Commissioner’s aide alleges abuse by police following her arrest

Cara reaves, orlando, commissioner
Cara Reaves [Mugshot]
Orlando, Florida — When a commissioner’s aide was arrested, she immediately dropped her employers name then played the race card.

“I’m handcuffed for being black with a white man. That’s what happened to me. I was on a date with a white man… I was targeted.”

That is what Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill’s assistant, Cara Reaves, 24, said when she was arrested at the Plaza Cinema Cafe in downtown Orlando Friday night.

Reaves immediately obtained an attorney and alleged she was “seriously abused” by Orlando Police in a holding cell. She alleges she was slammed up against the wall. Her attorney fired back at the police department and stated she would immediately file a complaint.

An Orlando Police station holding cell video camera captured the entire incident.

Despite Reaves being told about the camera while she was in the holding cell (which was also recorded), she was so intoxicated she didn’t remember.

In the video Reaves is seen throwing a temper tantrum — screaming like a two-year-old-child — then struck one of the police officers.

She was screaming, “I know I’m here because I’m black… I know I’m here because I’m black. I don’t give a s**t what you say mother f****r. I know I’m here because I’m black.”

Her charges started out as trespassing and disorderly intoxication, which are misdemeanors, but she ended up with additional charges of battery on a law enforcement officer.

Reaves faked an injury, causing the Orlando Police Department to call paramedics. When they arrived, she was lying on the floor tapping her foot and uncooperative.

One of the paramedics said she was exaggerating and called her a very poor actor.

After seeing the video, Reaves attorney now refuses to comment.

Reaves was charged with Trespassing, Disorderly Intoxication (M), and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (F).

regina hill, orlando
Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill

Newly elected Commissioner Regina Hill said she will not be terminating Reaves’ position and allowed her to return to work today.

In March, a formal complaint was filed against Hill after multiple voters came forward and said that Hill had threatened them. In a complaint filed by voter Beverly Burgess, she said that Hill threatened, bullied, and spit in her face because Hill was angry over comments she posted on Facebook.


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