Daughter attacked father, both arrested

Janine told police that she attacked her father because she knew she was going to lose custody of her child.

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Daniel Oehlbeck, left, and Janine Oehlbeck

Ocala, Florida — A father and his daughter were arrested after a domestic dispute turned physical in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts.

Ocala police say the confrontation started after the daughter, Janine Oehlbeck, 22, found out that her father, Daniel Oehlbeck, 58, had contacted her child’s attorney regarding a custody case.

When Janine found out, she began yelling at her father. She then snatched his glasses off of his face and broke them.

Police stated that Janine began to “claw” at her father’s face, and punch and kick him.

According to reports, the two were sitting in a vehicle when Janine attacked her father.

At some point during the argument, Daniel exited the vehicle.

Police said that is when Janine struck her father with a glass mug. Police reported that there was broken glass outside of the vehicle.

After Janine struck her father with the mug, he balled up his fist and struck his daughter in the head while she was still seated in the vehicle.

Janine was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery.

Police stated that they arrested Daniel and charged him with Misdemeanor Battery because he hit his daughter while she was seated in the vehicle when he could have walked away from the situation.

Janine told police that she attacked her father because she knew she was going to lose custody of her child.

What do you think? Do you feel the father should have been arrested?

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  • As she should….what a hot mess that county has turned into. Smh

    • Exactly why I’m getting the hell outta there. This weekend.

  • I think yall should mind your own business

    • Maybe. But it is on the internet. Soooooo

    • The Ocala Star Banner simply exists on printing private information about people. Yes it’s public record but does the paper have the do this every day?


    • Mary Lee Nierode except this isn’t the Ocala Star Banner

    • Evermont King, and I think you need to go back to school. 🙂

  • I think it’s too much drama and I don’t care

  • Brooke Merkley

  • She totally deserved it.. I mean now a days u get shot for that. According to the report he basically was defending himself..

    • I mean he is suppose to sit there and take it? It’s only natural to act or respond the way he did. . I would had beat the living cap out of her. . Sounds like she doesn’t need those kids at home with her. .

  • I think if she was afraid of looking hee custody battle she sure lost it now

  • Sounds like he should have spanked the brat a long time ago. Maybe she would have grown up to be a more respectable woman.

  • Clearly it was self defense, I mean if someone broke a glass anything over my head, I’d punch that person too. Js.

  • So now the law is either sit there and get hit or defend urself and go to jail this makes no sense y should he have to flee his vehicle in order to keep from getting assaulted he was protecting his self and property

    • Same way with someone breaks into your home and you shoot them they still take you to jail and keep your gun

  • Dude was clearly defending himself. That’s bullshit. How about going after the real bad guys and stop charging people for defending themselves.

  • Bullshit – she attacked him 1st

  • Now the only probable guardians record has been tarnished because his daughters crap and now may not be able to obtain custody or visitation for his grandchildren

  • Agreed Darling Darrah

  • Why don’t you just write the article and tell the news . Don’t ask opinions or put your take on the news .

  • You want to know what I think OCALAPOST? I think this crappie isn’t news at all. Well you asked!

  • Send her away!

  • Non of you know this girl or what utterly stupid shit this man has caused to happen in her life. So you can all go blow each other on this pretentious band-wagon you’re all riding.

    • Yeah people lose their children because they are great at making rational choices , are awesome people, wonderful parents. Sounds like taking her kids out of a crazy environment was the best part of this story.

    • Yeah she’s a winner. Doesn’t have custody of her children and assaults her father. You know she sounds like a respectable woman. That grandfather saved those kids from living with her crazy butt

    • Well Cameron Ricci, we can get a pretty good idea what kind of person she is by the article. What kind of upstanding person looses custody of their children? Just saying.

    • Obviously a person can’t cause things to happen in their lives if there is no proof. I’ve personally seen how women can destroy a man in the blink of an eye because the woman is always right according to the law. Go blow that smoke up somebody else’s ass. Laws need to change.

    • Maybe she grew up being treated poorly by her “father”.

    • Maybe she’s a alien… Maybe can go anywhere. Why deffend someone that’s so horrible she can’t even be good to their children. Men can destroy woman too I fail to see your point.. she should have given her kids to their father, if he can’t take care of them she should have made better choices on who she sleeps with..

    • Because he cared enough about his grandchildren to make that difficult decision, he’s the bad guy?? She wouldn’t be so worried about his call if she didn’t have a reason to be worried. 🙄 those poor babies.

  • I think we see now if she loses custody her failure to maintain her cool is why.

  • Arresting him was appropriate. He wasn’t defending himself if she was sitting in the car. It would have been self defense if he’d have hit her immediately following her hitting him with the mug. By the sound of things, dysfunction in this family unit is the norm.

  • Wth he tried to walk way and she hit him again. Oh well she deserved it..

  • I’m for backing law enforcement but that’s a bullshit arrest there of him

  • no she ask for it. She had no right hitting her father

  • I would have back handed her in the car she would have tasted blood

  • Excuse you ?? SHE ATTACKED HIM AND HE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO PUNCH HER ! I will tell you here and now, someone attacks me the way she did to him and I WILL STAND MY GROUND ! Glock all the way ! No respect for parents.. I DARE my daughter to do some shit like this.. I just DARE her !

    • Glock? You going to shoot someone for throwing a mug at you? 😂😂

    • ^^^^^ lol.

    • Self defense.. She attacked him with more than a mug.. Did you not read it correctly?? Idiot ..ha ha ha !

    • I read it. Have you read the “stand your ground” statute?

    • yes I am well aware of it. he was in fear.. If he had a gun, how do you think that would have went ?

