From the Editor: Ocala Post will not back down due to threats

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Ocala, Florida — Ocala Post recently received several e-mails and Facebook messages from individuals complaining about the names and photos of juvenile criminals, drug dealers, and a recently arrested business owner, being used in some of Ocala Post’s recent articles.

One Facebook message called an article slander, defamation of character, and made mention that it was causing “pain and suffering.” An e-mail also asked; “WYA?” Which is street slang for “where you at.” A common phrase used by criminals and wannabe gangsters when they intend to inflict harm upon another person.

Oddly enough, one e-mail even accused an Ocala Post article of fueling an arrestee’s drug addiction.

Some of the threats have included lawsuits, burning Ocala Post to the ground, and, in so many words, the loss of life.

This is not the first time Ocala Post has dealt with these types of issues.


It is not only absurd, but also very unlikely that Ocala Post contributed to an individual’s drug addiction.

In order for an article to be considered slander or defamation of character, the contents of the article would need to be false.

Ocala Post will stop printing names in articles, and stop using photos, when criminals stop breaking the law. As long as Freedom of the Press is protected by the United States Constitution, and Florida allows the press access to public records, Ocala Post will continue to print the names and photos of criminals in all articles. Ocala Post staff are instructed not to leave out any details from official reports, unlike other media outlets. And Ocala Post always strives for accuracy.

Marion County residents have an absolute right to know who is living next door.

As a reminder, per Florida State Statute 985.04(2), information about and photos of juveniles charged with a felony (or three or more misdemeanors) is public record. Juveniles are required to be protected if they are victims of a crime.

And, contrary to popular belief, Baker Acts are not exempt from public record laws. Any Baker Act initiated by a law enforcement official is public record and does not become part of a medical file, hence why they are listed on the Clerk of the Court website.  Attorney General Pam Bondi has made it clear that the only time a Baker Act is exempt from public record is if the Baker Act was initiated by a medical facility. Baker Acts initiated from a clinic within a jail or prison are also exempt from public record and become part of the inmate’s medical file.

Attorney General Pam Bondi has been very clear on this ruling.

If you do not wish to have your child’s name or photo published on Ocala Post, perhaps you as the parent should be more aware of your child’s behavioral problems and know their whereabouts at 2 a.m.

Also, claiming that your child has good grades and good classroom behavior does not mean your child is not felon material outside of the classroom. Statistics show that serious disrespect outside of the classroom toward others, abuse toward animals, or sex crimes against another, are red flags and usually stem from dysfunctional families already familiar with the criminal justice system. If you as the parent refuse to discipline or have an extensive arrest record yourself, what do you think is going to happen?

If your child or family member is to the point of no return, causes harm to another human being, terrorizes or sexually abuses other children, or mutilates animals for the thrill of it, good parents and families have the right to know in order to protect children and other law abiding citizens who truly are innocent, from becoming a victim.

Ocala Post will not back down due to threats.

Also, Ocala Post does not delete comments or block users in respect to free speech, however, threats of bodily harm are not protected under free speech like some Facebook attorneys would like to think. Threats of bodily harm toward another on Facebook are an arrestable offense and are a quick way to join the very criminals you are “sticking up” for via comments.

And just because you might have been arrested and bonded out of jail 20 different times due to our weak justice system, does not mean you know the law.

Additionally, we do invite you to join the conversation and have a respectable debate. And if you do, try to at least pretend like you are educated and are not reading from a book purchased at Thugs “R” Us. A person might also want to know the difference between right and wrong before defending a criminal.

If you feel this response is unprofessional, you are most likely one of “those” people.

As for the individuals who actually care about their children or family members being productive members of society and don’t leave all the discipline to teachers or law enforcement, we salute you.

When it comes to the safety of your children and family, the term “politically correct” should not come into question.

Welcome to Ocala Post.

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  • alltoooften

    Friggin awesome. This is why I read Ocala Post.

  • Huskyrider

    Thank you Ocala Post!!! Best article I’ve read in years. This should be published around the country by every major news feed as an example of excellence in journalism in speaking for all law abiding citizen of this nation. I myself will be forwarding it to many of those sources. Keep it up Ocala Post!!

  • Itsabouttime

    I have followed Ocala Post from the beginning. Ocala Post has caused officials to resign, get fired, and not to run for re-election. OP has also exposed many businesses in this area. It is refreshing to see this, as others do not usually report on local government corruption. OP has even reported stories correctly when MCSO did not. but OP should be careful. Everyone knows this is a “good ole boy” town. OP, keep up the good work and stay strong. Some of us really appreciate what you print.

