Code Title 10,892. Article 92 and applies to all branches of the US military and violating orders.

According to prosecutors, Richards was the one who filmed himself and others urinating on the corpses and as a result of that video eight other Marines have also been punished by way of Court-Martial or administrative punishments.


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