Domestic battery suspect leads deputies on high speed chase

Ocala, Florida — On Friday, Marion County Sheriff’s deputies responded  to the Silver River Inn, located at 5565 East Silver Springs Boulevard, in reference to a domestic disturbance in progress.

Deputies reported that when they arrived, suspect Richard Sanders, 26, was already attempting to flee the scene.

Sanders led deputies on a high speed chase through Marion, Citrus, and Levy counties.

According to reports, during the chase Sanders purposely rear-ended a MCSO patrol car. The deputy driving the patrol vehicle was attempting to “box” the suspect in, and end the chase.

During the chase, Sanders also allegedly tossed a baggie of methamphetamine from his vehicle.

Sanders drove erratically, travelled into oncoming traffic, and avoided the deployment of 7 to 8 sets of stop sticks.

The pursuit came to an end in Levy County, just south of Highway 464 and Highway 41, when a MCSO deputy was finally able to perform a PIT maneuver on Sanders’ vehicle.

The SUV then flipped onto its side.

According to reports, once the vehicle was disabled, Sanders fled the scene on foot, at which time k-9 Sig was deployed.

K-9 Sig attempted to apprehend Sanders, however, he battered K-9 Sig by grabbing the dog around the throat and throwing him off his person.

The relentless K-9 recovered quickly, and was able to apprehend Sanders.

The victim told deputies that Sanders had been beating her for the past week, which included Friday morning.

Deputies reported that there were signs of physical abuse on the woman’s body.

Sanders, along with two other passengers that were in his vehicle, were transported to a local hospital and are expected to recover.

The MCSO deputy that was rear-ended was treated for his injuries, and K-9 Sig was unharmed.

Sanders was charged with Domestic Battery, Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer, Battery on a Police Dog, Aggravated Fleeing, and Possession of Methamphetamine.

Sanders was still in the hospital at the time this article was published.

The investigation is ongoing.

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  • alltoooften

    Where is the full video? And I do not approve of high speed chases in the middle of the day. Putting innocent lives in danger.

    • K west

      Great MCSO and k9 ! I do approve of the high speed daytime chase. Look a cities like Orlando that don’t chase and the high crime rate .

  • criminaljustice2day

    High speed chases do not lead to lower crime rates. That is the most absurd thing I have heard today. There are PLENTY of cities and counties that have ban high speed chases that have much lower crime rates than Ocala. High speed chases are dangerous, not only for officers, but innocent people that get caught in the crossfire. They should not be allowed unless the person fleeing is suspect in a murder. Other than that, a suspect can always be arrested at a letter time.

  • john1967

    Orlando has a high crime rate because of demographics. High speed chases have nothing to do with it. Chases should not be allowed…period. If my family were ever hit and harmed during a high speed chase..I WOULD go to prison. Have always been against chases since a close friend of the family was killed by a cop that was chasing a guy for driving on a suspended license. A fucking misdemeanor.