  • Lynn Kirk

    This is how all news should respond ! if you don’t want your name in print, don’t give them a reason to

    • harry

      except they never call out law enforcement, they’re just a mouth piece

      • Itsabouttime

        They have an entire section dedicated to “cops and crime.” What are you taking about?

    • N Castro


  • Dan Neumann

    Spot on ! Keep up the great work and the unwillingness to follow the PC crowd. I follow OP for this exact reason.

  • Dawn

    hahahaha awesome wtg OP!

  • william friss

    Happy to see the Ocala Post will stand tall. We should never give in to petty wannabe gangster threats crying because friends and family have been exposed. I lmao when i read of a guy arrested for selling drugs and then family says he doesnt do that (but drugs are inside his home/car) he is a hard working man. Keep printing the news and thanks for the good work.

  • Kristal


  • Jerry3701

    Wow, to OP for reporting what we want to know in our community They are barking up the wrong tree. You tell them like it is..

  • Ms Betty

    I wish more people would stand up to these punks and wannabe gangstas.

  • Dawn Battle

    Preach on, brother!!!! This editorial has restored my faith in the idea of common sense in the media. Rational, defensible and factual reporting have become a rarity in modern joutnalism. Thanks for NOT caving to the Orwellian Thought Police and the bullies of today’s”It’s Not the Criminal’s Fault” and race hustlers. Thugs R Us hahaha!

  • Liz Walker


  • harry

    if you were for the community, you be yelling against the illegal, unmoral drug war being waged on the citizens of marion county by law enforcement for money reasons only and helping citizens get help when they have a problem with drugs. quit being a mouth piece for law enforcement

    • harry

      but your still 100% better then the star blunder

    • Huskyrider

      Yes… Everyone should drop everything and help those that choose to make bad choices instead of being upstanding contributing members of society. Got it.

      • harry

        do some research on NON gov’t or leo sites and you will find out, 90% of drug users are working productive members of society that cause no harm. most problems are caused by police action in this immoral drug war. we need drug law reform and harm reduction to help people not harm then more.

        • Huskyrider

          Lol….first of all, I’m sure my research would tell me that the 90% figure that you are pulling out of thin air refers to a more reasonable figure related to pot smokers or a more specific genera of drug use. However, your post refers to people “that need help”. Those people obviously are not working and contributing to anything. Hence the need for help. We, the working portion of society, work hard and enable them to sit on their useless butt sucking the life and living out of us. So, if you want to generalize about law enforcement, I can certainly match that with generalizations about drug addiction. I guarantee you that 90% of meth, heroine, and crack users are NOT contributing. Because, hello, they need help! But not to get clean…more like they need help getting their next high and don’t care who they hurt to do that.

          • harry

            you are clueless when it come to substance use n abuse. I was talking about types like drink themselves stupid every night, then get themselves up to work everyday. they need help because they are hurting their bodies.
            I’ve actually done research outside of gov’t site.
            most drug users are weekend warriors, not everyday users. most work all week to afford the weekend stuff. if you don’t work, how you going to buy?
            drug use is a medical issues, so why would you go to police for it? if you have cancer, do you go to the police station for help.
            I’ve spent over 25yrs studying this, how many years do you have?
            actual drug users pass drug tests at a higher % then the average Americans

          • Huskyrider

            I dont know where you get this stuff, but its entertaining. And now you’re bringing alcohol into it too. Wow, you just keep getting further and further away from the subject of this article. Harry, what does any of this have to do with the Ocala Post reporting factualy on criminal events? My point to you is OP is doing its job….and doing it VERY well. Aside from that issue I do hope you realize, in all your years of study, that the type of drug use law enforcement is fighting, causes criminal activity and breaks down society as a whole. When it comes to violent crime, alcohol is not law enforcements biggest problem. I for one could not do their job and I’m very thankful they are doing it. Have a nice evening Harry 😉

          • harry

            alcohol is a drug, plus ask any cop which they would rather deal with, a stoner or drunk.
            the only reason there is violent crime associated with drugs is because it’s illegal and in the black market.
            when was the last bud shot up miller? prohibition,
            the post is better then the star blunder

    • First of all the word you are looking for is immoral…not unmoral. And drugs are illegal. Plain and simple. And if you are using/selling drugs then you are breaking the law. If the local law enforcement catches you doing those things…you go to jail. If you go to jail for those things…there is a good chance that Ocala Post or some other media outlet might report on your arrest. That is solely on that individual. It isn’t that hard to figure out. It is not the responsibility of law enforcement or the citizens of Marion County to “help” people that have drug problems that land them in jail…that is solely the responsibility of the drug addict/distributor. You cannot help someone that will not and does not want to help themselves. That is practically a mantra for drug abusers for crying out loud. And why don’t you quit being a mouth piece for the local thugs and find something more productive to do for the community? Maybe you can go around and visit all of the drug criminals and offer them some help since you are so well studied on the subject.