    • Mug vs Glock. Hmmmm. Seems fair. 😳

    • I asked if he had a gun, how do you think that would have went ?? I do not give s shit about how ANY of you feel about the way I handle my BUSINESS !

  • debbenoonan

    Seems he took a lot before he defended himself. So we can’t defend ourselves anymore. She could have done real harm with the coffee mug. He should not have been arrested under the circumstances.


      If he would’ve shot her, he would be scott free. Seems like the law would rather have you shoot a.k.a. stand your ground, then to defend yourself with your fist.

  • No

  • A child of his or not she had no right putting her hands on him. He had every right to defend himself. Yes he shouldn’t have got out of his vehicle, but instead he should have pulled her butt inside his vehicle through the window and smacked some sense into her. She wouldn’t have gotten past snatching my glasses off my face. I would have drug her ass in my car and whipped the shit out of her. There are some women in the world today that are more dangerous then men.

  • He had every right it’s called self defense

  • No, he should not have been arrested.

  • Needed to go old school on her. Really, I was whipped go I sure don’t remember a cop being any where never. Then I police allow you to correct your children. If she is an adult and she bolted up like a man, well then you get beat down. Never ok to Dis-RESPECT grandparent or parents.

  • Definetly think so.

  • Take them both. He got out, had the opportunity to walk away but decided to re engage her.

  • dawn

    The father should never have been arrested trying to defend himself where did self defense go out the window apparently. If somebody hit me I would defend my self with all my mite.

  • Sounds like this daughter could have used an attitude adjustment
    Funny how she’s loosing custody of her child
    Thing that make you go hmmm!

  • Everyone is saying it was self defense. He couldve and should’ve just walked away. Now I don’t doubt that she probably hurt him but I don’t think him punching her in the head was right. I think they were right to arrest them both

    • Lol girlllllllllllll if it were my parents omg …. she got what she deserved honestly he should have done more … she was extremely disrespectful

    • You right. Shit I wouldnt even had a chance to do all that. I would’ve got beat for getting loud. Let alone all that

    • I’m talking bout beat downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I woulda been

    • That’s what half of these kids need now a days. Everyone scared to whop that ass and so they act crazy. Pffft. Not my kids. I hand out good ol fashion ass whoppins

    • 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣Say it louder for the people in the way way back 😂😂😂‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Ship Wreck

    His charges will be dropped if the report of her attacking her father are true. Her on the the hand will not be getting custody of her kid or kids anytime soon

  • Nope defending this self

  • I’m sure it was his car. She should have exited the vehicle and he was just defending himself and his property.

  • I don’t think he should have been arrested and yes she
    Probably deserves to loose custody of her daughter.

  • She certainly is not getting custody now…

  • BULLSHIT. He does not deserve to be arrested.
    He could have simply walked away? No one would.

  • I am from a generation where, no matter our age, if I did something like that to my parent they would “take me out”. What is it they say? “I brought you into this world, I can take you out?” Then again…I am in a generation that RESPECTS their elders and would never even CONSIDER doing such a thing. A novelty these days it seems. Scary to think of the generation coming up that one day will be “in charge”

  • There is such thing as officer discretion. I thought.

  • Even when they deserve it. You shouldn’t hit when you can walk away. I understand why people think the father shouldn’t have been arrested, hopefully it will be a slap on the wrist for him. She’s a scary person who would treat her elder that way. The temper needs work.

  • I don’t believe it was right to arrest the father he was defending him self anyone would if someone beating on them. If she acts like this she shouldn’t have custody of her child. She needs to learn a hard lesson. Honor tye father and mother. This young lady has no respect.

  • Not self defense. Loss of control. Need more info on what led to frustrations. Why losing kid? Why call attorney? Children don’t deserve to be victims of domestic violence. What did the hitting solve. NADA

  • castle doctrine if it was his car, he has no duty to flee from aggravated battery

  • Hellll no . She’s obviously not the best parent… he was protecting his grand child from her and then she turns around and hit him. She’s outta control and she deserved to be hit! No question

  • Jamillah Khan I had her in one of my elementary classes 👀

  • He could’ve walked away from the situation like a grown and responsible adult.

  • Tom Smith

    As far as I know, the law requires the police to arrest both. The judge will have to sort it out. Not a decision for the police, or for me unless I am on the jury.

  • Oh…. this should help her custody case. 🙄

  • Just horrible you can’t defend yourself in Marion County Florida. They ruin many lives. She needs to the tell truth!!

  • I think it’s none of our damn business. We don’t know their lives, the context of their argument, or the frustration or desperation of the mother. But by all means, slap it on social media and let the public sort it out. That super helpful.

    • The fight happened in public. At a Dunkin’ Donuts. They broke the law and assaulted each other. At a damn Dunkin’ Donuts. How is this not the business of the public? And even when domestic violence happens behind closed doors, we’re not permitted an opinion on that? Should we not, as a society, condemn such behavior? WTF??

    • The post asked for our opinion about whether one or both should have been arrested. As if FB as a whole has any right to weigh in. The bigger question is in what way is DD complicit? Likely they screwed up the order or were out of the donuts she wanted. That’s what should be condemned. 😂

    • Sherri Kirkland You’re a dork. And in my opinion, that’s all Facebook does. Judge.

    • Exactly Sherri Kirkland

  • I am sure the arresting officer had more info to go on for arrest than just what this article states. We weren’t there and we didn’t talk to both people involved face to face. It’s difficult to make judgements from a news article. It’s also sad that this all had to be posted. This is family business and now Facebook Law and Order has put their input into it.

  • She wrong for that