      • Huskyrider

        Right on!!! So well said!

    • Rexi

      My biggest problem with your statement is the fact that you don’t understand the difference between law ENFORCEMENT and law MAKERS. Law enforcement officers are simply doing their jobs when they enforce drug laws, regardless if they agree with the law. They cannot pick and choose which laws they enforce based on personal beliefs/views. If you have a problem with the laws as they pertain to drugs then attack law makers, not the people simply doing their jobs.

  • Passlinebet

    Uh oh…sounds like some butt hurt law breakers need the waaaahmbulance called for them…

  • cindermaggi

    Me too

  • Kevin Sona

    Nailed it never back down to these thugs

  • car333

    Way to go Ocala Post. I wish the local newspaper here in Buckhannon WVA had balls to do what you are doing. Our local Mayor is a wanted fugitive from Texas.With all the documented proof of this our parer won’t touch it.

  • Yeah right…

    I love you guys!! Finally honest reporting not bought out by individuals for their own agendas!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • N Castro


  • larry1952


  • Randy Morris

    The people understand a lot more about
    the law; law enforcers (most who now prefer to be called “cops” comes from New York Slang “constable on Patrol!” How many even know where it comes from, but they are proud to walk “the thin blue line” even into the pits of hell which is
    exactly where it’s going these days right along with the rest of US society.

    As quoted by this article under the Florida statutes Juveniles “CHARGED” [NOT CONVICTED} with ONE FELONY or THREE
    MISDEMEANOR’S “per Florida State Statute 119, information
    about and photos of same are public information! PERIOD!

    HOWEVER, many “officials” do not abide by the law PERIOD! Make a public records request to Fifth Circuit States Attorney Bradley Eugene King and he will stumble, fumble and refuse to give you
    any pertinent information about certain felony and/ or three or more
    misdemeanor arrest on any one individual. Brad King says most juvenile cases
    are not public record. Recently in the case of Reality TV star Josh Duggar the Fox News channel has spent more time protecting the Duggar’s and allowing them air time and all they say is they will spend eternity demanding that all juvenile records in the future be forever sealed because exposure only destroys the lives of the poor little criminals that should be forever forgiven for their “mistakes” and not have them tied around their poor little necks forever!

    The law is the law as one blogger on here so adamantly reminds everyone. Law enforcement officers are obliged to enforce the law whether they like it or not he says! Well if that is the case why don’t they follow the law and release the information on any and all juveniles who are arrested for crimes which meet the release of juvenile information criteria? Because in some cases they actually fake up arrest reports, claim to
    prosecute those they are really protecting and even go so far as to fake up sentencing them – they even have the FDLE fake up and release lying reports to cover up their lies! Case in point. The Green Isle Ranch in Lake County Florida.

    On Nov. 21. 2009 there was five boys ages 12 to 15 residing at the Green Isle Ranch in Clermont, Fl in South Lake County [Fifth Judicial Circuit of Florida] On that day one of the boys
    reported to the school administrator that he had been sexually abused over the
    summer of 2009 by an older boy who had recently left the ranch and returned to
    his home in Citrus County. He also told him the other four boys has been sexually abused as well. The administrator dialed 911 and reported the rapes to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office who immediately dispatched a deputy who took a through detailed report (LCSO Case # 09 191988) including hand written affidavits from the victims all naming the suspect and detailing the violence and weapon used in his acts – and he reported these crimes to the DCF Abuse Hotline from the scene. On Nov. 23 the report was handed off to a detective Poitevent who made some entries in the report but done nothing constructive. On Dec. 16, 2009 all activity ceased on this report.
    On or around the first week of Dec. 2009 the school administrator was removed from the property by Father Charles Brown an official of Bridges of America who operated Green Isle. On Jan. 26, 2010 one of the victims attempted suicide and
    the Lake Sheriff’s Office responded, created a new case number and Baker Acted the victim. On Feb. 1, 2010 another one of the victims attempted suicide and the Lake Sheriff’s Office responded, created a new case number and Baker Acted the victim. By Feb. 2, 2010 new house parents who had come to Green Isle after the Adm. who reported the crimes begged the new Adm. Paula Whetro and other Bridges of America Officials to get these victims the help they needed! In the least remove them from the crime scene when they were brutally raped over and over from June to early Nov. 2009. All the pleas fell on deaf ears!

    On the afternoon of Feb. 3, 2010 Green Isle Adm. Paula Whetro dialed 911 to report to the Lake County Sheriff’s
    Office that she had a disgruntled former employee making threatening calls, texts and emails to her office and they still had the keys to Green Isle and she was afraid of what them might do to the five boys there. A Lake Deputy Sheriff responded and entered this incident in to the rape case – the first entry since Dec. 16, 2009.

    By 5 PM on Feb. 3, 2010 the disgruntled house parents man and wife team was on every Orlando TV station with breaking news! Five little boys who were been brutally raped over the
    summer are still being held at the Green Isle Ranch owned and operated by the Bridges of America FDOC vendors and nothing had been done for these boys two of whom had recently tried to commit suicide. Channel 6 and 9 done really good stories and traveled to Green Isle where everyone ran from them. The next day the whistleblowers received delivered by courier legal documents from Bridges of America lawyers threatening them with lawsuits and demanding they
    immediately retract all statements made to the press. Some of the reporters at some of the stations also told people they were threatened by Bridges lawyers to cease and desist all articles concerning this matter.

    Also on Feb. 4, 2010 per the rape report file – two separate Sheriff’s detective teams traveled to Citrus County
    to interview the suspect that was named in the original report. One team at his home, the other at his school. By March Bridges of America announced they were closing Green Isle due to financial problems. Around this time other disgruntled Green Isle employee’s released a summer 2009 flyer title “the
    islander” picturing a grinning Lake Sheriff Gary Borders and the suspect Tyler Anthony Jackson named as the Green Isle rapist and outlining Borders 20 plus years helping “our ranchers” here at Green Isle.

    Again all actions ceased on this case, but soon the suspect began to rack up traffic citations, then on; March 3, 2011-Tyler
    Anthony Jackson had an “Injunction for Protection from Dating Violence” filed against him in Citrus County by Christopher John Collazo on behalf of his minor daughter. Citrus County Sheriff’s reports and the petition for the injunction outline
    the trail of violence committed by Jackson including assault w/ a motor vehicle!

    By March 2011 Jackson was continuing to exhibit violence against others and it was apparent he was never arrested or placed on any probation or required to register as a sex offender as required by law for the crimes he had committed.
    In March a concerned citizen contacted Governor Rick Scott and requested an investigation into why Tyler Jackson was still free to abuse others and showed concern for the victims of Green Isle. Governor Scott apparently turned this request over his FDLE who apparently responded to him that the Green isle Ranch rapes case # (09 191988) was properly handled
    by all “official” parties involved.

    Later the FDLE would release a report stating “the juvenile” had been arrested by LCSO on Feb. 9, 2010 and pled “no contest” to (4) Cts. of Sexual Battery; (1) Ct. Lewd & Lascivious and (1) Ct. Battery Touch or Strike. The report said “the
    juvenile” pled “no contest” on May 20, 2010 and was later sentenced to “community control.” While they did not name the juvenile suspect the report stated the agent received a copy of LCSO Case # (09 191988) which does name Jackson as the
    sole suspect in the rapes.

    If this was true Tyler Anthony Jackson would have immediately been required by Florida law and the Federal law SORNA [The Adam Walsh Law] to register as a sex offender. He was contacted by Citrus County DS Steve Casada in Feb. 2011
    regarding the violent acts which precipitated the request for injunction and not incarcerated for violation of probation – so obviously he was not under any court orders! Deputy Casada has since released a statement that Tyler Anthony
    Jackson has fulfilled all requirements placed on him in 2011 by the Department of Juvenile Justice and his no longer required to be registered as a sex offender! He failed to cite the Florida Statute that allows Sex Offenders to no longer be required to register as sex offenders!

    In early November 2014 just five years after five little boys reported Tyler Anthony Jackson had brutally raped them with a black plastic drum stick for months over the summer of 2009 – Jackson was hired as “The Administrative Assistant” at The Centers for Children and Families in Ocala. So you see one of
    the main reasons the “just us” system does not want pictures and criminal acts of juveniles released to the public is because it might be another Tyler Jackson who has so many little secrets about who was coming and going at Green
    Isle Ranch they had to protect him or the entire “Fifth Circus” all the way to Tallahassee and Rick Scott would come apart about like the Dennis Hastert and Josh Duggar perversions have leaked to the public.

    the criminals that run the so called “criminal justice” system covered up for Tyler Anthony Jackson and his crimes from the beginning of the 911 call on Nov. 21, 2009 all the way to Rick Scott. Why would they do this? Because Green Isle was a spin off of STRAIGHT, INC. run by GOP Bush family money man Mel Sembler who was instrumental in having Jeb Bush appoint Gary Borders Sheriff of Lake County upon the untimely death of the former sheriff in a freak accident. It’s all about the money and the perverts protecting their fellow perverted friends in high places!

  • Karen Coakley Bagent

    Ocala Post is ten times the news place to go over the starblunder. I want to know names whether they are juveniles or adults.